Can you wear airbrush makeup everyday?

Unlike decades ago where only affluent people or people with big events were wearing Airbrush makeup, it is very common for you to access a complete Airbrush makeup kit at an affordable price. 

Aside from the accessibility, guides teaching you how to apply Airbrush makeup are also all over the internet. With the ease of learning Airbrush makeup, can you apply Airbrush makeup everyday?

Keep reading this guide to learn if and why you can apply Airbrush makeup everyday. Let’s get started. 

Differences between Airbrush makeup and traditional makeup

Provided you are choosing the right type of Airbrush makeup and learning how to apply Airbrush makeup, you can use Airbrush makeup. There are some benefits to using Airbrush makeup everyday compared to Traditional makeup

Since you are well acquitted with traditional makeup, we will concentrate more on Airbrush makeup. 

Airbrush makeup has both some pros and cons. Your experience with Airbrush makeup is determined by the information you have on Airbrush makeup. 

If this is your first time hearing about Airbrush makeup, read my guide in Airbrush makeup facts to understand what you can do for Airbrush makeup to work for you. 

After learning the facts about Airbrush makeup and still skeptical about using it on your skin daily, don’t panic. 

Below are some benefits of using Airbrush makeup everyday. 

Benefits of Airbrush makeup


The reason why you can wear Airbrush makeup everyday compared to regular makeup, is for the fact that Airbrush makeup is made using lightweight ingredients. 

When wearing Airbrush makeup you won’t feel the weight of the makeup on your face. This means it is very hard for your makeup to sweat during the day. 


If you feel like the makeup being lightweight won’t give you enough coverage, you can keep applying layers on top of layers until you achieve the convert you are looking for. 

For most Airbrush makeup, you should apply 2-3 layers of makeup to attain full coverage. 

Less products for a flawless makeup look

Airbrush makeup is the most flawless makeup look you can ever achieve. To add to the awesomeness, you will only use less products to achieve full coverage. 

The amount of products you will use depends on the pigmentation of the Airbrush makeup.

Most Airbrush products that are highly pigmented are also heavy. Since Airbrush machine uses a special type of makeup that is in liquid form and light for the purpose of being sprayed, you can use Airbrush makeup to thin heavy makeup. 

Also due to the makeup being buildable, you can be assured the makeup will be flawless with less or no creases. 

Easy to apply

Apart from the initial stage where you are learning how to apply Airbrush makeup, once you have grasped the concept of Airbrush makeup you will not have a hard time. 

With all the products at your disposal, you can take up to 10 minutes to apply Airbrush makeup. 


Of all the makeup application methods, Airbrush makeup application is the safest. 

You don not need to touch your makeup during application as the products are sprayed in mist form. 

The makeup products are also sprayed using the gun. At no point will you find yourself touching the makeup products. 

Airbrush machine is also cleaned after every use. So, there is reduced chances of contamination. 

Last longer

Airbrush makeup being made in a lightweight liquid, the makeup is sprayed as mist form. 

Compared to cream makeup, mist makeup has high chances of sticking on your face longer. 

Also, there are some Airbrush makeup products that come in waterproof options. 

You can wear Airbrush makeup for 12 hours without needing to retouch. 

Mild ingredients

Airbrush makeup comes in options that are ideal for all skin types. 

All the makeup are made with very safe ingredients mostly oils. 

When buying Airbrush makeup, always check for hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic labels. 

If those labels are present, you can assured your face will not only look good, but it will also feel vibrant and healthy. 

Aside from the very spectacular benefits, Airbrush makeup still has some downside. 

This negatives are not very strong. Keep reading to find out of there is any cons of Airbrush makeup that is a deal breaker. 

Cons of Airbrush makeup

Cons of Airbrush makeup

Very expensive

Unlike regular makeup where you apply the makeup using brushes and sponges that are very cheap, you will need Airbrush machine that is quite expensive, Airbrush makeup products, and other tools necessary for Airbrush makeup application.

If you don’t know how to apply Airbrush makeup, you will need to hire an Airbrush makeup artist to do your makeup. 

Depending on your region, most MUAs will charge you up to $200 for Airbrush makeup application. That is too much money for daily makeup application. 

Too many problems

Since you are using a machine to apply makeup, there bound to be a number of issues. 

For starters, your machine might refuse to spray any makeup products. This might be due to your machine being defective or not using the right products. 

Sometimes this issues might spoil your makeup look. And no matter how careful you are, you won’t miss this problems. 

Scarcity of Airbrush makeup artists

You might have the capability to use Airbrush makeup daily. However, if you are dependent on makeup artist, it is hard to find a makeup artist that specialize with Airbrush makeup especially on less populated cities that has little going on. 

If you find the rare Airbrush makeup artist in your area, there is a high possibility they will be too expensive. 

Too much work

From finding the right Airbrush makeup, feeding each product on the Airbrush machine, and also spraying using very specific tactics, it might tiring to do Airbrush makeup. 

If you are turned off by the lots of work you will have to do to achieve Airbrush makeup, then this might not for you. 

Is Airbrush makeup bad for your skin if done daily?

Based on the benefits and the cons of Airbrush makeup, it is easy to say that Airbrush makeup is very safe. 

However, if you want to know if Airbrush makeup will be beneficial to your skin, you should buy the right type of Airbrush makeup

The most common types of Airbrush makeup include water-based, silicone-based, and mineral-based. 

  • You can use water-based Airbrush makeup if you have a sensitive or oily skin. This is because water being the main ingredient in the makeup, you cannot develop any reaction to the product. 

The only issue with water-based Airbrush makeup is that there are no beneficial ingredients incorporated in the makeup. 

  • If you want Airbrush makeup to last longer, you should pick siliconebased Airbrush makeup. Silicone is waterproof meaning; Rain, sweat, and tears will not spoil your makeup.

You cannot use siliconebased Airbrush makeup if you dry skin type. This is because silicone-based Airbrush makeup contains alcohol content. The alcohol will dry up your skin causing it to loose all it’s natural oils and end up cracking. 

  • Mineral-based Airbrush makeup is the most ideal makeup type for everyday use. Most of the ingredients used in this type of makeup are very mild and beneficial to your skin.

You will therefore achieve a flawless makeup look and your skin will be benefiting from the ingredients when you are wearing your makeup. 

If you choose mineral-based Airbrush makeup, there is no harm in wearing Airbrush makeup everyday. 

However, it is not advisable to apply makeup everyday. Your natural skin needs some times to breath. 

You should also wash your face everyday before retiring to bed. This is to ensure your skin breaths freely.

Washing your face at the end of the day using your evening skin care routine ensure no makeup buildup. 

So, can you wear Airbrush makeup everyday?

From the evidence on this guide, if you gave the means to use Airbrush makeup regularly, you can do so.

However, it is not practical to wear Airbrush makeup everyday considering how expensive it is. 

Airbrush makeup is worn mostly on special occasion. But if you are a glam girl and you don’t mind turning a few more heads, you are free to apply Airbrush makeup on a daily basis. 


Airbrush makeup application involves a lot of steps, rules, and learning. If you pass the beginner stage without a lot of issues, you can be assured to enjoy Airbrush makeup in a deeper level. 

With all this benefits that seem like gassing up the makeup application, can you wear Airbrush makeup everyday?

If you have the skills, money, and will to do Airbrush makeup everyday you definitely can. However, you need to be aware of what to expect with Airbrush makeup. 

The guide has all the facts you need to know about Airbrush makeup. Read it through and subscribe to this page for more beauty related content. 


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