Does airbrush makeup look natural? (Wow!)

Of all makeup application methods I know, Airbrush is far much the best.

Provided you follow all the rules of Airbrush makeup, you will end up having a flawless natural makeup look.

You might have all the rules on your palm and you still find your Airbrush makeup looks cakey.

What might be the problem?

Join me in the guide as I give you all the probable reasons why your Airbrush makeup looks ridiculous and how to solve the issue. 

Reasons why my Airbrush makeup looks cakey and creasy

Airbrush makeup looks cakey and creasy

If you take enough time to learn Airbrush makeup application and all the tricks used, you will achieve the most flawless natural makeup look. 

However, transitioning from a beginners level to a point where your Airbrush makeup application is flawless, requires a lot of work. 

So, if you are in the beginners level, you will make mistakes that will cost your end look.

But, through every solution, you will be one step away from perfection. 

Here are some of the Airbrush makeup problems and issues that will make your Airbrush makeup creasy it cakey. 

1.Choosing the right Airbrush foundation and concealer

The main difference between regular makeup and Airbrush makeup is the consistency. 

An Airbrush uses special types of makeup products that are formulated in liquid form.

If a foundation is heavy what an Airbrush can accommodate, there is likelihood it will clog the Airbrush nozzle. 

Your Airbrush might allow the makeup to come through, but large chunks of foundation will be sitting on your face. 

Ensure you are buying an Airbrush foundation that has the right viscosity to be sprayed in a mist form. 

If you suspect your Airbrush foundation is heavy, you can buy an Airbrush makeup thinner. 

While on it, ensure the foundation and concealer you are choosing are for your skin type and tone. 

2.Prepping your face

Sometimes the reason why your makeup looks creasy or cakey is not because of the products used.

Applying Airbrush makeup on a dirty face will also contribute to the nature of the makeup. 

Prepping your face before Airbrush makeup application really help in making your makeup flawless. 

In order to remove the Accumulation of dead skin and makeup, you should start your skin care routine before makeup with a mild scrubber.

  • Wet your face with Lukewarm water. 
  • Apply the scrubber on your face and allow it to sit for about three minutes. 
  • Start massaging your face gently in circular motion. This will open up your pores and get rid of dirt buildup. 
  • Wipe the scrubber off your face and them use a mild cleanser to wash your face. 
  • After a cleanser, you can go in with a toner. A toner will not only balance your skin tone, some other ingredients used in a toner will sooth your skin. 
  • After toning you can apply a serum that has vitamin E and squalene in it. You want your skin looking youthful for long. 
  • If your skin tone is not balanced, you can apply a color corrector after toning. 
  • Go in with an oil-free moisturizer. A moisturizer will calm your skin while protecting your skin against harsh ingredients in the Airbrush makeup.

The moisturizer is the last part of skin care routine.

You can then go ahead and apply your Airbrush makeup.

However, you should prime your face.

A primer will create a smooth surface of Airbrush makeup ensuring your makeup last longer than usual. 

When priming your face, consider the type of Airbrush foundation you are using;

  • If you are using water-based foundation, you can apply a water-based primer. 
  • You can also use mineral-based primer if your Airbrush foundation is water-based or silicone-based. 
  • However, you cannot use water-based foundation with silicone-based primer. 

The two products are not compatible since silicone is waterproof. 

Once you have followed all the details provided above, you can be assured that your Airbrush makeup will look natural. 

3.Mistakes while assembling the Airbrush machine

Assembling the Airbrush machine

Some mistakes do not lie on the products or the application, sometimes you will make an error when using the brush. 

Below are some mistakes that might make your Airbrush makeup look cakey. 

  • If the nozzle has been expanded when fitting the needle: The needle might start producing double lines of makeup. 

This might be a big inconvenience since you will have to blend the makeup. 

Always check if the needle and the nozzle fit each other perfectly. 

