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There are lots of confusion associated with choosing the best Airbrush makeup kit, especially as a professional.

You will need to pick a brand that caters for different types of skin types and also products that will work perfectly with your Airbrush machine. 

We have compiled ten of the best professional Airbrush makeup kit each with a unique reason why it qualifies to be top of the list.

Some of the Airbrush kits especially the one at position three is what we call living in the future.

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10 best professional Airbrush makeup kit in 2022

Displaying an airbrush makeup kit
Best professional Airbrush makeup

When choosing brands that offer professional Airbrush makeup kits, you will need to find the one that sells a complete set of approved Airbrush makeup, an Airbrush machine, and the rest of the Airbrush products.

From a wide range of brands that offer a complete Airbrush makeup kit, I have come up with 6 extraordinary brands.

They include; Temptu, Luminess, Ophir, Art of Air, Bellocio, and Aeroblend. 

Each of the professional Airbrush makeup machines discussed in this list has something unique not offered by any other brands.

Keep reading to find which one will suit your needs. 

Temptu Airbrush 2.0 Premier kit: Best Overall

Almost every professional Airbrush makeup artist has used Temptu in their career. 

This might be attributed to the fact that the system is user-friendly and readily available in all approved stores that sell Temptu.

Below are some of the things that make Temptu Airbrush makeup 2.0 Premier kit unique;

  • Number of products: Temptu 2.0 premier kit comes with a 13 shades range foundation, an Airbrush machine, Airbrush makeup machine cleanser, Airpods, and an Ac adapter. 
  • Max PSI: Temptu 2.0 premier kit comes with 30, adjustable air speed flow. 
  • Ease of use: The kit is lightweight meaning you can move around with your kit. 

Temptu 2.0 makeup kit has a simple user-friendly system that is great for professionals at different levels. 

  • Finished look: The foundations are silicone based meaning your makeup will last longer. 

With the wide range of adjustable airflow speeds, you will achieve the most flawless natural-looking silk makeup look.

OPHIR 3.00 mm Airbrush complete kit: Ideal for all skin types 

With the years OPHIR has been in the Airbrush industry, it is easy to say you are getting everything from them in total perfection. 

You can check what you should expect from this complete Airbrush makeup kit below;

  • Number of products: This complete kit comes with an Airbrush machine, 7 shades of foundation, and 13 shades of blush, contour, highlighter, and the rest of the makeup. 
  • Max PSI: OPHIR Airbrush makeup kit has five adjustable airflow speeds. 
  • Ease of use: This Airbrush from OPHIR has a simple user interface. You will see this kit used by the most advanced Airbrush makeup artists. 
  • Finished look: Using the OPHIR Airbrush makeup kit means you are going to achieve the most natural looking soft and silky makeup look. 
  • Warranty: With OPHIR, you get a one-year warranty. If you face an issue with your Airbrush, you can have a replacement. You should however buy from approved vendors. 

Luminess BREEZE DUO Airbrush system: Easy to use

As time pass, most brands are embracing technology and coming up with spectacular products. 

Luminess was not left behind when they came up with the BREEZE DUO. 

Luminess breeze airbrush machine
Luminess BREEZE DUO airbrush makeup machine

This Airbrush makeup kit is just value for your money. Below are some of the things that make it very unique;

  • Number of products: BREEZE DUO comes with a tiny cordless Airbrush machine. It also comes with an Airbrush cleanser, foundations, blushes, illuminators, and concealers. 
  • Ease of use: The cordless machine is very easy to use. What you need is to fill the cartilage with foundation. Press the button on the top of the Airbrush machine and products start to come out. 

You don’t need a lot of connections and comes with a charger.

You can use the Airbrush at least 60 times after charging. BREEZE DUO is travel friendly. 

  • Finished look: Aside from the silk makeup products, products from Luminess that come with BREEZE DUO are paraben-free, dermatologists tested, and are formulated using some high-quality ingredients such as Vitamin C, Neem extract, cucumber extract, Vitamin A, hydrolyzed silk and Licorice extract

Art of Air Airbrush makeup kit: Best affordable

Not only is this Airbrush makeup complete kit from Art of Air affordable, but it also has some of the most unique features that are not provided by other Airbrush makeup brands. 

