Can you Use Airbrush Makeup without an Airbrush? |Important Tips

Yes, You can. Airbrush makeup has redefined the art of makeup application entirely.

The consistent coverage and how flawless the makeup looks will make you fall in love with airbrush makeup.

By the end of the article, you will be looking for your makeup bag for a life-changing moment. 

Can you Use Airbrush Makeup without an Airbrush? 

It is 100% possible to use the airbrush makeup without an airbrush.

Airbrush makeup is light and offers perfect coverage on different skin types. The foundation that comes with an airbrush is flowy. 

So you may be wondering why I bother using airbrush foundation, and I can use my regular foundation?

One big difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup is that airbrush makeup works well with oily skin.

When the liquid foundation is sprayed from the airbrush system, it settles on the skin in a misty form.

It locks in the moisture when it dries until you remove the makeup.

It is, however, different from the regular foundation.

A regular foundation is oily and pasty, making it ideal for dry skin.

You will also take a lot of time blending the makeup. 

Many people use regular makeup because they have no clue that you can use airbrush makeup without an airbrush.

I gathered some tips from a top airbrush makeup artist on applying airbrush makeup without an airbrush.

After trying them for the first time, I have never looked back. 

Different types of makeup in popular brands

Tips To Apply Airbrush Makeup without an Airbrush

  1. Prep your face for makeup.

There is always a straightforward routine you follow when applying makeup. This includes-

  • Washing your face with warm water
  • Using a cleanser
  • Moisturizing the face using a gentle moisturizer and 
  • Using a primer.

Skincare routine aims at relaxing and protecting your skin against any reactions to makeup.

When choosing a primer, make sure you use a water-based primer if you use a water-based foundation.

Do not use silicone-based products with water-based primers as they are not compatible. 

  1. Use a setting powder.
setting powder kit

A setting powder works a miracle for oily skin. It absorbs some excess oil and provides a smooth layer for your foundation.

  1. Apply some heat

When an airbrush is spraying the foundation on the skin, some little heat is produced. As a result, the makeup comes out as a misty form and blends evenly. 

Suppose you want to achieve the same without an airbrush warming the brushes.

Rub the brushes together to recreate the warmth.

You can also rub the foundation between your arms.

Remember to use a small amount of foundation.

  1. Mix Airbrush foundation with another product

The Airbrush foundation is light and sheer.

To achieve full coverage, you always keep adding more layers.

Since it is impossible to keep layering without an airbrush, you can add a small amount of regular foundation. 

A regular foundation is creamier, and when mixed with an airbrush, it creates the needed coverage. 

Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender
  1. Use a beauty blender.

Did you know that a beauty blender was created equivalent to an airbrush? A beauty blender taps the foundation until it blends completely with the skin. This is not the case when using regular brushes. A brush might drag the makeup to another spot when blending. The bristles might also be so soft and not function as an airbrush does. 

Wet the beauty blender with some water or a setting spray. A wet blender will blend the makeup into the skin smoothly. Use a small beauty blender for places hard to reach, like under the eyes.

  1. Use a finishing powder and a Setting spray.

After the makeup is dry enough, use a small amount of finishing powder.

A finishing powder will correct any imperfections made when applying foundation.

At the same time, the setting spray will lock in the makeup. 

Using airbrush makeup without an airbrush is not a common practice.

However, your makeup might last up to 10 hours without rubbing off or sweating off. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy airbrush makeup without buying an airbrush?

Yes, you can. Several brands do not produce airbrush systems but sell airbrush makeup.

Besides, when your airbrush foundation is finished, you don’t repurchase the whole system.

You buy airbrush products.

Does airbrush makeup apply without an airbrush last longer?

The reason why airbrush makeup lasts longer is not because of the airbrush gun; it is the process of layering the makeup.

You can achieve the same and make your makeup last up to 10hours. 

Is it necessary to use a setting powder?

Setting powder is necessary if you have oily skin and want to achieve a matte look.

Setting powder absorbs oil and makes the makeup last longer.

Does airbrush makeup react with the skin?

Most airbrush foundations are skin-friendly.

The only risk is when you use silicone-based products without using a primer.

Silicone-based products have an alcohol content that can dry the skin, causing it to crack. 

Before applying makeup, make sure you moisturize the skin and use the proper primer.


Now that you have learnt how to apply airbrush makeup without an airbrush, I hope you will be taking the steps needed.

Airbrush makeup is not expensive, so you have no excuse for wearing makeup that does not compliment your natural beauty.

Airbrush makeup feels light.

You will not be sweating off your airbrush makeup even if you apply it without an airbrush.

Make sure you use a beauty blender as it does the same work as an airbrush.

You can purchase airbrush makeup for a somewhat expensive cost from selected stores that collaborate with airbrush makeup brands.

You can also buy products from suppliers like Amazon.

Just make sure you buy an airbrush that is closer to your skin tone. 

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