Can Airbrush Makeup Cover Scars? |Ulitimate Guide

What type of scars do you have?

What techniques do you use to conceal the wounds?

Are the scars temporary or permanent?

Are you willing to try out different approaches to cover up imperfections?

If you are considering airbrush makeup will it work on your skin?

If you resonate with all the questions above, this article will help you with your skin issues. 

There is various type of scars such as; acne scars, rash scar, birthmark scar, and cut scar.

While not all scars can be covered by makeup, airbrush makeup tries to cover up most imperfections like acne and rashes. 

To cover up this skin imperfection using airbrush makeup, you will need expertise.

Alternatively, you pay a trained makeup artist to do your makeup.

Read on to find out you can use airbrush makeup to cover different scars. 

Will Airbrush Makeup Cover Acne Scars?

Will airbrush makeup cover my acne scars?

This is the question every makeup artist gets frequently. 

Acne is one of the worst kinds of scars everyone can get.

The problem with acne is that it attacks when you least expect it.

For example, I did not get acne as a teenager, but acne decided to strike after being a certified adult. 

Before trying to hide your acne using airbrush makeup, research why you are getting an acne attack, most of the time, it does not attack randomly.

For example, you might be using the wrong product on your face.

You might be sleeping on dirty sheets touching your face with dirty hands, or even hormonal imbalance. 

Once you determine why you are getting acne, improvise a skincare routine with the product you can afford.

After that, you can now proceed to ask if the airbrush makeup cover can. 

Airbrush uses light products and advanced technology to give your face excellent coverage.

However, it does not change the texture of the skin.

Makeup enhances your original beauty. So if you see your makeup looking bumpy, it is the acne texture. 

I will give you a step-by-step guide on covering up any scar to get a flawless makeup look. 

How to Cover Scars with Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush is the only type of makeup that will provide you with complete coverage that normal traditional makeup cannot offer.

This is because it uses a technique that regulates the amount of makeup reaching your face. 

Airbrush makeup became famous when Hollywood films started using the method for their actresses.

Due to how flawless film makeup looked, more professional makeup artists started using airbrush makeup, mostly on brides. 

Since airbrush makeup is flawless, more people were able to cover up their scars.

In addition, hiding scars does not require any unique procedure.

You only have to learn how to control your airbrush gun.

Step 1: Prep your Face

You will have to carry out your regular skincare routine before applying makeup.

If your scars include acne, use products known to get rid of acne.

Furthermore, you will have to put a protective layer between your face and the products to avoid further irritation. 

You should also have all the required tools and products on a dressing table to reduce unnecessary trips to the stores in between the session.

Step 2: Apply Setting Powder

Apply setting powder between skincare and product application.

Setting powder provides a uniform layer where your product will settle.

This is especially useful if you have textured skin. 

You do not, however, apply powder before a primer.

Primer application is a necessary step when applying makeup. 

Step 3: Apply Foundation

The reason why airbrush makeup covers scars ultimately is that it’s buildable.

Before all, You should select the most suitable airbrush foundation for your skin type. Visit our guide here for everything you should know to have a perfect match for your skin.

Apply the first layer of airbrush foundation closer to your skin tone.

You can add another layer until you are satisfied with the results.

To cover the scars way better, apply a darker foundation as the top layer. 

Step 4: Apply blush

You have already achieved the coverage you need to hide the scars.

Blush is a bonus step that makes your makeup look more natural. 

Step 5: Apply Eye And Lip Makeup. 

Eye and lip makeup is a sure way of diverting attention from your scars.

You can apply the eyeshadow using the airbrush or the traditional way.

However, there are specific types of eyeshadows and lip colors used in the airbrush gun. 

Step 6: Set the Makeup With Powder And Setting Spray

This step depends on what look you want to achieve.

Most of the scars will be more concealed when you use the setting powder.

It also reduces the dewy effect of the foundation. 

You can skip the setting powder step if you want a dewy makeup look.

However, setting the spray step is a must.

Setting spray will lock the makeup in place and wash out the excess products. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is airbrush makeup worthy?

Airbrush makeup is slightly more expensive than traditional makeup.

The expensiveness is brought about by the fact that it only uses particular types of products found in specific sites and shops.

Learning the makeup application technique is also expensive.

When a makeup artist is doing your airbrush makeup, they have to do it with a lot of keenness to give you flawless results.

They also don’t touch your skin constantly.

So if you part with more money, remember airbrush makeup is worth the expensiveness. 

Why does my airbrush keep clogging?

It would help if you cleaned the airbrush gun.

Other factors might be that you are using the wrong type of makeup, the wrong tip, your makeup products are too pigmented. 

How do I clean my airbrush gun?

An airbrush gun comes with a special liquid used to clean the gun.

You add this liquid to the gun through the cup on top, then pull the compressor like you are applying makeup.

Next, pass some water through the same way as the liquid to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. 

I’m a heavy sweater. How do I regulate that? 

After applying your makeup, use an alcohol-based setting spray.

You will still sweat, but the setting spray will create a plastic-like layer.

Protect your eyes from the setting spray. 


Not that you have enough information on how to use the airbrush makeup to cover up your scars, you are set to try the application.

Covering up scars is not a permanent solution.

routine eliminates most types of blemishes like acne. Use a product that has been said to work for acne face. 

Not all scars can be concealed; therefore, don’t apply too much makeup. It will look unnatural. 

Do not attempt airbrush makeup as a beginner for an event.

The chances are that you might miss one step resulting in a cakey look

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