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It is not a good idea to use bar soap after a face scrub. If you really need it, try some organic soaps. Applying a toner and then a serum is recommended method to do after a face scrub.

Scrubbing your face from time to time is key to having clear, glowing skin. It exfoliates the skin while getting rid of dead skin.

Although exfoliating the skin is essential, your routines before and after the exfoliating matter.

For example, you will need to clean, moisturize and tone your face.

But is it okay to use soap, and when should you use soap if you are scrubbing your face? Soap is an essential cleaning agent.

But using it on your face is a BIG NO! Why, you ask? This article will give you simple tips for achieving the best results after scrubbing your face. Stick around. 

Can I use soap after scrubbing?

Can I use soap after scrubbing

Scrubbing your face can help eliminate all dead skin and give your skin freedom to breathe after a week of using products on your face.

However, scrubbing itself cannot work alone.

You will need to take more steps and use a few more products to achieve glowing skin. But is soap efficient?

You can use soap before scrubbing your face. But….

Soap cleans your face, which will reduce the energy you will use when scrubbing your face.

However, I would advise you not to use any soap on your face. 

Most soaps are made using a soaping agent known as a caustic soda.

If the soap is not left to cure for long, the caustic soda can irritate your skin.

In addition, caustic soda has a dehydrating agentUsing soap on your face can make your skin start cracking.

Luckily, there are quite a several organic soaps available in the market.

This soap contains ingredients that add more benefits to your skin.

Can I use face scrub before or after soap?

Can I use face scrub before or after soap

If you are using organic soaps, you can use both before and after scrubbing

Using soap before scrubbing will reduce the work the scrub will do.

This will make the results more appealing than the latter.

You can also use organic soap after scrubbing, but it is unnecessary. 

Most skincare routines follow unique procedures. This means you use what you feel is working for you.

For example, if soap before and after scrubbing works for you, go for it.

However, soap before scrubbing is ideal for providing a clean surface for your scrub. 

Should I use soap after scrubbing?

Should I use soap after scrubbing

Suppose you decide to use soap on your face after scrubbing is up to your preference.

However, if you do not have organic soap, I advise you not to use bar soap

Our skin face is compassionate.

After scrubbing, you can remove the products from your face using some wet wipes approved for your face.

You can then wash your face with warm water

Removing the scrub from your face is not the last step.

You will need to take more steps to ensure your skin is happy.

Below is the skincare I use for my face. And I can assure you I am so satisfied with my skin. 

What should I use after face scrub?

What should I use after face scrub

Everyone has their skincare routine.

Unfortunately, some products that work perfectly for me will not work well for you. Therefore, you will need to know what reacts with your skin to avoid it beforehand. 

Before I give you my simple skincare routine, I would advise you not to use products that dermatologists have not approved. 

I have two types of skincare routines.

One is the routine I follow every day to take care of my skin. The other practice I do is once every week. These routines each consist of organic products that are compatible with my skin. 

I only use face scrub only once a week. And it is after I have prepped my face. 

Step 1: Gather all the products and tools

Having a skincare routine on the weekend is my day to unwind.

I, therefore, want everything set and my mind organized when taking good care of my skin. 

Step 2: cleaning the face

I use an organic Shear butter turmeric soap to provide the scrub with a clean surface.

The skin acts as an exfoliator; however, it is not that efficient. 

You can use warm water and a soft cloth to clean your face if you do not have organic soap. 

Step 3: scrub my face

I scrub my face for about 5 minutes until I feel satisfied with the results.

Do not use a lot of products. A tiny amount goes far. 

Scrub the face until all the product you allied is used.

This will also reduce the struggle after cleaning. 

Step 4: Clean the products

Use a clean, soft microfiber cloth with warm water to remove the remaining face scrub on your face. You can use wet wipes that dermatologists approve.

Step 5: Apply a toner

Use a high-quality toner to get rid of uneven skin tone. A toner will also balance your skin PH, getting rid of the inflammation that might result from scrubbing. 

Step 6: Use a serum

Serums are antioxidants and provide your skin with vitamins needed for skin repair.

Step 6: Use an eye cream 

Eyes are mostly forgotten during a skincare routine.

However, applying a quality cream under your eyes removes the eye bags and the uneven color below the eyes. 

Step 7: Moisturize your skin

Whether you are scrubbing your face or not, it is advisable to moisturize your face every day.

Moisturizing ensures your skin is protected from drying agents while retaining its natural glow. 

Step 8: use a sunscreen

You can use sunscreen if you go out of the house after your skincare routine.

Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful Sunday, which might burn your skin. 

Can I use soap after body scrub?

You can use soap after scrubbing if you feel it will work for you. Besides, using bar soap on your body is not harmful at all.


Scrubbing your face is an essential routine and should be done at least once a week.

Even though scrubbing is effective, the practice you follow before and after scrubbing is as crucial as scrubbing. 

If you are using soap on your face, it would be better to use organic soap, preferably shear butter soap. Bar soap has some soaping agents that dry up your skin. 

To get the best results after scrubbing your face, follow the simple routine provided above in this article.

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