Can I Color My Rebonded Hair After 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Months?

you can color your hair after rebonding, but you need to wait a certain amount of time. Ideally, you should wait at least 3-4 months before coloring rebonded hair with permanent dye. This allows enough time for the hair to recover from the intensive chemical processing of straightening.

Coloring too soon can lead to uneven color results or further damage. This article provides a detailed timeline on when it is safe to color-treated hair after a rebonding procedure. It covers coloring at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, and 5-6 months post-treatment.

The key is to choose gentle hair color formulations and allow the rebonded hair structure to stabilize first before altering it with permanent dye. With patience and the right products, you can successfully color-treated hair once enough time has passed.

Can I Color My Rebonded Hair After 1 Month?

It is not recommended to color your hair in the first month following a rebonding treatment. The chemicals used to straighten the hair are very harsh and will have already dried out and weakened the hair cuticle. Coloring on top of this damage so soon could penetrate unevenly leading to splotches of color, or cause significant breakage.

Ideally, you should wait at least 6-8 weeks before applying any chemical hair color. Let your rebonded hair fully settle and recover its strength. Temporary or semi-permanent options with less saturation are safer if you absolutely must color within the first month.

Can I Color My Rebonded Hair After 2 Months?

At the 2 month mark, your rebonding treatment will be better set and your hair cuticle not as severely damaged. You may safely use semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color with lower levels of peroxide at this stage. These options only coat the outside of the hair shaft, rather than penetrate and alter the inner structure.

However, permanently altering your hair color with an oxidative dye is still risky after only 8 weeks. The developing agents can be overly drying and abrasive on compromised hair. Exercise caution with permanent color and opt for gentler formulations. Always do a patch and strand test first.

Can I Color My Rebonded Hair After 3 Months?

Three months post-rebonding, your hair should be stable enough for most coloring processes. The harsh chemicals will have dissipated, making the hair shaft more receptive to color. Permanent dye can be used safely at this point as long as you choose options specially formulated for damaged or over processed hair.

Look for hair color brands that contain moisturizing oils and ceramides to nourish hair while coloring. Opt for low or no ammonia dyes to minimize stress on the hair cuticle. Volumes 20 or lower will deposit color gently. Doing a stand test first is advised.

Can I Color My Rebonded Hair After 4 Months?

At the 4 month mark, your rebonded hair should be healthy enough for any type of hair coloring process. The straightened hair structure will be set and better able to handle the penetration of permanent dye. You may safely color with higher volumes as well.

However, always opt for hair color brands designed for damaged or over processed hair. These will have additional fatty alcohols, silicones and proteins to condition hair while coloring. A stand test is prudent, but your hair should respond well to permanent color at this stage.

Can I Color My Rebonded Hair After 5-6 Months?

By months 5-6, your rebonded hair should be fully healed from the intensive chemical processing. At this point, you can confidently use any type of hair color – permanent, semi-permanent or temporary. The hair cuticle will be strong enough to withstand the saturation of permanent dyes.

You may also use higher volumes like 30 or 40 to achieve vibrant fashion shades. Opt for color brands with moisturizing and reparative properties. Doing a stand test is always wise. With the right formulations, you should be able to successfully color treated hair with minimal damage at this late stage.


In summary, it’s best to wait at least 3-4 months post rebonding before attempting permanent hair color. Use only semi-permanent or temporary options before that to be safe. But once enough time has passed for hair to recover, you can color freely with the right nourishing products. Always do a stand test beforehand and condition hair well for best results.

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