Do Airbrush Makeup Cover Freckles, Moles, and Dark Spots?

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Yes, Airbrush makeup can cover your all freckles, moles, and dark spots on your face easily. If your makeup artist is really talented to handle the airbrush gun, It is very simple.

Everyone wishes to look fabulous and glow when applying makeup.

But how do you manage to get a flawless makeup look if you have freckles, moles, and dark spots?

You see that Instagram model you always admire their pictures; they don’t have that flawless skin underneath the makeup.

Everyone has some texture to their skin. Dark spots and freckles are common too. Ask Meghan Mackle.

So what do they do to achieve a flawless makeup look? The solution is probably airbrush makeup.

If you want to learn more about airbrush makeup, keep reading this article.

Does airbrush makeup cover freckles?

Yes, You can do it with airbrush makeup using proper ways to cover dark spots

Do you usually apply makeup on your freckled face and feel cooked?

Are your freckles causing you to have low self-esteem?

And are you willing to try out new the new airbrush makeup technique?

And if so, does airbrush makeup cover freckles?

First of all, you are still beautiful with your freckles. As a freckled girl, I tend to see my freckles as the most unique.

Most of the time, your makeup artist will do their best to hide your freckles only to make you look unnatural in the end.

An airbrush gushes makeup products into your face evenly in a moist form.

Unlike traditional makeup methods, you will not use many products, which is why your makeup might be looking cakey.

As a person with dark freckles, I have been using airbrush makeup, and I can tell you I am more confident when taking bomb Instagram pictures.

Below are hacks I have been using to apply foundation using an airbrush.

You will always feel good in your element if you follow each step.

How do I make my foundation look good with Freckles?

Before you start, you need to know that an airbrush does not use everyday makeup.

Several sites sell legit airbrush foundations.

One thing, though, is that you should consult your beautician to help you choose the right shade.

The range of colors of the airbrush foundation is limited.

Therefore, you will need to get creative with your application.

Step 1: Do your Normal Skin Care Routine

By now, you should have a skincare routine.

Although you cannot get rid of freckles completely, adding breakouts and acne to the list of skin imperfections can be frustrating. Below is a general skincare routine for those who haven’t created one.

  • Wash your face with warm water. Avoid bar soap on your face as it may irritate your skin more.
  • Use a gel cleanser.
  • Apply moisturizer.

Take note of the type of foundation you are using since it affects the results.

Step 2: Use a  color corrector

Applying makeup on a freckled face without using a color corrector will give you an odd look.

Instead, choose a color corrector primer that complements your freckles.

For example, if your freckles are deep purple, a yellow-hued corrector is the most ideal for your face.

Do not use a silicone-based color corrector primer if you use a water-based foundation.

Silicone-based products are not compatible with water-based products.

Step 3: Foundation Application

You might be making a mistake using the regular everyday foundation on the airbrush gun.

This is because the airbrush gun uses a particular type of foundation lighter than the ordinary foundation.

Choose the right tone of foundation that matches your skin underneath the freckles.

Although this might be another problem as there is a limited range of airbrush foundations.

Use a lighter shade as the first makeup layer and layer it with a more dark foundation.

You can mix the foundation with a setting spray for a look that will last longer.

Use light sheer products if you want your freckles to show.

You can also mix the foundation with a moisturizer to make it sheerer.

Step 4: Use a Cream Blush

This step is optional but essential.

You can use a cream blush to give your makeup a naturally beautiful finish.

Does Airbrush Makeup Cover Moles?

Moles can be either beautiful beauty marks or bothersome frustrating skin imperfections.

If you have been experimenting with techniques to hide the blemish, airbrush makeup might be your solution.

So does airbrush makeup cover moles?

Depending on the size of the mole and the type of product you are using, Airbrush makeup provides enough coverage for smaller moles.

Does Airbrush Makeup Cover Dark Spots?

Yes, You can do it with airbrush makeup using proper ways to cover dark spots

Dark spots can be frustrating, especially when you can’t blend in makeup well.

You might have watched a video of someone using an airbrush to hide their imperfections, but you are unsure if it will work for you.

So does airbrush makeup cover dark spots?

Like any other skin imperfection, with enough products and expertise to use an airbrush gun for makeup application.

You can achieve a fine perfect finish even with dark spots

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I can’t find the proper airbrush foundation for my skin tone. Can I add my regular foundation with a moisturizer to make it light?

There is no wrong way of applying makeup. If you think you can pull that out, then go ahead. If you don’t mix the moisturizer with the foundation well, you might have harsh lines.

You can use two shades of airbrush foundations to achieve a tone closer to your skin.

2. My face has too many freckles. When I apply makeup, I end up looking odd. Is it wrong if I tell my MUA not to cover up my freckles?

Firstly thank you for being comfortable with your freckles.

Do not be afraid to tell your makeup artist how you want your makeup to look. A customer is always right, remember. Furthermore, a professional makeup artist should ask what look you want to achieve.

3. Will I look washed up if I airbrush foundation on my dark spots?

Depending on the amount of foundation you are using, you can achieve any look. The trick is to avoid too many products.

4. Can I use airbrush makeup for my mature face?

Absolutely yes. Airbrush makeup does not change your look. All it does is complement your natural beauty. Use a small amount of makeup to avoid a cakey makeup look.


Some of the skin imperfections are permanent.

But your skin imperfections do not make you ugly.

If your skin imperfections interfere with your confidence, try creating a bomb skincare routine.

You will learn to love your skin with time.

Use airbrush makeup when going for makeup to cover acne, dark spots, fleckles, or moles.

Airbrush uses a technology that allows you to control the amount of product reaching your face.

This technique is also hygienic as products do not come into contact with hands or makeup brushes.

Try using products that complement your skin and not the blemishes for your makeup to look good.

You can go for light coverage when you want to flaunt your skin imperfections but still look good.

Remove makeup before sleeping to avoid damaging your skin.

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