Can you use other airbrush makeup in Luminess?

It is not unusual for you to run out of makeup products or forget to buy them. For example, can you use any other foundation if you exhaust your Luminess airbrush foundation? These are some of the questions you might be asking yourself. 

Lucky for you, this article will explain what you can do in case something like that happens. We will also discuss what not to do for your airbrush gun’s safety.

Can you use other airbrush makeup in Luminess?

There is no adequate information on what you can do if your airbrush foundation is finished. Some people say you can use the regular foundation, while others insist you shouldn’t. We have done extensive research and trials on that matter and made some deductions.

The Luminess airbrush kit comes in a 5-in-1 foundation kit. You will only need 2-3 drops of foundation to achieve your coverage. Some situations might make you think of using another airbrush foundation like;

  • When you can’t find a foundation that suits your skin tone.
  • You might want to try another airbrush foundation that is not Luminess.
  • Your foundation might be finished, and you are in a hurry. 

We will discuss each of the above situations and offer guidance on what you can do.

What to do if you can’t find a Luminess foundation that suits your skin color

As stated above, Luminess comes with five airbrush foundations. The foundation is ideal for different skin colors. 

You may not like the coverage and the tone your Luminess airbrush foundation give. But that can be fixed.

  • Use a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin. Add 2-3 layers of the foundation until you have a consistent coverage. 
  • Use a foundation one shade darker than your skin as the finish layer. Then, you will have achieved enough coverage, and your makeup will be closer to your skin color.

If the foundation does not offer the coverage you need, you may opt for an airbrush foundation from another brand.

Here is our complete article on “How to select airbrush makeup for your skin type” for you to further reading.

What other foundation can you use in a Luminess airbrush?

Luminess airbrush gun accommodates other foundations so long as they are in liquid form. Airbrush sprays foundation on the skin in a misty form. Using a regular foundation will not work in an Luminess airbrush gun because of its thickness. 

You will find some brands produce more pigmented airbrush foundations. If you don’t want to go through the struggle of layering your foundation, you can use the more pigmented airbrush foundation in a Luminess airbrush gun. 

Make sure you clean the gun after use. A more pigmented airbrush foundation may clog the nozzle.

What to do if your Luminess airbrush foundation is finished

You might need to use your airbrush and find that the Luminess airbrush foundation is completed. Don’t get tempted to use the regular foundation on your airbrush gun. You might end up causing yourself some unforeseen frustrations.

Airbrush uses a particular type of foundation that is light and flowy. On the other hand, the regular foundation is thick and sticky. If the airbrush manages to spray the foundation, you will not get the consistency you need. The thick foundation will be disseminated in patches that will require a lot of time to blend. Regular foundation might also block your airbrush gun. 

In such a situation, you might do one of the following things.

  • It is possible to purchase Luminess airbrush foundation from any outlet selling Luminess products. However, if you live closer to one of the outlets, it might take you a few minutes. 
  • You can easily order it online from amazon using below section.

Luminess BREEZE DUO Airbrush Makeup System

  •  9-Piece Kit
  • Fine Line Treatment
  • Wrinkle Treatment

But for the sake of taking care of your airbrush gun, don’t risk using the wrong foundation.

  • Use another type of airbrush foundation. If you have another airbrush foundation from a different brand, it will work with the Luminess airbrush.
  • Customize your regular foundation. If either solution is not viable in your situation, you can make your own airbrush foundation.

DIY Airbrush Foundation

Airbrush foundations consist of pigments diluted in a liquid. The liquid used to cut the stains may either be water or silicone.

If you are want to make a water-based foundation, add water to your regular foundation. Do not use too much water, making the foundation too flowy. After mixing with water, stir until you achieve a consistent light paste. 

You can do the same using silicone to make a silicone-based foundation. 

When your DIY foundation is ready, prep your face for airbrush makeup application. First, put the liquid you just made in the airbrush cup. Then, spray in a circular motion and slightly from your face.

Give the foundation ample to dry before applying other makeup on top.

Cons of using DIY Airbrush Foundation

A DIY foundation can work in your airbrush. However, it is not advisable to do that frequently. 

  • The foundation might not have been appropriately mixed. As a result, it can give you inconsistent coverage.
  • Your airbrush tool might get clogged if the foundation did not mix well.
  • It is impossible to tell if the makeup will last longer, like when using Luminess airbrush foundation.
  • After mixing the foundation in water, the pigment might get too dilute, which in turn will cause harsh lines on your makeup. 

Only use the DIY airbrush foundation in case of an emergency. Then, you can contact the Luminess and consult how you can get the proper airbrush foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use regular airbrush makeup on a Luminess airbrush?

Traditional airbrush does not have a consistent flow. Therefore, it might block the nozzle.

Do local beauty suppliers sell Luminess makeup?

There are several outlets like Walmart that sell Luminess airbrush makeup. Avoid buying Luminess products from local shops to avoid buying illegitimate products.

How do I match my skin color with the proper foundation?

If you have difficulty matching a foundation to your skin color, consult with Luminess for assistance. You can also ask your local makeup artist which color perfectly suits you.

Before that, read our article “Airbrush makeup for my skin type” and try the things which have mentioned there.

Is Luminess airbrush foundation worth it?

Luminess airbrush makeup has been one of the best makeup brands for a long time. You get five foundations with the different color ranges and an airbrush system with advanced technology.


It is possible to DIY airbrush foundation when you are in urgent need. However, this is not a thing you should get used to. 

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