How to fix cakey concealer? (Complete Guide)

How to fix cakey concealer

It might be hard to explain what cakey makeup look is. However if you see cakey concealer you will definitely know. A cakey concealer might be brought about by a number of reasons.  I have prepared a guide that explains some of the reasons why your concealer might look cakey and how to fix the … Read more

Is Maybelline concealer waterproof (Quick Guide)

Is Maybelline concealer waterproof

Maybelline has a wide range if concealers but a few are waterproof. When researching the market for waterproof concealers, you will realize that there are not so many brands that offer this type of concealer. Some other brands will label their concealers as waterproof, only to find out the concealer rub off the minute you … Read more

How do you cover a pimple with concealer?| Important Tips

How do you cover a pimple with concealer

Noticing a big pimple when you are about to dress for that special occasion can really mess around with someone’s self-esteem. Will people notice it? Can I just postpone and deal with this mess first? How do I deal with this faster? Fortunately, there is a solution to your pimple issue.  Having skin breakouts is … Read more

Best waterproof concealer for swimming |Ultimate Guide

Best waterproof concealer for swimming

You might be planning to spend every hour of your summer by the beach swimming and enjoying some long awaited hours in the sun. Your goal this summer might also be to participate in fitness activities that involve water. Either way you still need to look snatched. While most people will enjoy the beach without … Read more

Master Guide of Concealer

Master Guide of Concealer

There is no right way to apply makeup. But there is definitely a wrong technique for makeup application. Although we say makeup is personal, you don’t have to apply tones of makeup and the wrong shade. You will end up looking like a clown. Join me in this guide as I give you all the … Read more

Can I use waterproof concealer for oily skin?

Can I use waterproof concealer for oily skin

Quick Answer Yes, You can use waterproof concealer on your oily skin. Finding a concealer that last longer on oily skin can be such a big hustle. The sebum on your skin will always react with your makeup leaving you muddy looking makeup. Fortunately, waterproof concealer contains all the ingredients that are resistant to sebum … Read more

Guide to Waterproof Concealer

Guide to Waterproof Concealer

There is nothing discouraging like your concealer makeup sweating off even before the day ends. Imagine feeling the need to rush to the washroom to do a touch up on your wedding day. Luckily, I do not want you to experience such a thing. If you want to enjoy your day with your makeup intact, … Read more

How to use concealer brush?

How to use concealer brush

Have you ever gone to a makeup artist store and wondered why there are many makeup brushes? The thing is that, every single brush has its own specific use. There are brushes for foundation, eyeshadow, powder, and concealer each coming in multiple options.  While there are all these brushes, you should choose the right brush … Read more

How to apply concealer with a sponge?

How to apply concealer with a sponge

Even if you have the most expensive concealer in the market, how well you apply it will determine how flawless it will look.  For example, you don’t expect a concealer you are applying with your bare hands to look the same way a concealer applied with a brush or a sponge will look.  And because … Read more