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One of the most crucial product when doing your makeup got to be foundation. Before applying concealer to hide the blemishes, you will need a foundation to match your even tone and hide some minor blemishes you might be having. 

While this is the case, you need to find a perfect foundation if you want to have a flawless makeup look. 

When using Airbrush makeup, one mistake on the foundation you choose, will lead to one of the most ridiculous looks. To prevent that from happening, join me in this guide as we talk all things Airbrush foundation. Let’s get started. 

Is foundation necessary in Airbrush makeup?

We are used to seeing concealer as an effective cover for blemishes. What you might have missed is that, you cannot rely on one product to give you the flawless look you are going for. 

Before applying a concealer on your face to hide blemishes, you will have to even your skin tone with a foundation and then use a concealer to hide the stubborn blemishes. 

Using a foundation will reduce the amount of concealer you will be using trying to conceal the blemishes. So, without a foundation, your Airbrush makeup will be off. 

If you want to know what other products you will need to apply when doing Airbrush makeup, check my guide on all about Airbrush makeup. 

Since the foundation is one of the products you will find out that you need when applying Airbrush makeup, you will have to be smart when choosing the right Airbrush foundation. 

Using a foundation that is not right will cause a lot of issues to your look. Keep reading to find out how to choose Airbrush foundation. 

How to choose Airbrush foundation?

A foundation should complement your skin type. So, the first thing you do is ensure you are buying a foundation your skin tone. 

  • If you don’t know your skin tone, apply some foundation on your wrist and check which perfectly fits your color. 
  • Alternatively you can use foundation shade finder tool online to find your shade. 

Aside from the shade there are other things you should consider in an Airbrush foundation. This include;

Buy a foundation meant to be used in an Airbrush

Before even picking the right shade of foundation, you should ensure that the foundation you are going for is meant to be used on an Airbrush. 

Airbrush uses special type of foundation that is meant to work with the complexity of the Airbrush machine to produce the most flawless makeup look.

So, check the label and see if it is labeled for Airbrush use. 

After confirming a foundation is for Airbrush, you can then go ahead and check the rest of the factors. 

Consistency of the foundation

Unlike in traditional makeup application method, you can maneuver the brushes or beauty blenders to blend the makeup perfectly. As for Airbrush makeup, how the makeup products land on your face is what you get. 

For that reason, Airbrush foundation should come in lightweight liquid form and should match your skin undertones. 

  • Airbrush foundation being in liquid form ensures that the Airbrush machine sprays products from its nozzle. An Airbrush machine won’t spray heavy products. 
  • Another reason why the foundation should be in liquid and not cream is to create a makeup that is not cakey. If you use cream foundation, you will need to use Beauty blenders and brushes to blend the foundation. This beats the whole purpose of using an Airbrush. 
  • Liquid foundation will also not block the nozzle.


Another important aspect you should be checking in an Airbrush foundation is the coverage it provides. 

You will find foundations that provide light to full coverage. 

  • If you have a lot of blemishes, you should go for a highly pigmented foundation for full coverage. 
  • However, if you have a skin tone with less blemishes, you can choose a foundation that offers light coverage. 

Airbrush foundation is build able. So, if you want to achieve full coverage without making your makeup look unnatural, choose a foundation that provides light coverage. 

Although you may want to buy an Airbrush foundation that offers full coverage, you should ensure it is lightweight. 


Another factor that you should ensure is right when choosing a foundation is the texture. 

When applying Airbrush foundation, you only spray the foundation of your machine. How it lands on your face is the final look you will get. This aspect makes texture an important factor to check when buying an Airbrush foundation. 

Choose a foundation that is fine and smooth liquid with no solid feel at all. When the fine foundation lands in your face, it will dry up causing a smooth surface for other makeup products. 

Avoid picking a foundation that has a glossy feel as it might not stick for long. 

Brand validation

After checking for all the factors in an Airbrush foundation, you will end up with quite a number of brands that full all that. However, you will have to make a decision based in how good a brand is.

In most cases, I suggest you go with an Airbrush foundation from a well known brand. Famous brands will use quality ingredients when making the foundation. This means there are chances of the foundation messing your face up. 

