Are Temporary Tattoos Waterproof? Look at This!

Yes and no.

Temporary tattoos may be waterproof in that they can stand a shower, a swim, or water guns.

On the other hand, the more exposure you give the temporary tattoo to water, the faster it fades away.

Temporary tattoos are not meant to last long, and the longest they take is only a month.

One of the reasons they just fade away is constant exposure to water, which your body cannot stay without.

Nevertheless, temporary tattoos are still worth the world for the short period that they last.

Anyway, Are Temporary Tattoos Waterproof?

Not really.

However, most temporary tattoos are waterproof to a certain degree.

Let’s see instances where temporary tattoos prove water-resistant;

  • Water splashes: when at a party where water guns are part of the fun, do not destroy the fun by frowning if water splashes are thrown on you. Temporary tattoos withstand water splashes, so you should blast out in the fun.
  • Swimming pool: almost all temporary tattoos can withstand swimming pool water. Therefore, go ahead and put on a lovely tattoo that flashes nicely against your swimming costume.
  • When you apply the tattoo on dry skin, if you use it on clean, dry skin, the tattoo will last longer, even when exposed to water. Therefore, cleaning the skin and preparing it for the tattoo buys you more time in the pretty art.
  • In the shower. Showering or taking a bath will not take away your temporary tattoo in an instant. Hence, you can relax, and go clean yourself up for that occasion you are dying to go to with your lovely new outlook.
  • Tattoos that are applied to less exposed parts of the body. For example, if you have a tattoo on your back, shoulder, thigh, or elsewhere where you are only exposed to water when swimming or showering, the tattoo tends to last longer.

On the other hand, the following conditions will let your temporary tattoo come off in case of water exposure;

Tattoos will fade away due to long-time exposure to water.

If you apply it and take more time swimming, the water will affect the durability of the tattoo.

If you scrub the tattoos with soapy water, the water will obviously have a more significant impact on the tattoo, causing it to fade away.

Water easily washes away a temporary tattoo that is applied on oily skin or top of makeup.

This is because the tattoo does not directly contact the skin, hence weak and easier to remove.

Do Temporary Tattoos Come Off in Water?

Temporary tattoos are resilient to water for some time.

However, if you expose them to water often, they come off faster than if they were not exposed.

Moreover, it will depend on the type of temporary tattoo that you have.

For instance, water has a more significant effect on henna than on a press-on tattoo with a top protection gel layer.

Nevertheless, there is a way around henna tattoos.

If you can avoid water for at least 12 hours after applying the henna tattoo, water will not do much damage.

At least you can have the assurance of having the tattoo service for approximately one month.

If you are afraid to get into the pool with a temporary tattoo, go through our special article about “Do Temporary tattoos come off in the pool?” for everything you should know to make your tattoo last longer in the pool.

Can You Shower with Temporary Tattoos?

Yes, you can. You can get into the shower or bath without destroying the pattern of your tattoo or even having it come off.

However, it would help if you tried to avoid scrubbing it with soapy water, as the effect will affect its durability. 

Press-on decal and airbrush tattoos can even come off as a result of the scrub.

On the other hand, henna tattoos may not come off, but they fade faster with more consistent scrubs.

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Waterproof?

Temporary tattoos are waterproof to start with.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this nature to ensure that you maximize your tattoo outlook duration.

In addition, there is a way to get around water affecting temporary tattoos for each type, from henna to the press-on decal to airbrushes.

And we just happen to have some DIY tips that you should try to make the temporary tattoo waterproof;

Making Henna Tattoo Waterproof

Henna tattoos will not come off in the water, which is a good thing.

However, they fade away when washed in water.

While you cannot wholly evade this fact, you can slow the fading process. Let’s have a look at how;

Essentially, a henna tattoo is all about the time you give it to dry.

The longer it takes, the more contact it gains with the skin, hence a prolonged lifetime.

Therefore, be patient and let the tattoo ink dry as slowly as possible.

Secondarily, I find it more fruitful to delay the drying process.

For example, you can spray the tattoo as it dries with some lemon or keeps the area near a moist and warm surface to prevent quick drying.

However, don’t apply too much moisture or spray to interfere with the design or dilute the ink.

When the area finally dries, the henna will be so resilient that it serves you longer.

So it may just give you a couple of days longer than the standard one-month duration.

Making and Press-On Decal Tattoos Waterproof

Press-on decals have the shortest lifespan of temporary tattoos.

However, most people will prefer them due to their ready designs.

Also, unlike henna and airbrush tattoos, they don’t take much of your time. 

Besides, some people will consider them due to the exact reason that they have a shorter lifespan.

But even with the short lifespan, sometimes you want them for a whole week, or at least for three to four days.

But how do you do this when you are constantly exposed to water? Here’s a process recommendation;

Do Not Wash the Tattoo

When cleaning your body, avoid putting too much water on the tattoo when you can.

Instead, wash the area surrounding the tattoo while minimal water gets on the tattoo.

Avoid a Sweaty Workout

First, you should ensure that you apply the tattoo to an area that doesn’t sweat much.

This way, you will not be forced to clean it just to clean the sweat off.

Besides, sweat makes the place moist, which can cause the tattoo more prone to water damage.

Second, ensure that you quit intense workouts during the period when you have the tattoo on.

Remember that while tattoos are waterproof, more exposure to moisture weakens their contact with the body.

The Application Process

The steps you take when applying the tattoo can also determine its durability and the impact of water on it.

Let’s get on to this process;

Firstly, ensure that you clean the area where you want to put the tattoo.

Then, shave any hair that could stand in the way of the tattoo and skin contact.

Then, if you can, thoroughly exfoliate the skin, preparing it for the tattoo.

Then, ensure that the part does not flex the muscles much, leading to tattoo cracks within a short time.

Finally, you can apply your tattoo to well-shaved dry skin.

Then, apply some tattoo gel to prevent it from getting too dry.

Moreover, the tattoo gel will act as an added waterproof material to the tattoo.

With this procedure, the tattoo will last a minimum of three days and a maximum of seven, even with exposure to water.

Making Airbrush Tattoos Waterproof

Airbrush tattoos may not last long, but they are the closest to a customized tattoo design that you can apply.

Besides, you can also get various colors, and you don’t have to stick to brown as with henna.

So, if you want the temporary tattoo to be waterproof, ensure that you apply it on dry skin, then avoid brushing it with soap and water.

Its maintenance against water challenges is the same as that of the press-on decal.

However, the longest that the airbrush tattoo lasts is five days.

But we can optimize its durability to get the best out of it, right?

So, Temporary Tattoos and Water?

Of course, temporary tattoos are not as immune to water as permanent tattoos.

However, there are a few tips that can ensure that your tattoo lasts longer despite exposure to water.

From the application process to the maintenance, how you handle your tattoo will affect whether it maintains its temporary waterproof nature.

The good news is that we already know how to go about both for a waterproof tattoo session with your temporary tattoo.

Final Verdict

Temporary tattoos are not exactly waterproof, but water from a shower or a swimming exercise will not remove them.

Therefore, you can relax and enjoy a cool and relaxing bath without fearing your tattoo.

You have all the time you need to decide whether you actually need a permanent tattoo.

Better still, you will enjoy your getaway while not getting on your parents’ nerves when you are back home.

And best of all, you won’t have to endure any pain at all.

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