Airbrush makeup for my skin type (Best Guide)

In multiple accounts, we have said that Airbrush makeup uses special type of makeup products.

Although the makeup used is different from that used in regular makeup, you will still have to go through the process of choosing the makeup products.

 In this guide, I will present you with an ultimate guide you can use to bag yourself the right Airbrush makeup depending on your skin type.

Don’t go anywhere. 

How to choose the right Airbrush for your skin type?

Although Airbrush makeup use a special type of makeup, you still have to go through the process of choosing the right type of makeup depending on your skin type.

In this guide we will discuss how to choose Airbrush makeup for oily, dry, sensitive, normal and a combination of skins (i.e. older skin).  

1. Choosing Airbrush makeup for Oily skin

You should go for silicone-based Airbrush makeup

Having an oily skin type can be so traumatizing.

You apply your makeup. After a few hours the excess oil produced by your skin starts to breakdown the makeup products on your face. 

Below are the merits you should use when choosing Airbrush makeup for oily skin;

Airbrush foundation for oily skin

After prepping your face and applying a primer, the next product you use is a foundation. 

The excess oil produced by sebaceous glands might find a way to reach your foundation. Your makeup will end up looking cakey.

For that reason, you should go for silicone-based foundation. 

Since your skin produce enough oil, using oil-based Airbrush makeup will not help your case. 

If you want to know if a product is oil-free check for non-comedogenic label on the bottle. 

Silicone-based Airbrush foundation contains some alcohol content that will  absorb the excess oil produced by your skin allowing the makeup to sit on your face for long. 

Silicone itself is waterproof and smudge proof.

Once you have applied the makeup, a coating will be  created on your face which prevents any sweat from leaking to interfere with your makeup. 

Some other ingredients found in silicone-based Airbrush foundation also penetrate your pores and find a way to control the amount of oil produced by sebaceous glands.

Airbrush concealer for oily skin

Applying airbrush makeup for oily skin
Applying airbrush makeup for oily skin

Choosing the right Airbrush concealer is the most tedious part of choosing Airbrush makeup.

You will have to pick a concealer for different parts of your face. 

Although you might use a foundation with light coverage, air Airbrush concealer should have the right consistency to conceal all the blemishes and still not block your Airbrush machine. 

  • If you are applying concealer for dark circles, you will need a concealer two shades darker lighter than your foundation. 
  • For under the eyes, the concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation. 
  • When choosing a concealer for contouring, you will need to pick a concealer one or two shades darker than your foundation. 
  • You should choose a concealer that is the same color as your skin tone if you are going to use Airbrush concealer as a foundation. 

If you are having a hard time telling your skin tone, you can use shade finder tools online for assistance.

Airbrush blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow for oily skin

After applying Airbrush foundation and concealer, your face will be much done. However, your makeup will look blunt. 

Since the foundation and concealer will have done much on dealing with your oily skin, you should pick the rest of the products like blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow in powder form. 

Use an oil-free thinner to transform the powdered Airbrush products into liquid form. These products will give your face some color.

2. Choosing Airbrush makeup for dry skin

Water-based, oil-based and mineral-based based Airbrush makeup will be ideal for your dry skin.

Dry skin always find a way to interfere with your makeup.

You might take a whole hour to apply makeup only for it to start cracking.

Below are some of the tips you can use to choose Airbrush makeup products for dry skin. 

Airbrush foundation for dry skin

Since foundation is the first product you use after prepping your face, you should be very careful when choosing Airbrush foundation.

For starters, stay away from silicone-based Airbrush foundation if you have dry skin. 

Silicone-based Airbrush makeup products contain some alcohol content that suck will strip off your skin the tiny amount of oil it can produce. 

Water-based and mineral-based based Airbrush makeup will be ideal for your dry skin. 

As we grow old, our skin stops producing squalane a hormone that is responsible for hydrating your skin.

If you have dry skin, your skin might get worse as it might end up cracking. 

To restore the vibrancy of your skin, ensure the makeup products you are buying contains Vitamin E, squalene, and other essential oils. 

Airbrush concealer for dry skin

Even after bagging yourself the best Airbrush foundation for dry skin, you still have to make enough effort in choosing an Airbrush concealer for dry skin type. 

Aside from choosing an Airbrush concealer that matches your skin tone, you should check on the ingredients used in the concealer. 

First, ensure you pick an Airbrush concealer that is oil-based or mineral-based.

Since you might be applying an Airbrush foundation that is lightweight, the concealer will find a way of reaching your skin. 

Mineral-based concealer contains other ingredients that can deal with your dry skin situation.

It will also provide some moisture to your skin making your makeup look flawless at the long run. 

Airbrush blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow for dry skin 

Blush, bronzers, and eyeshadows have one role of adding some color to your skin.

