Does Airbrush Makeup Rub Off? | Know it now

Planning or your more critical day?

Are you afraid that your makeup will mess with your white dress?

These are some of the worries people have when applying makeup.

Fortunately, airbrush makeup is the best solution to all your concerns.

But, so does airbrush makeup rub off? 

At no single point does airbrush makeup rub off and spoil your dress unless you do one of the things below.

Airbrush makeup was commonly used as film makeup before it was accessible to everyone else.

It was ideal for film because of its long-lasting effect and the fact it remains intact for an extended period. 

Brides also use airbrush makeup for their weddings.

Mistakes that make your airbrush makeup rub off

Rubbing off Airbrush makeup

1. You are using the wrong products

Quite a several combinations of makeup products can yield the worse makeup nightmare. 

  • Firstly, if you use a water-based airbrush foundation, you should either use mineral-based or silicone-based products if you want your makeup to last longer and look good. This is because these two foundations are water-resistant and weather-resistant.
  • If you are using a water-based primer when using a silicone-based foundation. Silicone is water-resistant. So if you use a water-based as a primer, the surface created cannot hold the silicone foundation. This causes slipping off of makeup and a cakey effect. 
  • Suppose you are using a regular foundation. Airbrush makeup uses a particular type of foundation which provides a dewy look. If you use the dense common foundation, it will not stick well on your face. The regular foundation also creates harsh lines of a look you don’t want for your wedding. 

2. You are using too much product

Airbrush makeup application requires only fewer products for enough coverage.

However, some will slip away if you use excess products, giving you a cakey look while spoiling your dress. 

Airbrush makeup is meant to give your face a natural look. 

3. You skipped your daily skincare routine 

Let’s be honest. If you do not take care of your skin every day, it will start cracking from dryness or breaking out. 

Once you apply airbrush makeup on such dry, damaged skin, it will not hold.

Instead, it will form harsh lines and even rub off when you touch them. 

To avoid this mistake, here is what you will do to prevent your makeup from rubbing off. 

  • Cleanse your face: using a skin-friendly cleanser will eliminate all the bacteria and allow your skin to breathe freely. In addition, most cleaners act as exfoliators. Your skin will therefore be free from dead skin. Therefore makeup will hold for long. 
  • Moisturize your face: moisturizing is one gospel I shall preach until it is understood. Applying airbrush makeup without moisturizing is a deadly mistake. Products like silicone-based foundations have an alcohol content that dries the skin. 

If your skin is dried, it cracks.

Therefore you don’t expect makeup to hold to dry skin.

But, again, frequent makeup application on dry skin will eventually damage your skin entirely. 

  • Choose the best primer: Depending on the foundation you are using, a primer provides a smooth surface for your makeup. 

When using a silicone-based foundation, avoid using a water-based primer.

They are not compatible.

However, you should avoid using a silicone-based primer even though you have done all the moisturizing and cleansing routine. 

Silicone-based products have a high percentage of alcohol that can damage your skin. 

Choose a less reactive primer for better results. 

4. You are not setting your makeup with either a powder or a setting spray

Your makeup is rubbing off because you did not set the makeup with a powder.

A powder locks your foundation, making it last longer. 

A powder locks foundation

It would help if you also used a skin-friendly setting spray.

A setting spray will wash off the excess residue before it locks the makeup.

The setting spray also dries the makeup to the required extent. 

If appropriately set, there will be fewer chances of your airbrush makeup rubbing off.

5. You did not give your makeup enough time to dry

If you notice some makeup stain on your white dress or top, the chances are that you wore your clothes before the makeup dried utterly.

Or you did apply airbrush makeup when you had already worn your clothes. 

Airbrush makeup sprays the makeup through a nozzle and is bound to overspray.

If you are already wearing your clothes, put on protective clothing to collect the overspray. 

Airbrush makeup takes 5-10 minutes to dry completely.

Therefore, it would be best to give it time to dry to avoid rubbing off. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary for my MUA to apply airbrush makeup on my chest and neck?

If your MUA uses a foundation that matches your skin tone, there is no need to airbrush your chest and neck.

For example, they might use a small product on your neck but not the chest.
Applying airbrush makeup to cover up skin spots

My wedding makeup trial was disappointing. What now? 

I am sorry to hear this.

First, you have enough time to look for another MUA.

You can go to google and read reviews of any makeup artist in your city.

Alternatively, you can ask people who have had weddings who did their makeup. 

Do I need to set my airbrush makeup?

Yes. It would help if you used a powder and setting spray on your airbrush makeup to prevent rub off. 

Can I combine traditional and airbrush makeup techniques?

Makeup like lipstick and eyeliners cannot be applied using an airbrush.

So you will use the traditional method if you are going for a complete makeup look. 


Airbrush makeup is expensive.

Therefore, it would be best if you did it the right way to prevent embarrassing moments like rubbing off. 

First, if you are not doing your makeup, find a legit makeup artist conversant with airbrush makeup

You should also choose the right type of products for your airbrush makeup and let the makeup dry well before starting to dress. 

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