  • Number of products: Aside from a fully adjustable air pressure machine, this Airbrush kit comes with 6 shades of foundation, concealer, a blush, shimmer, and a bronzer. 
  • Ease of use: This Airbrush machine is just like the rest of Airbrush used by professionals. You don’t need to configure a lot except the basics. 
  • Finished looks: Having a fully adjustable airspeed, you can use this Airbrush to release the thinnest silky products in mist form. This ensures that you achieve the most flawless natural-looking makeup look. 
Natural looking Airbrush makeup

All the foundations are water-based. You don’t have to worry about skin irritations. 

Complete Bellocio professional Airbrush makeup kit: Wide range of products 

When it comes to precision application, a vast number of products, optimality, and convenience, you will never go wrong with Bellocio professional Airbrush makeup kit. 

Below are some of the spectacular things you should expect from Bellocio;

  • Number of products: Bellocio offers a total of 17 water-based foundations for different skin tones and types. The kit also comes with a blush, bronzer, and an illuminator.

Aside from the usual Airbrush products, Bellocio offers 11 extra products and tools to help you out in case of any inconveniences. 

  • Max PSI: Bellocio comes with 3 adjustable airflow speeds. 
  • Ease of use: Bellocio professional Airbrush makeup kit comes with a user manual that will help you navigate the Airbrush. Other than that, using Bellocio is very simple. 
  • Finished look: Since the foundations are water-based, you will achieve a flawless yet most natural-looking makeup look without using a lot of products.

You can also add some color to your skin with the rest of the products offered. 

Bellocchio makeup products are Paraben-free, silicone-free, Dermatologists tested, and oil-free.

They are also formulated using anti-oxidants meaning there is controlled aging from the products. 

Aeroblend Airbrush makeup starter kit: Best for beginners 

If you are a makeup professional at any level, this amazing starter kit from Aeroblend will work wonders for you.

Not only is this Airbrush kit easy to use, but the ingredients used for Aeroblend are also of high quality.

Your client’s skin will love it.

Below are some of the things you should expect from Aeroblend. 

  • Number of products: Aeroblend starter kit comes with an Air system, and 24 shades of foundation. 
  • Ease of use: This starter kit is ideal for professionals at any level. This means you can learn how to use the Airbrush machine in just a few steps. 
  • Finished look: Aside from the foundations being water-based, they are formulated using the most quality ingredients. You can be assured your skin will not only look good but will also feel good all the time. 

Aeroblend foundation comes in a wide range.

You can mix the Airbrush foundations to achieve the most versatile makeup look. 

The foundations are also Paraben-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, and dermatologists tested. 

Temptu cordless Airbrush kit: Best for traveling 

For a brand to appear twice in a small list, it means they are doing the most. 

Temptu cordless Airbrush makeup kit offers almost the same qualities as the first kit on the list.

However, the mode of application is the same as what is used by the item in position three in my list. 

Below are some of the things you should expect from Temptu cordless. 

  • Number of products: Aside from the cordless Airbrush machine, Temptu Air offers 20 shades of foundation.
  • Ease of use: This cordless Airbrush machine does not need too much to understand how it works. 

Once you fill the cartilage with the products, you can press the button and products start coming out. 

  • Finished look: If you want the most natural and elegant makeup look, you should make a choice of using Temptu Air. 

The foundation offers sheer to full coverage using only a small amount of products.

The list above is created based on my experience as a makeup artist and help from other Airbrush makeup artists.

You can also add some of your favorite Airbrush makeup kits to the list above.


Finding the best Airbrush makeup kit for professionals doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Provided you know the formula you are looking for and your client’s needs you are good to go. 

However, to ease the search, I have come up with 7 of the best Airbrush makeup kits for professionals on the list above. 

Go through the list and decide which Airbrush makeup kit will work for you.

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