How long does foundation last? |No matter

How long does foundation last

Using expired makeup products can cause you more harm than good. For example, liquid foundation expires after 2 years while cream foundations last only for 6 months. For that reason, always check the expiry date of makeup products before buying.  Aside from checking the expiry date, there are a few things you need to know. … Read more

Can concealer be used as foundation? | Quick Tips

Can concealer be used as foundation

If you want to achieve perfection and still use wear fewer products on your face, you can use concealer as a foundation. Concealer is the most versatile makeup product. You can use it for dark circles, to contour, rectify other makeup mistakes, and also conceal skin blemishes. So, if you have been using concealer one … Read more

Can You Wear Concealer Without Foundation?

Can You Wear Concealer Without Foundation

There has always existed an acceptable way of doing makeup. For example, you cannot use a foundation without applying a primer or, you will need to apply a concealer before you apply eye shadow on your eyes. Quick Answer  Yes, you can use concealer without a foundation. Here are the 10 tips from Onviw to … Read more