Anti frizz serum for curly hair

 Curly hair looks cool when you wear it, but the work you have to do to maintain the curls is something else. You will be in constant of fear on when the environmental conditions might interfere with your cool hair style. 

If you want to manage your curly hair without fear of spoiling your hair, you should consider using hair serum. Hair serums will protect your hair from the conditions such as humidity that causes frizz and also work for the good of your hair behind the scenes. 

Although hair serum is good for your hair, you will need to choose the right hair serum. This guide will provide you with the best information you can use to land the best anti frizz hair serum for curly hair. 

10 best anti frizz serums for curly hair

Since the market is flooded with quite a number of hair serum, you can take a lot of time before settling on one hair serum brand. When it comes choosing a hair serum for curly hair, you will go through the same struggles. However, if you know all about hair serums for curly hair, you search will be an easy one. 

For those who are looking for an anti-frizz hair serum but don’t know where to start, I got you. I will give you of the tips you can use to bag yourself the best there is in the market. You will also get some suggestions. So, I highly suggest you don’t go anywhere. 

Before deciding to buy anti frizz hair serum for curly hair, you should do some market research on hair serums. Your research will lead into some product recommendations which you will be helpful when making the research. 

When you get the recommendations, you can check under the products description to find out what you expect with the product. You should also check the ingredients and the reviews at the bottom of the page. 

Although this recommendation might be helpful, you will also have to consider the state of your hair. This is where a hair specialist comes in. A specialist will analyze your hair and advice you on the best serums depending on your hair type. 

IGK CRYBABY Anti-Frizz curly hair serum

One of the Anti-frizz hair serum that people with curly hair seem to like too much is IGK CRYBABY anti-frizz curly hair serum. CRYBABY will uses some of the most quality ingredients to make a hair serum that will eliminate frizz, add shine and smoothens your hair. 

This hair serum can also be used by people with colored curly hair. It will hydrate and nourish your damaged hair. You can also apply IGK CRYBABY on your hairline, massage, and let it dry. 

After using IGK CRYBABY smoothing hair serum for like two weeks, you will notice some healthy new strands of hair appearing. The hair serum has a sweet coconut smell.

John Frieda Anti-frizz hair serum

When choosing a hair serum that will work for your curly hair, ensure it is providing all the benefits no other serum can. If you happen to find John Frieda anti-frizz serum do not hesitate. This hair serum is an award winning serum. 

John Frieda serum is formulated using 6 formulas each dedicated to work on the goodness of your hair. This hair serum will not only eliminate frizz, it will also add shine to your hair, repel humidity, tame split ends and flyaways, hydrate your hair, protect your hair from heat damage and so many more benefits. 

When applying this hair serum, avoiding using on the roots. If your hair is longer and thicker, you should use more of the serum. This hair serum is silicone free. 

Vitamin Keratin protein Anti-frizz hair serum

Another anti-frizz hair serum for curly hair is this serum from vitamin. This hair serum is non-greasy, sulfate, paraben, alcohol, and cruelty free. It is also aqua based meaning it is lightweight and formulated using castor oil and Biotin. 

Once you apply Vitamin keratin protein Anti-frizz hair serum from the roots to the ends, you will notice your hair become healthy, strong, long, and also increased volume. 

Vitamin keratin hair serum will also create a coating on your hair strands that will protect your hair from UV damage and humidity that causes hair frizz. Using this hair serum on your hair before straightening will protect your hair against heat damage. 

Garnier Fructis sleek and shine Anti-frizz hair serum

Yet another brand in the list of anti-frizz serum for curly hair is this serum from Garnier. Garnier uses Moroccan Argan oil and other exotic ingredients to make a hair serum that will protect your against even 97% humidity. 

When buying Garnier Fructis hair serum, you will have to check the label. There are different Fructis for different types of hair. 

Before applying Fructis, ensure your hair is clean for maximum benefits. Fructis will leave your hair shiny, soft, and sleek. 

Herstyler Anti-frizz serum

If you want to know a hair serum is good for your curly hair, check the ingredients on the bottle. Some of the ingredients these ingredients include; Aloe Vera, Argan oil, and Vitamin E. 

When you check the ingredients on Herstyler, you will notice the presence of all those ingredients. Although this might not mean that the hair serum is good, you can confirm the goodness of the serum by the over eighteen thousand six hundred five star rating on this hair serum. 

Due to the glossy nature of Herstyler, it creates a coating on the hair strands controlling hair frizz. It also ensure your hair is protected against conditions that might damage your hair.

All the ingredients in Herstyler will promote hair growth, repair damaged hair, moisturize and nourish your hair controlling frizz at the long run. 

Davines Anti-Frizz serum for curly hair

If there is one hair serum that was made with curly hair in mind is Davines, this hair serum is made in such a way it can retain moisture on your hair for hours while also resisting moisture and humidity from the outside for a long time. 

Since your hair will be protected from humidity, there are almost no chance it will frizz. Aside from controlling frizz, Davines will leave your curls soft and ensure your hair is easy to work with. It also restores your natural hair elasticity and make your hair bouncy. 

Bain de Terre Anti-frizz serum 

Curly hair needs a little more attention than any other hair type. It is for this reason Ban De Terre used their knowledge on curly hair to make a hair serum that will eliminate frizz, boost hair growth, and add shine to your hair. 

De Terre uses a blend of MONOI OILS and Argan to ensure the serum provides more benefits to your hair than any other hair serum. This hair serum is safe for use since it is color safe, paraben free, and alcohol-free. 

This hair serum has a sweet Lush Botanical smell. Not only will your hair look good, you will feel heavenly. 

All the serums in the list will protect your hair from the frizz, boost hair growth and also aid in styling your hair. You should however learn to apply hair serum the right way

Can I use Anti-frizz hair serum on my curly hair daily?

There are different types of hair serums each with different set of rules. So, before deciding to apply hair serum daily, check if it is labeled for daily use

You should also avoid applying the hair serum on your scalp unless you are using homemade hair serum for curly hair

Before applying the hair serum, ensure you wash your hair and moisturize to ensure the serum work as expected. 


When choosing a hair serum for hair frizz, you should ensure not be driven by the budget. Landing the best there is in the market should be your goal. 

There are quite a number of hair serums in the market that promise to prevent frizz on your curly hair. However, most of the serums will end up damaging your hair. You should therefore be very careful when choosing a hair serum for your hair. 

My guide above has all the information you need to get the best anti-frizz hair serum. I have also given you recommendation on some of the best anti-frizz hair serums for curly hair there is in the market. 

Read my guide and subscribe to this page for more information on hair and beauty related information. 


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