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By now you have either heard or used Airbrush makeup.

You might also have a few facts based on your experience.

Which is okay if it is working for you. 

If you have no clue what Airbrush is and what it entails, you are in the right place.

I will lay down all the fun facts about Airbrush.

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What you should know about Airbrush?

During my 15 hours scrolling through TikTok, I come across a video of a girl applying all her makeup using an Airbrush.

A little curiosity sent me to the comment section and the comments were hilarious. 

One user commented that the girl was living in the future.

This got me thinking, how do people not know about Airbrush makeup?

Me being your makeup enthusiast best friend, I have prepared a guide giving you some fun facts about Airbrush makeup.

But before we do that, I would suggest you read my guide on “all about Airbrush makeup” for familiarity. 


According to several sources, it is believed that the first Airbrush machine was invented by Abner Peeler in 1879.

Abner made the Airbrush using spare parts from the jeweler’s workshop.

Later in 1883, a company in England started marketing Airbrushes and patented the idea 10 years later in 1893.

Initially, airbrushes were used to correct photography portraits without leaving the harsh lines that a normal brush does.

For this reason, they were very big and heavy and it was not easy to carry them around. 

As time went by, people started using Airbrush for different functions like painting automobiles, houses, and other forms of art. 

Later on, Airbrushes were made smaller and more sophisticated.

It is from then that people started using Airbrush for makeup (can you bring it on a Plane?). 

2.Availability of Airbrush machines

Airbrush machine

When Airbrush for makeup was still a new concept, only celebrity makeup artists could access Airbrush machines and products.

This made Airbrush makeup very expensive. 

However, due to the availability of means of manufacturing and the affordable cost of manufacturing, brands that sell Airbrush makeup have significantly increased.

You can therefore get Airbrush makeup products and machines at an affordable price. 

3.Airbrush makeup has two design variation

After the Airbrush was made into smaller and more sophisticated designs, brands decided to come up with different designs when it comes to triggering types. 

  • Single-action trigger: A single-action trigger Airbrush machine works in such a way if you press the trigger a constant amount of products is released. This means if you pick this type of Airbrush, you will have no control over the amount of products coming out of the gun. 
  • Dual-action trigger: As for a dual-action trigger Airbrush, you can preset the amount of products you want coming out of the gun. Once you press the trigger and pull it back, the air is allowed in the mixing chamber. 

The pressurized air then atomizes the makeup products which are then pushed out of the gun and released in a mist form. 

Aside from the trigger placement, you will find Airbrush designed for left-handed and right-handed people. 

When choosing an Airbrush machine, you will find three variations of feeding in products.

  • Gravity-fed Airbrush: This is the most common type of Airbrush in the market. The cup that you put Airbrush makeup is placed at the top. 

Once you pour products into the cup, the pressure will push down the products into the mixing chambers. 

Products are then atomized and converted into a mist form. 

  • Side-fed Airbrush: A side-fed Airbrush follows the same concept as s gravity-fed Airbrush. The only difference is the cup placement is at the side. 
  • Bottom-fed Airbrush: A bottom-fed Airbrush works exactly opposite from a side-fed and gravity-fed Airbrush.

A bottle containing Airbrush products is connected at the bottom of the Airbrush machine.

Since a lot of products can be held by the bottle, a bottom-fed Airbrush is ideal for body tanning and instances where you want to hide big blemishes and tattoos.

Before Airbrushes became common and standardized, there were two variations in terms of mixing chambers. 

Some Airbrushes had an internal mixing chamber while others used an external mixing technique. 

For Airbrushes that use the internal mixing technique, the air is allowed in the Airbrush. The air then mixes with the products to 

So, when buying an Airbrush machine, check which Airbrush will be convenient for you. 

4.Airbrush uses special type of makeup products

Airbrush makeup is released from the gun in most forms.

And as we know, regular products are too heavy to be sprayed out of the gun.

It is for this reason, Airbrush makeup products (liquid makeup) are made using a very special formula that makes them thin enough to be sprayed in mist form and thick enough to stick on your face. 

If you use a product that is not meant for an Airbrush, you might end up clogging your Airbrush.

So, if you can access airbrush makeup, you can thin your regular makeup using a commercialized thinner or using moisturizer.

