Can You Wear Concealer Without Foundation?

There has always existed an acceptable way of doing makeup. For example, you cannot use a foundation without applying a primer or, you will need to apply a concealer before you apply eye shadow on your eyes.

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 Yes, you can use concealer without a foundation.

Here are the 10 tips from Onviw to have a flawless concealer makeup look without foundations.

1. Prep your face

2. Use a Primer

3. Use a foundation the same color as your undertones

4. Use a cream or a liquid concealer

5. Use a small amount of concealer

6. Use a high-quality concealer

7. Use a dampened beauty blender to blend in the concealer

8. Use a finishing powder to complete the look

9. Do your eye makeup

10. Don’t forget to wear your confidence

But, it is not the only correct way to do things; it depends on what look you are going for and what concealer you are using.

A foundation will help blend in your concealer creating a perfect layer of makeup.

Applying a concealer

But what will happen if you applied concealer without a foundation?

Depending on your expertise in the makeup field, you can apply concealer without a foundation. If you are planning to do so, you should come to follow the tips I will be giving you in this guide.

Can you wear concealer without foundation?

Apply Concealer using a brush

Yes, you can do that. Following the known steps when applying makeup will makeup your makeup look perfect.

This does not mean it is the right way to apply makeup, the steps you follow have been proven to work over a long time of trial and error and finally perfecting the craft.

What would happen if you do not use a foundation when applying concealer?

  • The first thing is nothing will happen. If you know the right techniques to apply concealer and make it look realistic.
  • However, if you apply you want to achieve a flawless makeup look, then you better use foundation.
  • Foundation works wonderfully when it comes to perfecting the makeup look.

Below are some things the foundation will achieve when combined with a concealer.

Why you should use a concealer with foundations?

Why you should use a concealer with foundations

1. Locks the concealer

Liquid concealer will melt after a few hours of application.

However, if you apply some foundation on top of the concealer, your concealer will be locked in.

You can use a small amount of foundation as a touch-up and blend it well with a dampened beauty blender.

2. It blends in with the concealer

If you are afraid of your makeup looking glossy after applying concealer, you can apply foundation and blend in to make it look a bit balanced.

For example, if you are using a stick concealer for contouring, you will need to use a foundation one shade lighter than your stick concealer.

Blend well using a beauty blender until you cannot touch the concealer anymore.

Using a foundation will also reduce the ashy look that can be present in some concealers.

If you are using spot concealer, adding a foundation will make your makeup look even since the spots will be hidden completely.

Even you use only concealer, your makeup does not have to appear ashy or oily or fade after a few hours.

You can conquer the perfect concealer makeup look without using a foundation by following the tips am going to give you below.

10 Tips to apply concealer without foundations

Concealer Shades
Concealer Shades should match with your skin for a better look

Applying concealer is not very hard. Besides, there is a complete guide that helps you learn “how to apply concealer“.

With the guides and a few hacks, you can achieve the perfect makeup look using concealer without using foundation.

1. Prep your face

If you have some skin imperfections, you do not have to leave all the work for the concealer.

Taking good care of your skin will improve the appearance of imperfections.

Use a gentle scrubber on your face for like three days a week and make sure your skin is always hydrated.

This will make your skin imperfections look a bit better and reduce the work of the concealer to hide the skin imperfections.

2. Use a Primer

Using a primer not only provides a perfect base for your concealer but also makes the blending of the concealer a little bit easier.

A primer will also provide a protective layer between your skin and the makeup in a way if your concealer contains some reactive agents, they will not come in contact with your skin.

Applying a concealer will also make your makeup last longer than when you do not use a primer.

3. Use a foundation the same color as your undertones

Wanting to use a concealer without a foundation is not the problem, the problem arises when you choose a concealer darker or lighter than your undertones.

If you have a problem picking a concealer for your color, use the many available concealer shade calculators to find a concealer than is closer to your skin tone.

Alternatively, you can ask your beautician the color of concealer that perfectly fits your skin tone.

If you are a beginner to test your undertone, follow our guide “How To Buy Concealer For The First Time: Beginner’s Guide”.

4. Use a cream or a liquid concealer

Cream and a liquid concealer are easy to blend in compared to a stick concealer.

So, if you want a minimum makeup look, choose a concealer that will easily blend to form a consistent layer.

If you are finding a concealer to cover your under-eye dark circles, Here is the guide to select a perfect match for you. “How To Choose Concealer Shade For Dark Circles?”

Make sure the concealer you are using at this point matches your skin undertones. Some concealers are too creamy and cannot blend in perfectly.

These concealers should only be used if the skin imperfections you are trying to hide are too visible.

5. Use a small amount of concealer

You do not need to use too much concealer to look beautiful.

Use a small amount of concealer and apply it on the most distinct spots on your face and start blending from there.

Once blended, the concealer will look one with your skin.

Some of the places you can apply the concealer are the inner corners of your eyes, the nose bridge, the chin, and the forehead.

6. Use a high-quality concealer

The high-quality concealer has some ingredients that will be helpful to your skin.

It is said that some concealers not only hide the skin imperfections, but you will also notice the imperfections fading after a few uses.

Invest in a concealer that is easy to blend, and does not have an ashy or oily look.

Most high-quality concealers are waterproof.

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7. Use a dampened beauty blender to blend in the concealer

If you want your concealer to last the whole day without rubbing off or sweating, you should use a damp beauty blender to blend in the concealer.

The wet blender will make the concealer a bit flowy. Tap in the concealer with the blender until it is all incorporated into the skin.

Read our A to Z guide about “How to apply concealer with a sponge” then try this blending method for an even concealer look.

8. Use a finishing powder to complete the look

Applying a finishing powder

A finishing powder will lock in the concealer especially when you are not using any other makeup product.

Simply put on some loose powder and let it settle for a few minutes to bake.

Once the makeup is baked enough, you can then use a fluffy brush to get rid of the excess powder.

Alternatively, you can use a setting spray to help lock in your makeup and make it last longer.

9. Do your eye makeup

Doing eye makeup will make people get drawn to your eyes and not concentrate on other parts of your face.

If you are going for a minimalist makeup look, you can use nude eye makeup to bring a natural but defined look.

10. Don’t forget to wear your confidence

Makeup will not change how you look and feel entirely.

At the end of the day, you will remove your makeup at the end of the day. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

Your skin imperfections should not hinder you from having a good day. Go out and slay the day.

The trending and dermatologist-recommended Skin Cycling methods can be followed to make your skin healthy and not allowing to be addicted to the same beauty products for a long period. Try this with your daily skincare routine.


Although it is known that you should apply a concealer together with a foundation if there are any changes you can learn how to apply a concealer without a foundation you should do it.

Using a foundation after using a concealer will lock in the concealer, and blend in the makeup.

However, using too many products on your face will lead to buildup which might end up causing skin breakouts.

The guide above will give you some important tips you can use to learn how to apply concealer and make it look perfect without the need to use other products like concealer.

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