Airbrush makeup brands

One of the most crucial part in buying makeup products is picking one that will be safe to be used on your face.

While most brands promise they are safe for use, you will find most do exactly the opposite. 

Therefore, before buying any particular brand of the makeup brand, you should have adequate information on how each brand performs.

This can be done by reading the product reviews found all over the internet. 

Alternatively, you can read my well-researched guide on the best Airbrush makeup found in the market.

At the end you will have found at least one brand that is appealing to you.

Let’s get started. 

10 best Airbrush makeup brands ( make it small, Red marked lines)

Airbrush makeup might not feel like your cup of tea the first time using it.

However, if you just remain patient and trust the process you will come to love how Airbrush makeup brings some transformations on your face.  

Transformations on your face

From a couple of TikTok and YouTube videos, you can see that there is no single time the makeup comes in contact with your hands.

So, it is safe to assume that you cannot get any breakouts from using Airbrush. 

Although Airbrush sound appealing, there are things you should do know about Airbrush makeup.

One is finding the right shade of makeup using the online shade finder tools.

The rest of the things you need to know you can find in my All about Airbrush makeup guide.

Other than that, continue reading my guide on the 10 best Airbrush makeup brands. 

1.Sephora perfection mist Airbrush foundation

As a beginner, you want a product that is easy to use and also affordable.

This is what you get when you choose Sephora perfection mist Airbrush foundation. 

Perfection mist Airbrush foundation comes in light to medium coverage.

If you want to achieve a light coverage, shake the foundation well, cover your eyes and hair, and spray one layer in strokes few inches away from your face. 

For full coverage, apply 5 to 6 layers. Once you blend the makeup, you get a fine smooth matte-satin look. 

Sephora perfection mist has some micro fine pigments and uses instablend technology.

It is also cruelty free. 

Unfortunately, this foundation only comes in 5 shades. 

2.Temptu Air perfect kit

Airbrush cordless machine

If you want convenience, simplicity and elegance, you should go for this Airbrush kit from Temptu. 

Temptu airbrush comes with a cordless machine which makes it easy for carrying it around and for daily use.

You only need to load the cartilage, navigate the machine and apply makeup on your face. 

Aside from the ease of using this machine, it comes with 2 makeup products and over 24 strong shades.

Once you apply this makeup products, you can be assured that you will enjoy over 24 hours of skin soothing feeling and a flawless makeup look. 

Among all the existing Airbrush makeup, Temptu has the largest number of positive reviews and recommendation by professional makeup artists.

You can be assured you are getting value for your money once you choose Temptu. 

3.Kett cosmetics Airbrush 

If you are a beginner or a professional make-up artist, you will need a kit that come with all products including a kit.

This is exactly what you get with kett. 

Kett Cosmetics airbrush come with 9 different silicone-based products and over 24 hours.

Anyone with different skin tone will get a product and to make things better, the products are long lasting and waterproof. 

The Kit also comes with a highlighter, a blush and a fully assembled Airbrush machine.

4.Art of air Airbrush makeup

Not many brands provide a precision during application.

Luckily, Art of air Airbrush makeup kit comes with a machine that is easy to feed the product, navigate and also maintain. 

Once you feed their over 6 variety of products which comes in different shades, you can pre-set the machine to control the amount of makeup you want coming from the machine, and press the trigger to spray the products to your face. 

Aside from concealers and foundation, Art of Air comes with a blush, bronzer, and highlight to illuminate your makeup. 

You can be assured the look you are going to get after using Art of Air is flawless and long-lasting.

The only problem is that it is hard to carry the machine around. 

This airbrush makeup brand is ideal for beginners and professionals. 

5.Dior Airflash foundation

Ready to apply foundation

No one want to struggle with a lot of procedures to apply makeup while you can just shake a bottle, spray the foundation on your face and get going.

Airflash one of the high -end foundation from Dior does exactly that. 

Dior Airflash foundation comes with 24 shades that provides a lightweight, radiant and long lasting makeup look.

This airbrush foundation is however quite expensive. 

6.Luminess Airbrush makeup kit

If you are looking for luxury, value for money, convenience, and versatility, you better choose this Airbrush basic makeup kit from Luminess. 

