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Learning to get your intended look accurate can be such a hustle.

However, if you are having fun and end up looking good too, then you are doing things right.

One makeup routine that stresses people out is creating flawless eye makeup.

Most people neglect the part where you have to prep the eyes area ready for eye shadow routine.

The big question is can you apply your eyeshadow without using a concealer?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes it is possible to apply eyeshadow without applying a concealer.

However, if you want to have the most perfect eyeshadow look, then you should start the routine with a concealer.

In this guide, I will give you the process you should use to achieve the best eyeshadow look.

I will also give you a guide on how to select the best combination of concealer and eyeshadow depending on your skin type.

Don’t go anywhere.

Can you do eyeshadow without concealer?

It is very possible to apply eyeshadow without using a concealer.

If you do not like a heavy eyeshadow look, then you should skip the concealer step when doing your eye makeup.

However, to conceal the dark circles around your eyes and create a base of a protective layer between your eyeshadow and your eyes, you should use a concealer.

Why is a concealer necessary in eye makeup?

Depending on the eyeshadow you are using, some eyeshadows contain metallic particles which are harmful if they get a way to your eyes.

To prevent the eyeshadow particles from entering your eyes, you should have a base to hold the eyeshadow.

You should also add a finishing powder or spray to hold in the eyeshadow particles.

If you don’t know how to apply a concealer, this guide on how to apply a concealer will be of great help.

When applying a concealer on your eyes ready for eyeshadow application, ensure you are using the right concealer for the type of eyeshadow you are using.

Cream concealer and powder eyeshadow

There is no rule that say you should use a cream concealer when applying powder eyeshadow.

However, I tried this method once and I have never gone back.

You see, liquid concealer dries up faster that cream concealer.

So, when applied even in small bites around your eyes, you can apply another product so that it locks in together when the concealer is drying up.

Trying liquid concealer with an eyeshadow will create a crust since it dried up faster.

A combination of liquid concealer and powder eyeshadow will make your eye makeup crack.

If you want to get a perfect eyeshadow makeup look, incorporate this routine when applying eyeshadow;

  • After cleaning your face and doing your skin care routine, apply a primer on the eye lids. Do not use water-based primer if you have an oily skin. And, do not use silicone-based primer if you have dry skin.
  • Rub in the primer until it’s all blended with the skin. Take your concealer application wand, scoop a small bit of creamy concealer, and apply it on your eyes.
  • Use your fingers or a concealer brush to blend in the concealer.
  • Once the concealer is well blended, it will leave a moist surface.
  • Use an eyeshadow brush to apply the eyeshadow on your eyelids.
  • Do not use too much eyeshadow. Just a slight illusion on your eyes is enough.
  • You can go applying layers but using small amount of eyeshadow if you are creating an Ombre eyeshadow look.
  • You may decide to use other eye makeup like; eye liners, mascara, and lashes.

Using a cream concealer while applying a powder concealer will make you eye makeup last up to 10 hours without sweating or rubbing off.

Liquid concealer and cream eyeshadow

If you have a creamy eyeshadow, the you will need a concealer that is capable of creating a thin base.

Fortunately, liquid concealer can create a thin base for your eyeshadow.

  • Start by applying a water-based primer.
  • Use the concealer application wand to scoop just small amount of liquid concealer.
  • Apply the concealer on your eyelid and tap it until it is well blended.
  • Use the eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow on the lid depending on the type of look you are going for.
  • You can decide to use other eye makeup. You should however let the cream eyeshadow dry before touching it. This makeup is likely to last up to 10 hours without rubbing off.

Eyeshadow only

Eye shadow

If you are a minimalist but still want to look good, you can still apply eyeshadow but in a smart way to make your eye makeup last longer.

  • Start by moisturizing the area you want to apply eyeshadow.
  • Apply a water-based primer on your eyelid and wait for it to dry up.
  • Using an eyeshadow brush, scoop some eyeshadow and apply it in circles from the outer corner as you come to the inner corners of the eyes. You can use a darker shade or orange shade for the first layer. This will help create an illusion of a base.
  • Take another brush and choose another lighter color of eyeshadow than the first layer you applied. Scoop just small amount of concealer. You can use a paper towel to reduce the eyeshadow on the brush.
  • Apply the eyeshadow just somewhere closer to the center of the lid. Start moving the brush in circular motion as you move towards the inner corner of the eye.
  • You can use another color, preferably shiny or very bright eyeshadow to highlight the inner corner of the eyes.
  • You may continue with other eye makeup but the look created at this point is perfect.

Eyeshadow makeup should not be boring. You can try creating patterns with your eyeshadow palette.

Sometimes you might have a lot of fun doing your eye makeup only for the makeup to end up falling out. You can use a few hacks to make your eyeshadow last longer.

Tips to make your eyeshadow last longer

If you are afraid of your eyeshadow embarrassing you on your big day, you can use these hacks to make your eyeshadow last longer.

Use spot concealer

Spot concealer is where you apply some concealer on some specific parts of the eye lids.

For example, if the corner of your eyes and the top of the lids has some dark patches, you can apply concealer on those spots to hide imperfections.

Try the eyeshadow on first

If you are not sure if your eyeshadow of choice will stay for long, you can try applying the eyeshadow first on the eye lids without any other product.

If the eyeshadow is falling on your lashes, then that eyeshadow will not last longer.

Go for cream eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow will stick on your lids without even using another product.

When using a cream eyeshadow, don’t scoop too much.

Using a lot of eyeshadow will make you look like a clown.

Use a Primer as a base

A primer is a perfect base for when you don’t want to use a concealer or a foundation on your eyelids.

Simply put some primer on your hand and rub it in until it is incorporated in the skin then use an eyeshadow.

Set the eye makeup with a setting spray or a finish powder

After you apply your eyeshadow makeup, you can then use a translucent powder to bake the makeup.

Apply tiny bits of powder and allow it to settle for a few minutes.

The powder will create some effect but you can definitely see the color of eyeshadow you have applied.

Alternatively, you can use a setting spray to lock in the eye makeup.

Getting the perfect look when doing your eyeshadow makeup might be hard for a beginner.

But as times go by, you will achieve perfection.

Don’t give up yet.


There is no right way to apply eyeshadows.

Other people use concealer as a base while others prefer the natural makeup look and avoid using concealer.

The choice is actually personal.

However, if you want your eyeshadow makeup to look defined, then you should use a concealer.

For people who don’t like heavy makeup, you can still apply eyeshadow without using a concealer.

The guide above gives you a precise process you should follow and tips to follow when applying a foundation.

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I will be giving you life changing hacks to conquer the makeup world.

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