Can You Put Hair Color Wax on Dry or Wet Hair? | Quick Tips

Trying hair color wax for the first time? It is normal to have a lot of questions on your mind regarding this.

And one of the most common questions that people get while applying any new hair styling product is whether to apply it on wet hair or dry.

Because while many products like conditioners work better on wet hair, many other products like hair sprays are better to be applied on dry hair.

So, if you are here to look for the answer to whether to put hair color wax on dry hair or wet, you are at the right place.

In this article, we will share with you if you can put hair color wax on both dry and wet hair or if you need to apply it specifically on dry or wet hair. Take a look!

Can you put hair color wax on dry or wet hair?

Not only hair color wax but any hair wax should be applied on dry hair except for a few exceptions.

As you might already know that hair color wax is designed in such a way that it gets washed every time it comes into contact with water.

Hence, applying them on wet hair itself will not be a good idea because the color might not sit or cover the hair properly.

However, a few hair color waxes such as hair paint wax are preferred to be applied on wet hair rather than dry.

Thus, it kind of really depends on the type and brand of hair color wax you are using. 

Because while most hair color waxes are best applied on dry hair, there are many exceptions as well.

Can you put hair color wax on dry hair?

Yes, you can definitely put hair color wax on dry hair.

Because it will pop up the original color that will be showcased on your hair if it is applied to dry hair.

Hair color wax should be applied on completely dried hair unless your hair color wax mentions it in the package to apply it on wet hair.

But it is better to make sure that your hair is clean, combed, and styled.

Because once you apply the hair color wax, you will not be able to comb or style your hair.

Since if you try to do so, it will ruin the hair color style that you incorporated while coloring with the hair color wax along with the structure of your hair.

Moreover, it also depends on whether you have straight hair or curly hair.

If you have straight hair, it is better to put streaks of color with the hair color wax instead of coloring the entire hair volume.

Again, if you have curly hair, then you can easily color your entire hair with the hair color wax and can create ombres of different colors as well.


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Can you put hair color wax on wet hair?

If you are using a temporary hair color wax that is meant to wash out with the contact of water, applying it on wet hair that already contains water droplets would not be a good idea.

However, many people recommend applying hair wax on wet hair so that the hair remains stiff with minimal hair flyaways and holds a shape after it dries.

But this does not apply to hair color wax.

Because in this case, it is not only about whether you want to style your hair or want to keep it stiff.

It is more about the style or way you apply the color and the form and style you want it to look and set on your hair.

So, there is a good chance that after you apply the hair color wax on wet hair, it will change the way you applied it after it will dry and that might look like a disaster too.

However, some hair color waxes that are semi-temporary prefer using it on wet hair.

In such hair color waxes, it is usually written in the directions to use it on wet hair.

If the hair color wax you are using is one of them, then you should definitely apply it on wet hair as instructed.
How to apply hair color wax on wet hair

What if you put temporary hair color wax on wet hair?

As said before, putting temporary hair color wax that is usually washable on wet hair is a very bad idea.

Because firstly, it will partially wash out and accumulate on some areas of your hair that will not look good once it will dry.

Moreover, you will not be able to style your hair after your hair dries if you apply hair color wax while it is wet.

Because hair color wax keeps the hair a bit stiff it makes it hard to change the shape of the hair or style the hair after it is applied.

Also, when our hair is wet, it bears a different shape that completely changes when it gets dry.

Thus, you might end up with a very disappointing result once your hair dries after applying the hair color wax on wet hair.

It will not only hamper creating your desired style of hair color but will also ruin the shape of your hair after it dries.

Which is the best to put hair color wax: wet vs dry

For most hair color wax, applying it to dry hair is highly preferred.

However, it is dependent on what type and brand of hair color wax product you are using.

So, I would suggest you check the directions on the package of the product to figure out what is best for specifically the product you are using.

You can also go through tutorials on applying that particular product to know whether it is being used by others on wet hair or dry.

Final Words

I hope I was able to help you figure out whether to use your hair color wax on dry hair or wet.

Thanks for reading till the end!

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