Provided, you have chosen the right concealer, and foundation, you will have a simple time choosing the rest of makeup.

However, for the sake of spraying out of Airbrush machine, use powdered blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow.

You can them mix the products with a thinner to a consistency you like. 

3. Choosing Airbrush makeup for sensitive skin

Airbrushes makeup
Airbrush makeup for sensitive skin

If your skin is prone to acne, you might find yourself holding your breath when applying makeup wondering if it will irritate your skin after a day of slaying.

This should not be the case with the large number of brands selling Airbrush makeup for sensitive skin.

Below are some of the merits you should use when buying Airbrush makeup for sensitive skin. 

Airbrush foundation for sensitive skin

To remove any doubt when choosing Airbrush foundation, you should have your skin tested to know which products are causing your skin irritation. 

Once you are sure which ingredients to avoid, you can go ahead and choose an Airbrush foundation of your choice. 

If you have sensitive skin, you should check if the Airbrush foundation you are going for is labeled hypoallergenic. The foundation should also be non-comedogenic, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Vegan, Gluten-free, and free from sulfates. 

The above are the ingredients that might be causing itchiness, redness, inflammation, and irritation. 

Airbrush concealer for sensitive skin

When choosing Airbrush concealer for sensitive skin, you should check if it is dermatologist tested. 

A concealer that is dermatologist tested is free from all ingredients that might cause skin irritation, redness, and itchiness.

This Airbrush concealers also contain helpful ingredients that will calm your skin. 

Airbrush blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow for sensitive skin 

Blush, bronzers, and eyeshadow powders are formulated using very mild ingredients.

They will therefore not have any impact on your skin.

Besides you are applying them on top of all other layers of makeup. 

You should therefore choose a mineral-based thinner to transform them into liquid form. 

4. Choosing Airbrush makeup for normal skin

You can use any type of Airbrush foundation for your normal skin

Most people make the assumption that if you have normal skin you can just use any product.

This however is further from the skin. 

Your normal skin needs to be pampered and taken care too.

So, before settling for any Airbrush makeup for your normal skin, you have to vet the products you are using.

Airbrush foundation for normal skin 

One advantage of having normal skin, is that you can use any type of Airbrush foundation provided you are following the right steps of makeup application. 

So, you don’t have to worry on the type of Airbrush foundation you are picking. 

If you want your makeup to last longer, you should choose silicone-based foundation.

You should however pair it with a primer with hydrating properties to protect your skin. 

Mineral-based Airbrush foundation will nourish your skin making it stay vibrant and healthy for a long time. 

Airbrush concealer for normal skin

Provided you know your skin type, choosing an Airbrush concealer for normal skin is hard. 

Ensure the concealer you are picking has ingredients that will not only make you feel good.

The concealer should improve the well being of your skin. 

You should also check if the concealer is dermatologists tested.

This prevents any unforeseen frustrations. 

Airbrush blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow for sensitive skin 

Blush, bronzers, and eyeshadows have no significant impact on your skin.

The only work they do is give your face some color. 

For the purpose of easy spraying, you should buy this products in powder form and use a thinner to transform them into a liquid.

A thinner does not interfere with the color of the products. 

5. Choosing Airbrush makeup for combination of skins

You should settle for mineral-based Airbrush foundation.

It is very hard to know how your skin will behave of your skin changes depending on several factors.

This however should not stop you from slaying your day.

You can choose the right Airbrush makeup following the guide below. 

Airbrush foundation for combination of skins

Applying airbrush makeup for combination skin
Applying airbrush makeup for combination skin

Since when you apply airbrush foundation it comes in contact with your skin, you should be careful when buying an Airbrush foundation since you don’t know how your skin will react to the foundation. 

Instead of using a silicone-based foundation that might dry your skin when sebaceous gland is not producing any product, you should settle for mineral-based Airbrush foundation. 

Aside from the products being mineral-based, they should be free from parabens, cruelty, sulfates and any oils. 

Airbrush concealer for combination of skins

A concealer plays a major role in your overall makeup.

It does the work the foundation could not finish. 

So, when choosing Airbrush concealer if your skin to changes on various occasions, check if the ingredients are skin friendly. 

Pick oil free Airbrush concealer to ensure your makeup last longer. 

Airbrush blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow for combination of skin

After factoring a lot of reasons when picking the rest of the Airbrush makeup, you can rest when picking blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow. 

This products only work in added some color to your face. 


With the large number of Airbrush makeup products, it is hard to settle for one specific makeup brand. 

You will have to factor in your skin type and other important factors that determine the type of Airbrush makeup you should pick. 

In the guide above, we have given you tips you can use to find the best Airbrush makeup depending on your skin type. 

The guide will give you a step to the right direction when buying Airbrush makeup.

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