Can I Bring Airbrush Makeup on a Plane| Important to know

Are you planning for a flight but not sure if you can carry your airbrush makeup? Lucky for you, carrying makeup on a plane is not illegal.

However, be prepared to go through screening and security checks.

Different countries follow specific rules when allowing you to board their planes. 

This article will discuss some of the most common tips you should use to travel.

Can I Bring Airbrush Makeup on a Plane

Makeup is a critical part of our travelling essentials us makeup enthusiasts.

You will need different airbrush foundations, eyeshadows, lipstick,  powders, and many others.

But how do you pack by the TSA makeup rules to be allowed on the plane? This post will be helpful on your next vacation packing. 

We chose TSA because it is the body that creates the rules about liquids and powders in the plane.

So, be sure you will be pulled aside for further screening by the airlines whenever you are travelling. 

This post will give you the TSA’s general rules related to makeup.

But remember, each airline differs by the rules.

So, consult with your airline before travelling. 

This video shows a professional makeup artist packing her airbrush makeup following TSA rules. 

You can hear a TSA staff telling her what can be allowed and not allowed.

The list below consists of all things allowed and prohibited in the airplane. 

Liquid Makeup

What things are considered liquid, and how much liquid can you board a plane carrying? 

Anything liquid, cream, paste, and gel is considered liquid and should be packed in a separate bag with a zipper.

For example, airbrush foundations are considered liquids; mascaras are liquid, primer, and even peanut butter. 

So how much can you pack? Under TSA liquid rules, anything liquid should be 3.4 ounces or less.

For example, you can be allowed in the plane if your liquid foundation is lesser or equivalent to 100ml.

But you can have multiple bottles but 100ml and smaller.

This is also for your packing convenience. You cannot be using 1 litre of airbrush foundation for a single journey. 

The packaging bag should be clear and fit 1 litre of liquid.

This means you can carry a maximum of 15 liquid products in a plane. 

Solid Makeup

Solid makeup like lipstick, eye pencil, and brushes are essential parts of our makeup kit.

Airbrush makeup cannot look complete without a red matte lipstick for your engagement party.

Luckily, TSA rules allow you to carry them on the plane. Since brushes are allowed, is an airbrush allowed in the plane?

Compressed Guns in the plane

Any gun must be sealed and carried with the air cylinder detached.

This includes an airbrush, paintball guns, and others. 

A firearm should be sealed, and you must have a license to travel with your arm.

It is also sealed in a rigid, sealed container and unloaded.

When it comes to powder makeup, it gets a little complicated.

Read on to find out why. 

Powdered makeup

If you carried powdered makeup in your travelling makeup bag, expect to be pulled aside for screening.

This is because most illegal substances are smuggled in powder form.

The new TSA powder rule states that any substance in powder form over 350ml is subject to further screening.

This includes makeup products like setting powders, finishing powders, blush, and eyeshadow pallets.

With this guide, you will pack your makeup bag with ease. 

So can you travel with your airbrush makeup?

Packing makeup should not be complex now that you are familiar with the TSA packing rules.

However, there might be a minor inconvenience.

TSA rules are only applicable in the USA. So if you are going out of the country, consult the internet for the particular country.

Although you are travelling into different states and airlines, you use the TSA rules. 

Detach the airbrush nozzle, air cylinder, and cup to pass the airport security check.

Also, remember to seal all your liquid makeup in a clear bag. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I carry my finishing powder on the plane?

Unless you are smuggling illegal substances, any powder product is allowed with a limit of 350ml.

Finishing powder is one of the powder products allowed in the plane. 

Can I carry perfume on the plane?

Although perfume is explosive, you can carry it on the plane if sealed in a clear zipper bag.

Even for the sake of humanity, some people are allergic to perfumes. 

Can I pack a setting spray on my makeup bag?

Setting spray is part of the essential makeup.

Therefore, you should follow the TSA liquid rule: liquid products should be contained in a 34ounces cylinder.

If the setting spray is flammable, it should be packed with other liquid makeup and sealed in a clear zipper bag.

 Can I be denied access if I carry my airbrush makeup kit?

The whole airbrush makeup kit is essential, especially if an airbrush makeup artist is flying for a venue makeup gig. 

Follow the TSA makeup packing rule to reduce the struggles and frustrations of being picked and pulled back for further flying screening.

What is the 311 rule?

The 3-1-1 TSA rule states that one must carry liquid products below 100ml and sealed in a transparent zipper bag.

All the liquid products should fit in a 1-litre bag.

An example of liquid products is mascara and airbrush foundation. 


Planning and packing for a vacation can be a dutiful experience, especially for makeup enthusiasts.

You want to look bomb on the beach. But the problem is that you can’t be allowed that 1-liter hair spray or perfume that you don’t want to leave behind. 

TSA created rules to help makeup enthusiasts or artists avoid being held back at the airport. 

If you are carrying your airbrush, make sure it is detached and sealed in a clear zipper bag.

Powder products like setting powders and eyeshadow pallets must be 350ml and below. 

You can also consult with the airline you use, about what they allow and don’t. 

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