5.Airbrush makeup is long lasting

Protective coating over your face

Compared to regular makeup, Airbrush makeup can last up to 16 hours without rubbing off.

It is for this reason that airbrush makeup has been used for a long time by celebrities on red carpets and also for weddings.

Airbrush makeup is formulated using ingredients such as silicone which create a protective coating over your face.

Since silicone is waterproof and transfers proof, your makeup will not be affected by sweat or even rubbing off from hugs. 

Due to the drying effect of alcohol one of the main component in Airbrush makeup, you should prep your face and moisturize it before applying Airbrush makeup. 

6.Learning to apply Airbrush makeup will take you time

Although applying airbrush makeup might seem so easy when watching videos of people doing it, learning the process is quite hard. 

During your beginner stage, you are likely to make a few mistakes.

You might be using too much products which end up making your makeup look unnatural. 

Also, spraying the makeup too close to your face might lead to a lot of products falling in one spot which will make your makeup look cakey. 

When doing your Airbrush makeup, always ensure you are using the right kind of products meant for Airbrush makeup. 

  • To reduce the chances of a lot of makeup falling at one spot on your face, spray the products first on a piece of paper. 
  • Observe if you can see any issues with how the makeup land on the paper. 
  • If the makeup is too heavy on one side, you should clean your makeup brush first.
  •  Connect the clean nozzle and needle back to the Airbrush and check how the makeup looks. 
  • Once you see the makeup is coming out as it should, start spraying it on your face.
  •  You should do this in strokes and a few inches from your face. 

Do not concentrate on one part of your face for too long.

Just a little amount of makeup is enough for your face. 

You should practice how to apply Airbrush makeup often to perfect your skills. 

7.You should not use water to clean your Airbrush machine

The Airbrush machine is made of metal parts both on the inside and the external.

When water comes in contact with metal parts, there is a likelihood of the parts rusting. 

Once the Airbrush starts rusting, it won’t function as it did earlier. 

Most Airbrush machines come with a cleaning liquid that will deal with the waterproof makeup stuck in the Airbrush and also help maintain the machine.

Alternatively, you can soak your Airbrush in oil-based cleaning agents.

After cleaning the Airbrush, you should disassemble the machine and store it in the packaging bag that it came with. 

8.Uses of Airbrush

Although Airbrush makeup is commonly used to do face makeup, the machine is versatile. 

You can use Airbrushes for body tanning.

Airbrush body tanning

When it comes to body tanning, you will use a lot of products compared to when applying makeup on your face.

For this reason, you should pick a bottom-fed Airbrush machine. 

You might also be trying to cover your visible tattoo when going to a professional meeting.

If that is the case, you can also use a bottom-fed Airbrush.

Simply connect the bottle of Airbrush concealer to the Airbrush gun and navigate it the same way you do when applying makeup. 

You can also use an Airbrush to apply a temporary tattoo. 

Aside from using Airbrush for makeup application, some Airbrushes are meant for automobiles and other artwork. 

It is said that the spray painting concept was borrowed from Airbrushing and spray paint uses some form of Airbrush. 

Airbrushes made for automobiles and artwork are bigger than an Airbrush for makeup application.

When applying makeup using an Airbrush, you will only need a few drops of makeup as compared to when repainting your car. 

Before buying an Airbrush, ensure you are buying the right type of Airbrush.

Some brands sell the Airbrush machine together with products such as concealers, foundations, and blushes. 


Of all the makeup application methods, Airbrush is far much the safest.

The products are transferred from the bottle directly to the Airbrush without needing to touch your hands. 

Also, you don’t need to use a brush or a sponge to blend in the makeup.

Once you spray makeup in strokes or a circular motion, you will not need to blend.

This reduces the chances of transferring any bacteria from your hands to your face. 


From the time Airbrush makeup was globally embraced, different brands have been coming up with Airbrush machines that are unique in terms of sizes and colors.

However, the concept of how the Airbrush machine work is still the same. 

Feed makeup products to the gun, pull the trigger, and then start applying makeup on your face. 

In most cases, people do not concentrate on the behind-the-scenes of how what makes the Airbrush work.

Once you know how to navigate the machine, you can achieve a perfect flawless makeup look. 

However, if you are curious about how Airbrushes came to existence, I got you.

The guide above has all facts about Airbrushes starting from origin to uses.

After reading the guide, you will appreciate it more.

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