Can temporary hair color be used to obtain a lighter color? | Best Guide

Yes you can, But you cannot go lighter with ordinary temporary hair color.

If you are aching to change your look, the first thing that would come to your mind is hair color.

However, it can also be a scary step, even if you already have experience changing the color of your hair.

No matter how many simulations or wigs you try on, you can never truly know how the new color would look on you unless you actually get it done.

That said, you can always pick a temporary hair color during your experimental phase.

This way, you can always color it again if you like it.

And, if you do not like it, you would not have to live with it for a long time.

Can Temporary Hair Color Be Used To Obtain A Lighter Color?

A girl getting a hair color

It depends on what type of hair color you use and how you use it.

This is because this type of coloring does not contain any peroxide.

However, it can help you obtain a lighter color if you bleach your hair first.

That said, there are specific types of temporary hair color products, such as waxes, that would help you go a bolder version of light shades.

How Can I Use Semi-permanent Hair Dye To Get A Lighter Hair Color?

If you are a fan of instant results, semi-permanent hair dye is made for you.

Further, it can add texture to your hair while making it more vibrant.

However, people do not usually use them to lighten their hair.

Even when used on an existing shade of color, they generally make the hair darker.

That said, if you absolutely must use semi-permanent hair dye to make your hair a lighter color, you can take two routes:

Buy Products That Stick To Your Hair

To color your hair temporarily, you might think that you need to change the color of your hair.

But, you do not really need to do that.

You can buy products that do not actually go inside your hair.

Instead, they sit on your hair, coating them. So, in effect, the product is on the surface of your hair.

If you want to take this route, hair waxes and hair creams are your best bet.

They can help you achieve that beautiful, unique color you desire.

However, be sure to moisturize your hair first.

Also, do not start applying color before your hair completely dries.

Further, you should remember that many of these products transfer color to your skin and any surface that it touches.

So, you could perhaps wear an apron and try not to lean on walls or furniture.


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Bleach Your Hair First

The best way to go lighter with a semi-permanent hair dye is to bleach your hair first.

Also, it will ensure that you do not end up damaging your hair.

However, be sure to apply conditioner to your hair for a few days before you bleach it. This will make your hair stronger.

Further, if you have frizzy hair, you must use conditioner for at least one week.

Once you have bleached your hair, you can give your hair some time to recoup.

Then, you can go ahead and apply the semi-permanent color of your choice.

That said, you should remember that a semi-permanent color can act as a permanent color if you do it too often.

Moreover, it would be harder to wash out depending on the porosity of your hair.

If you only want subtle colors on your dark hair, you can use the dye without bleaching.

Can You Dilute Temporary Hair Color With Conditioner?

Applying conditioner

If you are not exactly happy with the shade of your temporary hair color, you might want to try making it a bit more subtle.

To do this, you can dilute your hair color with a conditioner.

All you have to do is mix one-third of a cup of your conditioner with a spoon of your hair color.

Be sure to stir it continuously to achieve the best results.

Also, you should only use a pale conditioner.

Otherwise, you can risk mixing ingredients that are not compatible with each other.

This can result in a mixture that does not work well.

And, you would have trouble dealing with it.

Can You Use A Developer With Temporary Hair Color?

Applying Temporary hair color

You should never add a developer to your temporary hair dye.

Adding a developer will not make your dye last longer.

On the contrary, the developer will damage hair color.

And, if you apply it to your hair, the resulting color would be uneven and patchy.

This is because your temporary hair dye will not hold on to your hair very well after you add a developer to it.


Hope you now know how to obtain a lighter color from your temporary hair dye.

That said, you should always be careful with the products you use so that you do not end up damaging your hair.

Further, before doing anything to your hair, you should first check if it is healthy enough to undergo the process.

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