Can concealer be used as foundation? | Quick Tips

If you want to achieve perfection and still use wear fewer products on your face, you can use concealer as a foundation.

Concealer is the most versatile makeup product.

You can use it for dark circles, to contour, rectify other makeup mistakes, and also conceal skin blemishes.

So, if you have been using concealer one way, you have missed out on other amazing things concealers can do.

The big question of the day is; Can concealer be used as a foundation?

As said above, a concealer is very versatile.

This might seem impossible since a concealer has a high density than a foundation.

However, adding a concealer with other products will reduce its consistency to achieve the same purpose intended for a foundation. 

If this is your first time learning that you can use concealer for different purposes, you are in the right place.

I will give you some smart ways you can use concealer as a foundation and achieve the intended purpose easily.

Don’t go anywhere. 

Can concealer be used as foundation?

One cool thing about concealer is that it can double down to whatever your want it to be.

If you have dark circles, you can apply a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation.

If you want it to act as a contour, apply a concealer one shade darker than your foundation.

But did you know a concealer can double down as a foundation?

Yes. If you do not want to wear too much products on your face, you can substitute your foundation with a concealer.

The foundation normally is applied before applying concealer.

Foundations are a bit lightweight than any concealer.

So how can you make the concealer work as a foundation?

I will give your about 10 tips on you can use concealer as a foundation. 

How to use concealer as a foundation?

Applying a concealer all over the face as a foundation
Applying concealer as the foundation on woman’s face

From my master guide of concealer, I teach you how to apply concealer to achieve different purposes.

Since most concealers come in the same formula and shades as foundations, you can use a concealer as a foundation.

I have prepared a guide of 10 hacks you can use to ensure that the concealer works perfectly as a foundation.

Let’s get started. 

Pick the right shades of concealer

You know different shades of concealers have different functions.

For example, a concealer used for dark circles should be a shade lighter than your foundation, and a concealer for contouring should be 1-2 shades darker than your foundation. 

When picking a concealer that you will be using as a foundation, ensure it is the same color as your undertones.

  • For most black queens, the skin blemishes are deep purple-greenish. To neutralize these blemishes, you need a concealer with pitch, orange, and red undertones.
  • For the fair-skinned beauties, the blemishes are normally black and reddish. A concealer with pink and white undertones will neutralize the blemishes perfectly. 
  • For our Asian queens, their blemishes can be neutralized by concealers with pitch, pink and nude undertones. 

If you have a problem choosing the right concealer that matches your skin tone, use the concealer shade finders tools online. 

When buying concealers and you can’t find the right shade for your skin, pick a concealer one shade lighter and another one shade darker.

Mixing concealers will also achieve the consistency offered by a foundation. 

Do not buy cheap concealers

If there is a mistake you can ever do is putting cheap fake products on your face.

Your face is very fragile and you might end up using a lot of cash trying to heal some avoidable infections. 

Most expensive concealers have some ingredients that help heal your skin while still hiding the blemishes.

Invest in an expensive and credible brand. 

When buying a concealer, check the buyer’s reviews and the credibility of the brand. 

Add a moisturizer on your concealer

Since concealers are denser than foundations, you will need to dilute them to achieve the required consistency.

Some moisturizers contain some amount of oils which help lock the makeup for a long. 

Mixing your concealer with a moisturizer will also that your skin is hydrated at all times. 

Do not mix the whole bottle of concealer with the moisturizer.

Only dilute the amount you ate using at that moment.

Do not mix concealer with water.

Water will make the concealer flowy and it won’t last the whole day. 

Prime you face before using a concealer

Do not attempt applying your concealer without priming your face. 

  • If you have oily skin, mineral-based primer is the best option for you. 
  • For those with dry skin, water-based primer is their best chance. 
  • Silicone-based primer will absorb all the moisture from your skin. It might end up damaging your skin due to the high level of alcohol content in the primer.

Apply a small amount of primer on your skin using a fluffy brush.

Control the brush in circles until all parts of your face had some primer.

Let the primer sit for a few minutes and then proceed to concealer application. 

Use a Concealer brush to apply concealer on your face. Do not drag the concealer using the brush. 

We have a complete guide on How to Use Concealer Brush with all tricks and tips.

The guide will make you a pro to handle brush with concealer.

Use cream concealer

Liquid concealer dries up faster than any other concealer.

This might pose a problem if you are using your concealer as a foundation.

Blending will be an issue. 

A cream concealer is thick enough and will take a bit longer before drying up.

When mixed with a moisturizer, it will be easy to spread, easy to blend, and consistent enough to conceal the blemishes. 

Ensure the concealer you are buying has the right ingredients for skin nourishment. 

Use the tapping method

Instead of dragging the concealer on your face and creating some harsh lines, you can use the tapping method to blend in the concealer. 

Put some concealer on the brush.

Start tapping the brush on the face as you move all over the face.

Ensure that no part of the face is getting too much product.

This will make blending very easy. 

Tap until all the concealer has blended.

Alternatively, you can use a damp beauty blender to blend in the concealer. 

A damp beauty blender ensures that ordinary concealer lasts for as long as a waterproof concealer can last. 

Use spot on concealer

Instead of applying concealer on your whole face, you can use spots on concealer.

Spot concealer is where you apply concealer to specific parts of your face that need to be concealed. 

For example, if you have some dark circles, you will need to use a concealer shade lighter than your foundation.

If you want to hide blemishes, you also go for a shade lighter.

While for contouring, you go a shade darker.

If you still need to achieve all those other purposes of the concealer, you will use all the different respective concealers and then top with the concealer the same color as your foundation. 

Set your face

Setting up the makeup with powder
Setting up the concealed face with a loose powder

If you want your concealer to last long.

You should set your face with a finishing powder. 

  • After applying concealer, use a fluffy brush to apply some loose finish powder. 
  • Let the powder bake for about five minutes then use the brush to remove the excess powder. 
  • Use the same brush to touch up other parts of your face.
  • Finish the process by applying a setting spray on your face. Spray from a distance to prevent a lot of product from reaching the face. 

Setting your makeup will allow your makeup to last longer without the need for touch-ups. 

Use a blush

To ensure that your makeup is popping and doesn’t look ashy, apply a blush.

A blush will bring color to your face. You can go for a nude blush if you are going for a neutral look. 

Other colors of blush that highlight your face are some orange, red for dark skin, pink for fair skin, and pitch for brown skin beauties. 


A Concealer is one of the most versatile makeup products.

If you are tired of applying lipstick, you can touch your lips with a tiny amount of concealer, add some gloss and there you have a nude lip.

If you do not want to use too much products on your face, you can use spot concealer to achieve the no-makeup makeup look. 

One cool thing about concealers is that they will highlight, contour, hide blemishes and still feel lightweight.

The guide above has some hacks that can help you use concealer as a foundation without creasing.

Read the guide and subscribe to this page for more makeup hacks for every makeup enthusiast. 

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