Luminess Airbrush comes with 9 pieces of makeup each with 4 shades that can be mixed to achieve the tone you are looking for.

The products are also buildable.

Meaning you can apply a single layer for light coverage and also go three to five layers deeper for full coverage. 

The kit also comes with a blush and a highlighter to illuminate your finished look. 

Despite of this kit being pricey, it the top rated on Amazon and has over five hundred positive reviews. 

7.Sally Hansen Airbrush leg makeup

It would make more sense if your face matched the other parts of your body. 

Imagine your face being well beat with makeup but your legs has some visible scars. This will definitely spoil your glam. 

However, we are not saying that scars are ugly.

Every scar has a story. But, you can keep that story to yourself for a day and use Sally Hansen Airbrush leg makeup.

Sally Hansen Airbrush leg makeup comes with 9 shades offering a light coverage.

Meaning if you want to achieve not coverage, you have to apply at least three layers of the foundation. 

Once you have applied 1,2, or 3 layers of the foundation, you can dust the makeup with powder to get sheen transfer-proof finish look.

You can use the foundation to tan, conceal your scars, or even match your face and your legs during your big day. 

8.Younique touch spray foundation

If you have been using makeup for some time, it is safe to say we not only enjoy a product that will make is look flawless. We also look for the behind the scenes benefits in a product. 

Younique understood this assignment and produced an Airbrush foundation that has some hydrating properties due to the addition macadamia oil, Vitamin E, and squalene.

The addition of the hydrating properties results to the makeup feeling natural rather than a coating which is common in most Airbrush makeup products. 

Another cool thing about Younique touch spray foundation is that you don’t need additional equipment as it is hand held.

Once you learn the accurate amount of products you use on your face, you can easily navigate the spray. 

Younique come in 19 different shades that offer medium coverage.

This means you cannot miss a foundation that will match your undertones.

And, you can mix the various shades available to achieve deep coverage depending on your skin condition. 

9.Aeroblend Airbrush makeup kit

Another brand that does not limit the goodness that can be provided by a single product is Aeroblend. 

First Aeroblend comes with a fully assembled Airbrush machine.

The machine has a double-action trigger and a user friendly design.

You can control the amount of products leaving your airbrush with ease. 

Aeroblend blend also come with 8 products each coming with 8 different shades.

Each of the products is infused with high quality ingredients such as Avocado, jojoba, lavender, and tree tea oil

You can be assured that the foundation will not only last longer but also nourish, repair and hydrate your skin throughout the day.

Aeroblend makeup will also last more than 12 hours without needing a touch up. 

10.Dinar Airbrush foundation kit

If there is one thing I insist on, is using products from famous brands. This is because this brands have a reputation to maintain.

They therefore end up using some of the most high quality ingredients for their products. 

Dinar had been around from the time airbrush was only used on red carpets.

They have therefore had enough time to improve their products and Airbrush machine to suit their customers. 

Another cool thing about Dinar is that they train their customers on how to use their machine.

You therefore don’t need to follow lot’s of online videos to learn how to navigate the Airbrush machine. 

Can I use two brands at a go on your Airbrush?

When you go buying Airbrush makeup products, you will get a training on how to use the particular brand you went buying.

This might limit you to thinking that you can only use the particular brand you got a training on. 

As on my experience, using one particular brand on your face for a long time, means you are limiting yourself to what one brand is offering.

This is so wrong since you can be enjoying more than one benefit offered by different brands. 

For example, on my list above, you will see some brands that are waterproof.

And if you have an experience with waterproof makeup they feel like a coating. 

Mixing waterproof Airbrush makeup products with products that have some hydrating properties will not only make your face feel good, you will also look good for the longest time. 

So, enjoy playing with a combination of different makeup products from my list. 


With the large number of emerging Airbrush brands in the market, it can be hard to settle on one brand. 

Luckily, I have done most of the work for your and came up with a list of 10 Airbrush makeup brands. 

Some of the brands on my list come on a complete set with Airbrush makeup machine, and also different products with multiple shades.

This means people buying the kits for personal or professional use will get a suitable Airbrush makeup brand from my list. 

Read the guide above and choose a brand that suits your needs.

You can also choose more than one brand from my list for comparison. 

And, if you feel the guide has been of help to you, please subscribe to this page for more beauty related information. 

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