Does airbrush makeup work on older skin?(Amazing)

Compared to traditional makeup, Airbrush makeup will definitely give a more natural-looking makeup for younger skin.

But does Airbrush makeup work on older skin? 

Absolutely yes. You can now relax if you are still unsure if Airbrush makeup will work for your mature skin.

Airbrush makeup will work perfectly on your mature skin, provided you follow all the steps provided in this guide. 

How does Airbrush makeup compare to Traditional makeup on older skin?

Perfectly on your older skin

Airbrush makeup will work perfectly on your older skin compared to traditional makeup.

You will, however, have to observe your skin sensitivity, thinning, wrinkles and lines. 

Aging comes with many changes, and we will have to embrace the changes. 

Traditional makeup will work perfectly on younger but mature skin, but not so much.

If you want to know why you should consider Airbrush makeup for your skin type, use these four aspects to decide. 

Wrinkles and lines

As natural as aging is, we have to move with the times.

But there is no harm in wanting to feel cute and younger sometimes. 

Since wrinkles and lines start appearing as we age, traditional makeup might not fit you. 

Traditional makeup comes in cream form.

When the makeup settles on your wrinkles, the makeup ends up looking ridiculous.

Unfortunately, no amount of blending can fix that. 

On the other hand, airbrush makeup will work perfectly on your wrinkles.

Since Airbrush makeup is sprayed in mist form, it will settle on the wrinkles and lines, leaving your makeup looking natural. 

Skin thinning and sensitivity 

If you have been taking good care of your skin, you might be lucky enough to have skin that is free from wrinkles and lines. 

Unfortunately, your skin will naturally become thinner and more sensitive compared to how it was 20 years ago. 

While traditional makeup will work for your thinned, mature skin, it will feel heavy and possibly clog your pores.

This will make you feel uncomfortable all day wearing makeup. 

Traditional makeup is also applied using brushes and sponges.

There is a possibility of getting infections in case the brushes are contaminated. 

On the other hand, airbrush makeup is very safe for sensitive skin.

There is no point during the Airbrush makeup application where you touch the makeup.

Airbrush makeup is also lightweight.

You won’t feel the weight of the makeup.

This makes Airbrush makeup ideal for your sensitive skin. 

Uneven pigment

To work with uneven skin tone, you will need makeup covering the pigments without looking ridiculous. 

Airbrush makeup is sprayed in a mist form and falls evenly on all parts of your skin.

You won’t need to struggle with brushes and sponges to hide the patches on your skin.

Traditional makeup will still conceal your patches.

However, you will put more work and time into perfecting the look. 

Dullness and loss of color

Your skin will lose color and its natural glow over time, which is very honest. 

Airbrush makeup will bring a balance of color to your face by applying liquid blush and a touch of sophisticated eye makeup if that is your thing. 

Traditional makeup will already look cakey if not well done well.

Adding blush or a tint on cakey makeup will not bring the attention we as queens are going for.

Although Airbrush makeup is perfect for mature skin, you must remember that your skin is different.

A few tips will make your makeup more natural. 

Will Airbrush makeup hide all the thin lines and wrinkles?

Will Airbrush makeup hide all the thin lines and wrinkles
Airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup will bring some color to your face.

However, it cannot hide all the wrinkles and lines that have appeared over the years. 

You will still feel cute and youngish after applying Airbrush makeup.

To slay the day, you can use the 7 tips below to Airbrush makeup on your mature skin. 

Seven tips for Airbrushing makeup on mature skin?

  1. Create a skincare routine

Having a skin routine for your mature skin will not only help you achieve a perfect makeup look, but it will also help keep your skin healthy. 

  • Start your skincare routine with a gentle cleanser free from sodium Lauryl sulfate. This will help keep your skin free from dehydration and damage. 
  • Instead of using a toner, you can go in with an exfoliator. An exfoliator will help replenish your older skin. 
  • After exfoliating, you can rub anti-aging serum on your skin. Vitamin C and vitamin A serum will work best on your mature skin. 
  • Moisturize your skin as much as possible, even if you are not applying makeup. 

Aging brings about less production of sebum by your skin. This will cause more skin drying and possible skin damage. 

When picking moisturizer for mature skin, ensure your moisturizer has water-binding humectants. Vaseline will also moisturize your skin perfectly. 

  • Never forget to use sunscreen daily.

Creating a skincare routine will reduce the chances of your skin developing wrinkles and fine lines. This Japanese skincare routine will help ease down the wrinkles and give you tight skin.
  1. Use powder before Airbrushing your makeup.

Instead of using tones of makeup to try and hide the fine lines on your skin, you can dust some setting powder on your face before applying foundation. 

The powder will settle on the lines giving your skin an even smooth surface for makeup application. 

Some of the blemishes will also be concealed by the powder. 

This brings me to the third tip. 

  1. Use Airbrush makeup that matches your skin tone.

Even if you can’t hide all the wrinkles with products, you can still achieve natural makeup look. 

Choose a foundation and concealer that matches your skin tone, and pick a blush that complements your skin. 

This foundation shade finder tool will help you get Airbrush makeup that matches your skin tone. 

  1. Use fewer products 

Airbrush makeup provides enough coverage and is buildable. 

Using too many products to hide your wrinkles will bring you the worst frustrations. You will have cakey makeup that starts to melt after a few hours. 

Instead, you can spray less amount of Airbrush makeup and keep layering until you achieve the coverage you need. 

  1. Use an eye cream and a primer.
Using an eye cream and a primer
Use an eye cream and a primer

The skin around your eyes is thin and becomes sensitive faster than the skin all over your face. Applying any eye makeup with proper preparation will make your skin inflamed. 

Eye cream and a primer will soothe the skin around your eyes and also create a protective layer before makeup application.

You can also avoid using regular eye makeup by Airbrushing liquid brows and eyeshadow. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to ensure your makeup last longer. 

Eye makeup will also bring some color to your face. 

  1. Bake your makeup

If you want your makeup to last longer, you should bake your makeup using a loose setting powder. 

Setting powder over makeup will eliminate any fine lines created during Airbrush makeup application and also give your makeup an even tone. 

  • Dab the tips of a soft fluffy concealer brush in s bottle of loose powder. 
  • Use the tips to apply the powder over the most defined points on your face, including the cheekbones. 
  • Let the powder bake the makeup for five minutes, then use the brush to remove the excess powder. 
  • Use the same brush to blend the makeup and ensure the powder makes no fine lines. 
  1. Airbrush liquid blush 

After finishing up your makeup, you should Airbrush some blush over the makeup. This not only gives your face some color. Blush also makes sure your makeup lasts longer. 

  • Apply blush strokes over the cheekbones, brows, corners of your eyes, and the bridge of your nose. 

Do not overdo the blush part. You might spoil your makeup look. 

You should finish up your makeup with a waterproof setting spray. 

How Long Does Airbrush makeup last? (add on old skin)

Your Airbrush makeup will last up to 16 hours if done correctly.

Before retiring to bed, ensure you wash off your makeup with a mild cleanser. 


Airbrush makeup is way better than traditional makeup for older skin.

From makeup application, the formula used to make the makeup and the nature of your skin will determine which makeup will work and which won’t. 

Luckily, Airbrush makeup passes all the tests needed for older skin.

Use the guide above to learn how to achieve the most flawless, natural-looking makeup. 

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