Can We use hair serum before straightening?

You would be surprised to learn that some people cannot attain a straight hair without using heat or relaxers. Unfortunately, people who don’t take time to learn their natural hair, end up dealing with heat damage. 

Your hair might feel luxurious and beautiful for a few days. However, after a few times of using heat on your hair, the results are irreversible. 

Since we don’t want you to deal with this pain of heat damage on your beautiful hair, we have come baring some amazing NEWS.

If you still want to use heat on your hair, you better use some heat protection before hand. And with those remarks, can we use hair serum before straightening? Keep reading this guide to find out. 

Can We use hair serum before straightening?

Dealing with heat damage might be the most heartbreaking experience one can ever have to deal with. Although for some of use, heat might be the only option to achieve straight hair, we have to do it in a smart way. Heat protection products can do that job well. But can we use hair serum before straightening?

Among the most common benefits of using hair serum, heat protection is among the most notable benefits. 

But knowing the negative side effects associated with hair serum, is hair serum good for hair?

Provided you are using the hair in the right manner, there is no risk of damaging your hair. In fact, when using hair serum before straightening your hair, it will benefit your hair in so many ways. 

Advantages of using hair serum before straightening

One of the advantages of using hair serum is protecting your hair against conditions that might damage your hair. 

Since you will be planning to use heat on your hair, that is one of the conditions hair serum works towards providing protection. Other advantages include;

  1. Making your hair appear more shiny

Aside from reflecting light, hair serum will also absorb some heat making your hair appear smoother, soft, silky and even more shiny. 

  1. Prevents hair loss

Using heat on your hair might lead to hair damage and eventually hair loss. 

When you apply hair serum before using heat on your hair, you can be assured your hair will be protected against the heat which leads to hair loss. 

  1. Ensures your hair is not tangled or there are knots

If you have weak hair strands naturally, there is a likelihood that your hair tangle a lot. Having tangled hair might make the heat straightening a bit complicated. 

However, after applying hair serum on your hair before straightening, the strands are made more heavy in a way they cannot tangle with each other or form knots. 

In return, it will not take too long to straighten your hair. 

  1. Your hair will stay straight for a long time

When you apply hair serum on your hair before straightening, it will make the strands more strong. The weight added to the hair strands also makes the hair stay straight. 

Once you straighten your hair with the hair serum on, the strands will be protected from the environmental conditions that might cause hair shrinking. Your hair will remain straight for a longer time that when you straighten your hair without applying hair serum. 

How to use hair serum before straightening?

before straightening

If you your hair protected from heat that might damage your hair, you will need to apply hair serum the right way. 

One thing you should remember is before straightening, your hair is in its natural state, so you will need to choose a hair serum that is good for your hair type. 

After choosing the right hair serum for your hair type, you can then use this step-by-step guide to apply hair serum before straightening. 

Step 1: Wash your hair to remove the other products on your hair

Since you are using heat on your hair, you should work on clean hair. To do that, you will need to use a shampoo and a conditioner. 

  • Wet your hair using warm water before applying hair shampoo. 
  • Apply a generous amount of hair shampoo depending on the length and the density of your hair. 
  • Massage your shampooed hair for about five minutes or until you feel all the products are loose and your scalp doesn’t feel sticky. 
  • Once you are sure the hair is clean, run some Luke warm water through your hair to rinse off the shampoo. 
  • You can go in another round of shampooing if your hair is not clean. 

Once you are sure your hair is clean, you should apply a conditioner. Since hair shampoo is harsh to your hair, there are a big chance your hair will be shrink and also dry up too much. This is where the conditioner comes in. 

  • Apply a generous amount of hair conditioner. A hair conditioner will make your hair soft, moisturized, and easy to work with. 
  • Massage your hair for a few minutes to let the conditioner work on the hair. 
  • You can also let the conditioner to sit on your hair for a few minutes if you have a naturally dry hair. 
  • Massaging your scalp will also ensure that the blood circulation on your hair scalp is balanced. This ensures that new cycle of hair growth begins. 
  • Rinse off your hair with Luke warm running water. 

Step 2: Moisturize your hair

Once you are sure your hair is clean enough, you can apply a moisturizer on your hair. 

Although a hair serum will promise to moisturize your hair, it contains some other ingredients that might be drying to your hair. 

The moisture provided by the moisturizer will be enough to protect your hair against hair serum. 

When your hair moisturizer is moisturized, it remains healthy enough to keep growing. 

Step 3: Apply hair growth products

If you are dealing with damaged hair, or dry hair, you should go in with other products that aid in hair growth and rejuvenation. 

If you have a dry hair and scalp, you should apply hair creams or oils to endure your skin is rejuvenated. 

For those for are dealing with hair loss, you can use any hair product that has minoxidil in it. Minoxidil is a form of treatment that balances the hormones responsible for hair growth while also regulating blood circulation on the scalp. 

Step 4: Apply a hair serum

After applying all the products that will ensure your hair is healthy, you should begin the process of hair serum application. 

  • Part your hair into small sections to make application easier. 
  • Pour some hair serum on your palm and start rubbing your hands to melt the serum. 
  • Start applying hair from the mid length towards the end of your hair. 
  • Avoid using the hair serum from the scalp since the hair serum contains some harsh ingredients that might be irritating to your scalp. 
  • Using too much hair serum might also cause to much drying on your hair a thing we don’t want. 
  • Massage the hair serum lightly so that every part of your hair gets the serum without it getting to the scalp. 
  • Run a wide toothed comb through your hair to detangle and ensure your hair gets the serum. 

After applying hair serum on your hair, wash your hands with Luke warm water and soap. 

Step 5: Straighten your hair

Once you are sure the hair serum has created a protective layer on your hair strands, you can go ahead and use heat to straighten your hair. 

Use only small amount of heat. Too much heat will find a way to penetrate the hair strands.

Will the heat damage your hair if it has hair serum?

A hair serum will create a protective layer on your hair strands. This layer will be hard of the heat to penetrate unless you are using too much heat on your hair. 

Since silicone is one of the components of hair serum, it will absorb some heat making your hair appear more shiny and even extra straightened. 


Dealing with heat damage can be such a challenging experience. When your hair is suffering from heat damage, it starts to break and after a few occasions, you might find yourself dealing with hair loss. 

If you have to use heat or other chemicals to straighten your hair, you better be smart about it. A hair serum might be your ticket to heat protection. 

For a hair serum to protect your hair against heat damage, you will have to apply it in the way. This might include choosing the right hair serum for your hair type and also moisturizing your hair before using hair serum. 

If you want to learn how to use hair serum before straightening, read my guide above and consider subscribing to my page for more beauty hacks.


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