Even though not many brands offer Airbrush foundation, some counterfeited versions are still in the market. So, check if the Airbrush foundation you are going for is legit. 

To do that, buy from approved vendors and stores. You should also check the reviews at the bottom of respective websites. Reviews will tell you what exactly you should expect when buying a foundation. 

Expiry date

Another thing you should not ignore when buying an Airbrush foundation is the expiry date. 

Most Airbrush foundations have a life span of three years. So, depending on how often you apply airbrush makeup, you should buy a foundation that will suit your usage. 

A foundation will last two years after opening. For this reason, don’t pick a foundation that has been six months in storage or on the stores. 

Using an expired foundation on your face could lead to serious issues such as burns on your face and other skin imperfections.

Once you have chosen a foundation that is perfect for you, you can go ahead and use them for your special day. 

If you don’t know how to apply Airbrush foundation, you are in the right place. Keep reading this guide to learn how you can achieve a flawless foundation look. 

How to apply Airbrush foundation?

Although you might take more time as a beginner to learn how to apply Airbrush foundation, once you learn the concept, you will be applying makeup with your eyes closed. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you should apply Airbrush foundation.

Before getting into the process of foundation application, you will need to check if your Airbrush machine is working. 

Step 1: Prepare your face for makeup application

One thing you should never skip when doing your normal makeup routine, is make your face ready. 

Applying makeup is like art. If the conditions are not right the foundation to settle on your face, you will be dealing with cakey or creasing makeup look. 

  • First, wash your face with some Luke warm water and cosmetic soap. This will not clean your face but will give other products you will be using a chance to work on favorable conditions. 
  • Use a gentle scrubber to get rid of dead skin and other makeup buildup on your face. Do not use a lot of pressure on your face while scrubbing to avoid scarring your face.
  • Wipe of the scrubber then use a mild cleanser to wash your face ready for other products. 
  • Go in with a serum that has some hydrating oils and vitamin E. A serum does not play any role on your makeup. However, it will repair your skin leaving you with a naturally glowing skin. 
  • After a serum, you can go in with a moisturizer. A moisturizer is another step to protecting your face against conditions that might be toxic to your face. 
  • To even your skin tone which in turn reduce the amount of foundation you use , apply a color corrector on your face. Ensure the color corrector works on most of your blemishes. 
  • After a color corrector, you can wrap up your preparation, clean up the area before starting your makeup routine. 

If you like a more detailed skin care routine, you can incorporate what you normally do in the preparation stage. There is no rule that limits you from following your routine. 

Step 2: Prime your face

Another step that is crucial when applying Airbrush makeup is using a primer. A primer will not only provide a smooth surface for makeup application. It also protects your face against ingredients found in the makeup that might be toxic. 

You should use a primer that is compatible with the foundation you are using. 

  • If you are going for water-based foundation, then you can apply a water-based primer. 
  • When using silicone-based products, go in with silicone-based primer. However, I will advise you against using silicone-based products if you have dry skin. 

Silicone-based primer has some alcohol content that will suck moisture from your face causing your face to dry up. You might end up dealing with a cracked skin or creased makeup. 

Step 3: Apply the foundation

On the top part of the Airbrush machine, you will find a cup that you can fill in the makeup.

  • Pour only 2-3 drops of the foundation. Remember you are using Airbrush foundation and not the regular foundation. 
  • Once you are sure the foundation is on the tank and you are ready to apply Airbrush foundation, hold the airbrush machine a few inches away from your face. 
  • Press the trigger at the bottom of the machine gently. If there is any product coming out and in the right form, you can start spraying the foundation on your face. 
  • Move the airbrush in a circular motion while still few inches from your face. 
  • Ensure every part of your face gets the foundation.
  • If you don’t like how your foundation has appeared, you can use a beauty blender or brush to blend the makeup in. You can also add more layers until you achieve the coverage you were going for. 

After following the steps, you can then go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup. What you will achieve is a flawless makeup look that last for more than 12 hours without needing a touch up. 


Foundation is one if the key products you should have when doing your makeup. 

When doing Airbrush makeup, you should ensure you have the right type of foundation meant for Airbrush.

If you don’t know where to start, you can read my guide above. You should also consider subscribing to this page for more beauty hacks.


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