Can You Get Airbrush Makeup With Eyelash Extensions?| Need to know

Yes, You can get airbrush makeup with eyelash extension

So you just have heard eyelash extension?

Are you wondering if you can do airbrush makeup with eyelash extension?

The answer is yes.

You can always customize your makeup application. 

So, how do you go about using your airbrush gun when you have lashes?

Keep reading to find out. 

Can You Get Airbrush Makeup With Eyelash Extensions?

You already feel it’s possible to apply an airbrush when you have eyelash extension.

But you don’t know-how.

So this is how I wear my airbrush makeup when I have eyelash extension. 

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions

Best 5 eyeshadow to apply when your eyelashes are on

You can combine various formulas to get the best protective way of applying airbrush makeup.

Of all the other products, powder eyeshadow is the best option. 

Here are all our recommended options for you,

1. Powder eyeshadow

The most straightforward powder to use with an airbrush gun. Powder eyeshadow comes with glitters and simmers. Glitters on the powder eyeshadow pallet make your eyeshadow look bomb. Besides, it is easy to wipe the powder from your lashes.

2. Liquid eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadow is a bit more expensive than powder eyeshadows. The only issue is that you should only use a damp sponge for that dump look

3. Cream eyeshadow

Same as the powder eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow has some glitters. However, you cannot use an airbrush to apply cream eyeshadow. But they last longer. 

4. Pastel eyeshadow

This is the most straightforward yet customizable eyeshadow to apply. 

5. Pigment eyeshadow

This is the most advanced type of eyeshadow. There are a variety of pigment colors that you can customize to give you an overlay

    It would help if you chose powder eyeshadow over the other types because it’s the easiest to remove.

    Do not try using oil-based eyeshadows with eyelashes on. 

    A bristled tight brush

    The best type of brush is the answer to your eyeshadow application.

    A bristle brush reaches all corners of the eyelids.

    However, there is a slight possibility you will mess up your eyelash extension. 

    Control your brush

    Applying eyeshadow with eyelashes on is complex.

    Control of the regular brush or an airbrush depends on how you control your movements when applying eyeshadow. 

    Do not bring the makeup closer to the skin.

    For example, avoid using many products and move the airbrush in a circular motion. 

    Watch videos

    You can always find informative videos on the subject on the internet. 

    If you are uncomfortable doing your makeup, you can always go to your makeup artist.

    She should be able to work around your eyelash extension.

    How do I remove eyeshadow without damaging my eyelash extension?

    Remember that you will have to remove your entire makeup after slaying the day.

    Removing eyeshadow and full makeup is not difficult.

    However, there is a possibility you can damage your extension in the process. 

    Follow these easy tips to remove your eyeshadow and keep your eyelash extension intact. 

    1. Use an oil-free cleanser or wipes: oil-based cleansers and wipes are a big no when you have eyelash extensions. Oils act as a solvent. Therefore, it is the ideal natural lash extension remover. 
    2. Pat your eyeshadow without moving your hands in a right to left motion. 
    3. After getting all the products off your face, use an eyelash shampoo to clean your eyelashes.
    4. Moisturize your face. Moisturizing your face is a must if you love your skin. 

    Tip: Do not sleep with your makeup on.

    Clean your face gently to avoid damaging your skin and eyelashes.

    Always take your time when removing makeup to ensure your lashes extension stay beautiful and last longer.

    Do I use a primer if I have my eyelashes extension?

    A primer creates a smooth surface for your airbrush makeup to stick on.

    For example, if your eyelash extension is on, you can still use a primer on your face and eyelids.

    Your eyelash extension will remain intact and beautiful provided you use an oil-free primer,

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is it possible to apply airbrush makeup if I have eyelash extension?

    The answer is yes. You can easily do your makeup if you have an oily face and airbrush foundation that works for your face.

    Your makeup artist can cover your eyes and airbrush your foundation. 

    You can use regular brushes and work around your lashes when it comes to eyeshadow.

    How long does eyelash extension last? 

    Depending on how well you take care of them, eyelashes extension can last for up to 4 months.

    Avoid oil-based products near your eyelashes extension.

    Oil is a solvent and can remove your lashes. 

    What type of eyeshadow do I use if I have eyelashes extension?

    There are pretty several eyeshadows you can use on your eyes.

    However, use powdered eyeshadow as it does not contain any oil.

    Powdered eyeshadows come in solid colors and can be removed easily with a wipe or a cleanser. 

    Can I put eyelashes extension if I have an oily face?

    Don’t be unsatisfied with your skin type for have airbrush makeup and eyelashes. An oily face should not prevent you from having fun.

    You can still put eyelashes extension on provided you know the right products for your eyes.  

    Airbrush makeup is ideal for an oily face as it provides you with full coverage and lasts longer.

    So long as you cover your eyelashes extension, you can use an airbrush to apply flawless eyeshadow. 


    Applying airbrush makeup can be difficult when you have eyelashes extension.

    However, if you follow the guide I have given you, you will stop having a love-hate relationship with your eyelash extension.

    Use a powdered eyeshadow since it is the easiest to apply and remove.

    But do not use any oil-based product near your eyelashes extension. 

    You can always consult your beautician to find out how to care for your eyelashes extension. 

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