Does Airbrush Makeup Sweat off? | Ultimate Guide

Does your makeup keep getting spoiled because you have a sweaty face?

There are genius ways of keeping your makeup intact.

However, today we will go into depth on airbrush makeup.

Does airbrush makeup sweat off? What have you been wrong? And so much more.

A sweaty and oily face can be a nuisance for makeup lovers.

The good news is that you can make your makeup for yourself.

Airbrush makeup is ideal for oily skin; it can work on a sweaty face. 

Read on to learn how to use airbrush makeup to control your sweaty disorder.

You will also get to know the mistakes you make if you have sweaty skin when applying airbrush makeup.

What makes Airbrush Makeup the Best Option for Your Sweaty Face

Nothing else works best for a sweaty face other than airbrush makeup.

Airbrush makeup gives a flawless makeup look so long as you do it right. Below are some advantages of using airbrush makeup on your sweaty face.

1. Airbrush makeup is water-resistant

There are three types of airbrush foundation formula. Apart from the water-based airbrush foundation, the other two are water-resistant.

Silicone-based airbrush foundation offers full coverage with little product. 

Do not use a water-based primer if you are using a silicone-based foundation.

They are not compatible therefore giving a cakey creasy look. 

2. Airbrush foundation is a filler

Airbrush foundation consists of 60 % silicone.

The silicone acts on the pores and creases by sealing them.

Sweat will therefore get blocked as long as you are wearing airbrush makeup. 

3. Airbrush makeup is light

Airbrush makeup offers light/sheer coverage, medium coverage, and full coverage.

If you are sweaty and get uncomfortable when wearing makeup, you should do two passes. You can also get more passes but not too much for full coverage. 

4. Airbrush makeup lasts longer

Compared to traditional makeup, airbrush makeup can withstand the waves of people brushing your face while passing and hugs.

This is an excellent advantage for you with a sweaty face.

Your sweat will not penetrate the makeup layer.

Your makeup will still look good and intact by the end of your wedding.

5. Airbrush foundation comes in custom colors

Not only can you enjoy not sweating the whole day, but you can also play around with colors.

Airbrush foundation comes in color ranges you can customize to have a bomb look. 

However, you should avoid foundation colors that are too dark or light than your natural skin tone.

6. Airbrush makeup looks good in pictures

You don’t have to wish the photo session comes faster.

You are guaranteed more than 10 hours of flawless looks with airbrush makeup.

You will get to the photo shoot session looking like a queen. 

With all these benefits of using the airbrush foundation, you might be making mistakes in making your makeup sweat off.

You might make these mistakes unconsciously, and I am here to help you change that.  

Common mistakes that are making your airbrush makeup sweat off

Makeup artists have enough training to deal with different skin types.

You will always see makeup done by professional artists stay intact for long.

If you are applying your airbrush makeup at home, you can make your makeup last longer by avoiding the following.

1. You are not using a primer

A primer provides a smooth surface for your makeup.

This should always be your first step when applying airbrush makeup if you have an oily face. 

Again you might be using the wrong type of primer.

Water-based primer might not be practical when using a silicone-based foundation.

These two products are incompatible, and your airbrush makeup might start sweating off immediately after application. 

2. You are not setting your makeup with a setting spray and powder

I have seen people assume that just because the setting powder is not applied using an airbrush, it should be ignored when applying makeup.

This is further from the truth. 

Setting powder allows your foundation to lock up while still correcting some imperfections.

Apart from the setting powder, use a setting spray on your makeup to make it last longer. 

You should, however, avoid alcohol-setting spray as it potentially dries up the makeup. 

3. You are using the wrong type of foundation 

Firstly do not use the dense regular foundation on an airbrush.

Secondly, the texture of the foundation you are using determines how long your makeup will last.

The sheer foundation is likely to last longer than the full coverage foundation.

Besides, the full coverage foundation may feel heavy and uncomfortable if you have an oily face. 

4. You add the powder to the makeup when it runs instead of using a paper towel

As a lady, you should have extra paper towels in your purse.

If you add the powder to the place with soiled makeup, there is a likelihood you will continue sweating.

This is because the powder does not block any pores. 

However, it would help if you used a paper towel to wipe your sweat off before retouching your makeup. 

In addition to the towels, make sure you have a tiny makeup kit for retouches.

You do not want to walk around with soiled makeup. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a water-based foundation on my oily face?

A water-based foundation is not a good fit for your skin. It is not water-resistant and can wear off any minute. 

Does airbrush makeup transfer?

Whether you hug people, cry, or sweat, airbrush makeup will remain intact. So you can dance for hours without spoiling your makeup. 

Is airbrush makeup smudge-proof?

Yes. Airbrush makeup is smudge-proof, water-resistant, and long-lasting. 

Can I use an airbrush thinner?

Add an airbrush thinner to the foundation to achieve a sheer/light coverage. Sheer coverage lasts longer than full coverage. 


Now that a technique that allows you to tool the whole day flawlessly is available, you are in luck. 

Follow the above tips while still avoiding those minor mistakes costing you your looks.

The silicone-based or mineral-based foundation works well for people with oily faces. 

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