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Andriya Ruth

My name is Andriya Ruth, and a beauty specialist who enjoys helping people get the best tattoos, temporary or permanent. I love to take my time and fill my blog with my exciting experiences in the tattoo and beauty industry in my free time. I also own two tattoo and beauty centers that occupy me throughout the day.

However, I still get the time by sharing my experiences since I just love sharing whatever I know about beauty. The ever-changing beauty and fashion world has so many trends that it means we will always deal with a change here or there.

So how did you get here? Ever since I was young, I’ve always had an interest in the beauty and fashion world. Therefore, it was only natural that I gravitated towards the beauty and fashion industry. I didn’t care if the field was too crowded or not. Ever heard people say the beauty inside has too many people, so they wouldn’t want to try.

I didn’t care if the industry was as crowded or not. I was determined to be a beauty professional. That’s why when I completed high school studies and was ready to go to college, I thought, why not study beauty and fashion?

All I can say is I enjoyed my time in college since I picked what I loved. I had no regrets, even if some people would think that the beauty industry would be a hard nut to crack. Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, right?

After completing my college studies, naturally, the first steps were to get some apprenticeship to perfect my skills. However, getting a paying job wasn’t a walk in the park.

That meant I had to volunteer for free to polish my craft and cut my teeth in the tattoo industry. Yeah, I know that could have been hard. But I had the support of my parents, which is why I was able t apprentice for little money as I learned my trade.

While apprenticing, I got to meet many people in the beauty industry. I learned a lot from them, and they helped inspire me to open up my own business. Despite the constant urging of many people to start my business, I felt I wasn’t ready.

So, I kept learning as I embarked on my fact-finding mission to learn more about the trade and have a beauty and fashion business. After some time apprenticing, I got a chance for employment and took it wholeheartedly.

Since I didn’t have too many responsibilities, the money I earned I saved most of it. It was with that money that I could start my tattoo beauty business. At first, I had to start slowly, and I was the only employee (it was a sole proprietorship, after all)

However, after some time, I felt the need to grow and improve my business. There were things that I couldn’t do for my clients, so I started hiring people who could do better styles than me.

That means I had to ensure whoever I employed had a better skill set than mine. That doesn’t in any way mean my skills were inferior, no. I believed I had some of the best skills, but it isn’t what the client is looking for at times. We all have to give concessions for things we can’t do, right?

I had documented my journey from the start in my journals and diaries. That’s when I realized I had a love for blogging and talking about the challenges in the beauty industry. I figured that if the challenges I faced in my journey were shared with other people, maybe they could make it possible for them to avoid them.

I don’t have to say it, but I made some mistakes along the way that I’m glad I was able to learn from. Retrospectively looking at them, I’m happy I made them. But then, I don’t want everyone to be learning from mistakes.

Experience is the best teacher, they say. They don’t say that it is only a foolish person who waits to only learn from experience all the time. A wise person should learn from other people’s experiences.

That’s why I think this blog will help you in a big way. You will be able to see my mistakes, my wins and learn from them. You don’t have to make the mistakes I did. So, although I’m dedicated to my beauty and fashion business at the moment, I love writing on my blog in my leisure time.

The bog acts as a sort of diary for me. Here I share everything in the tattoo beauty industry for your benefit. So, I’m thankful you’re here.

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