Can you use Mofajang on wet hair? (Things You Should Not Miss)

Mofajang hair wax is a hair styling product that has been designed to give your hair the look of a professional.

It has been made with a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients that have been designed to give your hair hold without leaving it sticky.

This wax gives your hair a natural matte finish and it also works to control frizz, static, and hair volume. It also gives your hair a shiny finish.

With this soft texture cream, you may create and alter diverse styles with definitions for long or short hair.

This hair wax is not like your typical hair wax.

It looks and feels almost like a pomade, but most pomades do not hold as this does.

Before using this, you should get to know more about Mofajang.

Can you use Mofajang on Wet Hair?

Absolutely, you can use Mofajang hair wax as well.

But if you are going to apply the wax on your hair while they are wet and then style them, you could wait for a little while for them to dry.

This is because Mofajang works best on damp hair.

If you use the wax on your wet hair, you might find it too sticky or too much.

Also, you could feel that your hair is too stiff and dry after applying it.

In such situations, you should apply a little moisturizer to soften your hair a little bit.

In addition to softening your hair, the moisturizer will also strengthen it. That said, since everyone has different types of hair, each experience would be different.

How Long Does Mofajang Hair Wax Last?

Mofajang hair wax lasts until you wash your hair again because it rests on the surface of your hair rather than penetrating your cuticles like hair dye.

Even though this hair wax washes out easily, it does not transfer onto your skin or stain your clothes.

Keep in mind that touching up your color in the days after your initial application is not recommended.

The more hair wax you apply to your hair before washing it, the higher the likelihood of accumulation.

What Is The Best Way To Apply Mofajang Hair Wax?

If you are unsure of how to apply the mofajang hair wax, do not worry. You can have the following tips to ensure a smooth application process:

  • Apply a small amount of wax to your palm. A large amount of wax makes it difficult to apply on both hands. Further, you could risk transferring the wax onto your clothes or making a mess.
  • Warm the wax in your hands to make it easier to apply.
  • Rub the palm of your hands together to smoothen the surface of the wax.
  • Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth.
  • Apply the wax on the top, sides, and back of the head in order to make the hair look natural.
  • Work the wax thoroughly into the hair.
  • Apply more wax to keep the hair looking wet.
  • Avoid applying too much hair wax on one hand. Applying too much wax, on one hand, makes it less able to work in and distribute the wax.
  • Rub the palms of the hands over the head and then use the palms to work the hair, separating and twisting it with the fingers.
  • When the hair is the desired texture, comb it in the desired direction.


Mofajang is a hair wax that looks and feels like your own hair of its superior structure.

It is easy to blend, making it ideal for temporary hair changes and a quick fix for styling.

You can also blend the Mofajang Hair Wax with parts of your hair for a more natural look.

Hope you got some insight into using the wax for your hair to get a matte finish.

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