  • Do not press the trigger too much: Pushing or pulling the trigger with a lot of pressure results to the gun producing large chunks of Airbrush makeup. 

Just a gentle pool will do it. Do not be in a hurry when doing Airbrush makeup. 

An Airbrush machine just like any other tool need to be cleaned.

As you know Airbrush makeup is in liquid form. 

One way or another, some products will dry up on the nozzle.

If your Airbrush is clogged, it will produce products with different density. 

Clean your Airbrush machine after every use and disassemble it for proper storage.

You can use this video to assemble the Airbrush machine properly. 

4.How you are applying the Airbrush makeup matters?

Applying the Airbrush makeup matters

If after choosing the best Airbrush makeup products, prepping your face, and assembling the Airbrush machine, and your Airbrush makeup is still cakey, then you should check if you are applying the makeup the right way. 

After prepping your face and apply a primer, you can then go ahead and apply your Airbrush makeup.

Step 1: Apply Airbrush Foundation 

  • The first product you will use is a foundation. 
  • Take a liquid Airbrush foundation that suits your skin type and tone. 
  • Pour about five drops of the foundation in the Airbrush machine feeding cup. 
  • Pull the trigger lightly to allow the foundation to mix with pressurized air. 

The air will atomize the foundation. 

  • Push the trigger and the Airbrush will release the makeup in mist form. 
  • Position the Airbrush machine a few inches away from your face and apply the foundation in strokes. 
  • The first layer might be a little light. You can achieve full coverage by adding 2 or 3 layers of the foundation. 

If the foundation application is successful, you can move to the next stage. You can use a dampened beauty blender to blend in your foundation in case if some imperfections. 

Step 2: Apply Airbrush concealer

One mistake that will definitely make your makeup look creasy or unnatural is using the wrong Airbrush concealer. 

Different parts of your face require different concealer shade. 

  • If you are applying concealer as a foundation, you need an Airbrush concealer that is the same shade as your skin tone. 

This shade finder tool will help you figure which shade is your skin tone . 

  • For dark circles under the eyes, go one or two shades darker than your skin tone. 
  • If you are using the concealer as a contour, take a concealer two shades darker than your foundation. 

Once you have pick the right concealer for different parts, you can start applying the concealer.

  • Start by putting the concealer the same shade as your skin tone in the Airbrush machine. 
  • Pull the trigger and release lightly to release some products. 
  • Move the Airbrush gun all over your face in strokes. The gun should be positioned a few inches away from your face. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the consistency of the full face Airbrush concealer, take the concealer for dark circles and feed in to the Airbrush. 
  • Start spraying the concealer on your eye area in a circular motion. Do not use too much products as it will look unnatural. 
  • Once you are sure all the dark circles are concealed, you can put the concealer two shades darker than your foundation and pour it in your Airbrush machine. 
  • Pull the trigger and start applying the concealer on your cheek bones, and your nose bridge and at the hair line. 
  • Apply only one layer to make it look realistic. 

You can use a dampened beauty blender to rectify any imperfections. 

Once you have applied the concealer, your makeup is almost done.

You will however need to highlight your face and give it a color. 

Step 3: Apply the rest of the makeup

If after Airbrush foundation and Airbrush Concealer your makeup is not creasy or cakey, you can go ahead and give your face color. 

This is through applying a blush, a highlighter, eye makeup, and lipstick. 

A blush will make your makeup look natural and give it that needed color. 

You should also apply a lipstick or a gloss that match your vibe. 

And the eye makeup is the highlight of the day.

You can use Airbrush eye makeup products to achieve the same flawless look throughout. 

You should then lock in your makeup using a waterproof setting spray.

This will make your makeup last longer.


Airbrush makeup is the most natural looking makeup.

This is provided you follow the right steps of Airbrush makeup application. 

The guide above contains all the information you need to achieve flawless natural looking Airbrush makeup.

Read it thoroughly and subscribe to this page for more beauty related content. 

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