Best airbrush makeup for wrinkles |Complete Guide

Wrinkles are some of the things that will affect your self-esteem big time.

Unfortunately, with years wrinkles will appear naturally.

But can you use Airbrush makeup on your wrinkles?

There are quite a number of brands that have invested their effort into making Airbrush makeup fit for wrinkles.

This 5 Airbrush makeup will transform your wrinkled face into the most smooth and flawless. 

5 best Airbrush makeup for wrinkles

Professional Airbrush make up

Luminess basic Airbrush makeup, Bellocio, Art of Air Professional Airbrush makeup, Sephora perfectionist mist, and MagicMinerals Airbrush Foundation are 5 of the best Airbrush makeups to deal with your wrinkles.

These brands were chosen based on quality, variety, price, ease of use, durability, and longevity. 

Thanks to the advanced technology used to make makeup, it is possible for you to get Airbrush makeup for your skin type

As for those looking to hide their wrinkles and achieve a flawless chiseled makeup look, the best Airbrush makeup for you is;

1.Luminess basic Airbrush makeup

Luminess has been on the front line in producing Airbrush makeup for all skin types. 

Aside from being very perfect when it comes to hiding wrinkles, Luminess has these other amazing properties.

  • Makeup look: Luminess air will give you the most natural-looking makeup look with a photo-finish look. 
  • Several products: Luminess air comes with 4 bottles of lightweight foundation, 1 bottle of illuminator, 1 bottle of blush, 1 bottle of primer, an Airbrush makeup system, and a charger. 
  • Coverage: Luminess Airbrush makeup will offer medium to full coverage without giving up your comfort when wearing makeup. 

You will use less makeup to achieve 3X coverage. 

  • Purpose: Luminess air works on blemishes, acne, scars, varicose veins, tattoos, bruises, wrinkles, and so much more. 
  • Safety: Since Airbrush makeup is sprayed in mist form, you won’t need to use brushes and sponges to blend in your makeup.

Luminess air products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and dermatologist-tested. 

  • How long it lasts: Luminess air 4-in-1 foundation is infused with a primer, anti-aging serum, a concealer, and a foundation. This combo will make your makeup last 18 hours without needing touchups. 

You should give your skin proper prepping to make your makeup last longer. I use this skincare routine to prep my skin, which is very healthy and youthful. 

2.Bellocio Beauty professional Airbrush makeup kit

If it is the first time, you notice some wrinkles on your face, do not panic.

Bellocio Beauty professional Airbrush makeup is your new best friend. 

Bellocio has invested in an Airbrush makeup system with 3 air regulation level systems. 

You should expect a few things from Bellocio Beauty’s professional Airbrush makeup kit. 

  • Makeup look: Bellocio, when Airbrushed, creates a layer that will leave your skin breathing when looking flawless.
  • Shades: Bellocio makeup comes in four shades; cappuccino, ivory, beige, and golden tan.

You can achieve a natural makeup look over your wrinkles no matter your skin tone and type with Bellocio. 

  • Coverage: Provides sheer to full coverage within the first layer of an application. 
  • Extra products: Aside from foundations, concealer, and primers, you will get a sparking highlighter, peach shimmer, a bronzer, and a beauty blender. 

By the end of the Airbrush makeup application, you will have some appealing glow. 

  • How long does it last: if you do your Airbrush makeup correctly, you will achieve a flawless natural makeup look for more than 12 hours.

Ensure that the foundation and concealer you pick are for your skin tone.

You don’t want your makeup to look funny. 

This foundation shade finder tool will help you pick the right makeup shades for your skin tone. 

3.Art of Air Professional Airbrush makeup system

Airbrush makeup products

Art of Air is one brand that is invested in creating Airbrush makeup products for a wide range of skins and ages.

You can buy a complete Airbrush makeup kit if you are a newbie in the Airbrush makeup world.

Below are some of the things you should expect from Art of Air professionals. 

