Can you straighten your hair with hair color wax? Easy tips

So, you want to know whether you can straighten your hair with hair color wax.

Well, before going to the main topic, let me ask you a simple question- do you really know what this hair color wax actually is?

All right, I’m asking you this because if you know about its main purpose probably you will understand if you straighten your hair with this or not. 

Okay, let me help you. First of all, hair color wax is not a hair straightening tool rather it is just a temporary hair color product.

While dyeing your hair with wax color, also keeps the shape of your hair depending on the hair’s strength at the same time.

For this reason, many people think that by coating their hair with wax dye, they can straighten their hair.

Unfortunately, that’s a totally wrong concept! However, let me explain to you in detail by providing other related information.

Can you straighten your hair with hair color wax?

In short, the answer is a big no; you can’t straighten your hair with hair color wax.

This temporary wax dye is used to coat your hair strands with so many colors you desire.

So, you can shape your hair with more creativity and also can enhance the structure, shine, texture, and volume of your hair.

Besides, if you want full coverage on your straight as well as long hair, unfortunately, this hair dye wax is not for you.

It only can add a pop of excellent color to create streaks to your straight and long hair.

However, for your thick and curly hair, it is a perfect style product that defines your naturally curly hair.

And also, it can retain your curly hair length if you have locked your curled hair tightly. 

But, surprisingly, the thing is although this hair color wax can shape curly hair in a perfect way, it can’t straighten your curly hair. 

Yet, it also depends on your hair strength on how curly they are and if you really want to straighten them up you will then need a blow dryer as well as a combo.

And also, you will require a flat iron as a pre-style product to perfectly straighten your curvy and curly hair.

Does hair wax keep hair straight?

Well, it’s no secret that hair wax perfectly shapes your hair as you want along with coloring them. It’s an excellent hairstyle product that keeps one’s straight hair the straightest as well as curly hair the curliest. 

So, in that sense, you can expect that hair wax keeps hair straight although it can’t alter this hair structure permanently since it’s a temporary hair dye product.

However, if you have straight long hair, you should remember that it can’t deliver you full hair coverage.

Moreover, when you are going to style your straight hair, it can be not only stiff but also hard for you to style.

Creating streaks or coloring your bangs or small sections of your hair will be easier with this hair color wax.

Besides, you will feel your greasy and stiff long straight hair, if you apply this hair wax all over your head.

Besides, if you try to use this wax before you straighten your curly hair, honestly, it will be an extremely difficult task to straighten your hair.

Therefore, you’re strongly recommended to use this wax dye after straightening your curly hair.

How long does color wax stay in your hair?

As you know color wax is a temporary dye product, this color doesn’t stay in your hair for so long.

Like the other temporary color products, the color of the hair color wax will stay in your hair for at least 3-4 days until the next shampoo.

So, after coloring the hair with the hair color wax, you can have a pretty vibrant color for over 3 days minimum.

But over time, it will be flanking as well as chalky too.

And, you will experience your hair color transfer.

Moreover, the color will gradually disappear and come to an end after 1 week.

However, if you want to extend the life of this color wax on your hair, you should cover your hair while showering with a shower cap.

So, the water can’t wash this color away. Besides, you should also touch up this color lightly with your fingers, so the color doesn’t fade.

Well, another thing you should also know is that how long this color wax stays in your hair also depends on which color wax brand and which color you use.

So, it will be a wise decision if you choose the best brand of hair wax dye and also within the brand, the best color for toning accordingly.

Final verdict

So, in this article, I’ve provided much information to satisfy your curiosity about your quest topic- Can you straighten your hair with hair color wax? Hopefully, by now, you’ve found your answer.

Hair color wax is really super easy to apply and also works perfectly well on all types of hair textures.

Besides, compared to other hair dye products, the wax dye is a less damaging one. 

So, if you don’t want to damage your natural hair entirely in the process, consider this hair color wax as your hair-dyeing product.

However, remember not to try to use it to straighten your hair, rather use it to color as well as to shape your curly or straight hair.

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