  • Makeup look: Art of Air allows you to customize your makeup look by building layers with their weightless Airbrush makeup products. You can therefore conceal your age spots, wrinkles, acne, blemishes, pores, and redness. 
  • Several products: If you buy a complete kit from Art of Air, you will get a set of 6 fair and medium foundations, an Anti-Aging primer, bronzer, blush, and a shimmer. 
  • Coverage: The art of Air Airbrush makeup allows you to keep adding layers to your makeup to achieve the coverage you are looking for. You can apply one layer for sheer coverage and keep building your makeup for full coverage. 
  • How long it lasts: Due to the lightweight nature of Art of Air products, your makeup will last up to 12 hours. 

If you want your Airbrush machine to last longer, you should clean your Airbrush machine after every use. 

4.Sephora perfectionist mist

Sephora perfectionist mist is formulated in a way you can conceal even the deepest wrinkles without leaving fine lines on your face. 

When applying the mist Airbrush makeup, you will only need to shake your bottle, press the button on the bottle, close your eyes and apply your makeup. 

Some of the other things you should expect from Sephora mist include;

  • Makeup look: Sephora perfection mist will give you a lightweight, flawless natural looking makeup look. A single application will hide even the deepest wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and fine lines. 
  • Coverage: You can achieve sheer to full coverage from a single application. Sephora mist allows you to build your makeup until you get the range you want. 
  • Shades: Sephora mist comes in various shades that offer a natural finish. All the foundation shades are non-comedogenic, oil-free, and provide an instablend technology. 
  • Ease of use: Since the foundation comes with its own Airbrush, you won’t need an Airbrush machine, brushes, or sponges to apply the makeup. This also makes Sephora perfectionist mist the safest foundation for wrinkles on the list. 
  • How long it lasts: Provided you follow the right steps of makeup application, your makeup will last up to 10 hours without needing touchups. 

To give your makeup some color, give your makeup a touch of blush. You should also apply a setting spray over the makeup to lock in the products for a long stay.

5.MagicMinerals airbrush foundation

MagicMinerals airbrush foundation has been an excellent companion for people with skin imperfections such as wrinkles and fine lines over the years. 

It is infused with anti-aging skin care actives such as hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl 3000, and Argireline.

These three products will promote skin elasticity, brighten and hydrate your skin, promote collagen production, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Since MagicMinerals Airbrush foundation is ideal for wrinkles, what are the other things you can expect from this amazing foundation by Jerome?

  • Makeup look: MagicMinerals Airbrush foundation is rich in minerals that will offer a perfectly soft and matte flawless makeup look over the wrinkles and also ensure your skin is hydrated and radiant throughout the day. 
  • Number of products: This amazing mineral foundation by Jerome comes in a set of five; two Kabuki brushes, a liquid silk Air primer, a foundation that offers medium shades for all skin types, and a mask-proof AirFinish setting spray. 
  • Coverage: MagicMinerals Airbrush foundation is lightweight and breathable. You can build up your makeup to achieve full coverage without sacrificing comfort. 
  • Ease of use: This amazing makeup by Jerome requires less preparation before application. You can apply the air primer before applying the foundation and finish up with the setting spray without needing to use an Airbrush machine or brushes. 
  • How long it lasts: Since this Airbrush makeup by Jerome is airbrushed directly to your skin, you can be assured it will infuse in your skin for long hours. You can also use Mask-proof AirFinish setting spray to make your makeup last even longer. 

If you choose MagicMinerals Airbrush makeup by Jerome, you will be joining the over 3100 customers that were satisfied with the products and rated it 4 stars. 

All the Airbrush makeup on the list is amazing for your skin; you should, however, follow the right procedure for the Airbrush makeup application to achieve perfection. 


Luminess, Bellocio, Art of Air, Sephora, and MagicMinerals are some of the best brands that produce Airbrush makeup ideal for wrinkles. 

So, if you have been asking yourself if you can use Airbrush makeup on wrinkles, make an effort to check the five brands. 

My guide above will reduce the search for you as we have highlighted all the amazing properties offered by each brand named above. 

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