Does hair serum really work?

As the means of production, cost of production, and branding process become too accessible to anyone, there have been an increase in fraudulent. Some products promise that they work for the good of your hair only to end up damaging your hair. 

Since it is hard to know which product works and which product don’t work, does hair serum really work?

Hair serums promise to control frizz, adds shine to your hair, protect your hair from any environmental conditions that might damage your hair and so many more promises. But are the promises really legit? Keep reading this guide to find out. 

Does hair serum really work?

If you have done multiple research on hair serum, you will find out that it promises to control frizz, add shine to your hair, define natural curls, straighten your hair, and even protect your hair from conditions that might damage. But, is hair serum good for hair?

Hair serum is formulated using a lot of beneficial ingredients that aid in benefiting your hair in more than one way. 

Despite of hair serums being very beneficial, of you use hair serum the wrong way, or choose the wrong hair serum, you might encounter some serious side effects. 

Luckily, this side effects are avoidable if you make the right choice and apply the hair serum the right way. All this will be discussed in the guide. 

How does hair serum work?

If there is one hair product that is so versatile and offers so much benefits to your hair, it got to be hair serum. 

Hair serums are formulated with different ingredients each with a different role that aid the amazing work hair serum do.

The below graphic shows mostly used ingredients of hair serum production. Let’s look at what they do on your hair;

How does hair serum work
Ingredients of hair serum

1. Silicone

Silicone being the main ingredient in hair serum it has so much roles on your hair. 

  • For starters, silicone is waterproof and smudge proof. Once you apply hair serum on your hair, it creates a coating that protects your hair from any environmental factors like humidity and heat that might lead to hair frizz. 
  • The coating formed by silicone also adds some weight to your hair. This makes it easy to tame your hair and style your hair as you please. 
  • Aside from styling and protecting your hair, silicone reflects light. This is what makes your hair appear shiny when you apply hair serum. 

2. Hydrolyzed protein

Hydrolyzed protein is responsible for reducing static charge on your hair that might lead to flyaways and split ends. This ensures your hair looks good all day. 

3. Minoxidil

Although not all hair serums use minoxidil, minoxidil is a form of medication that regulates the blood flow around your hair cuticles resulting into the start of a new cycle of hair growth. 

4. Oils

Although not used in high percentage, oils are used in hair serums to ensure your hair is hydrated and protected against the harsh ingredients that might dry up your hair. 

Different types of oils used in hair serums might also acts as antioxidants. Some of this oils include; peppermint, tree tea oil, Argan oil, Ylang Ylang and many others. 

5. Peptides and amino acids

Hair serum main purpose is not only to protect your hair from damage, it also ensures your hair feels nourished and vibrant at all times. Peptides and amino acids are responsible for providing the essential nutrients for that purpose

6. Saw palmetto

Another ingredient that might be found in hair serum especially those that help in hair growth is saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is derived from a tree to create a medicine that regulates the potent that cause hair baldness. 

If you are looking for a hair serum for hair growth, you should buy a hair serum that has Saw palmetto as an ingredient. 

Another thing you should do is use this guide to choose the right hair serum for your hair type.

Does hair serum help hair growth?

Hair serum cannot enhance the growth of already broken hair. What it does is make the conditions that enhance hair growth favorable for growth of new hair strands. 

For example, of you have been suffering from hair thinning and have a hard time growing your hair back, some ingredients in the hair serum enhances the circulation of blood around your hair cuticles. This I turns enables the start of a new cycle of hair growth. 

Does hair serum help hair growth
How to hair serum help hair growth

You can also apply hair serum on your hair to protect your hair as you wait for the products that support hair growth to work on hair. 

Can hair serum enable hair growth after alopecia?

Unfortunately, Alopecia is a medical condition that results to loss of hair. There is nothing hair serum can do in it’s power to enable growth of hair if you suffer from Alopecia. 

You should however consult a specialist before using hair serum in such a case. 

How to use hair serum?

If you want hair serum to work for your hair type, you need to apply hair serum the right way. Otherwise, you might end up dealing with hair damage, hair loss and in worse cases irritating rashes. 

How to use hair serum
How to use hair serum

Below is a standard step-by-step process you can use to apply any type of hair serum for different purposes. 

  • Wet your hair with water to reduce the resistance between hair shampoo and your hair. 
  • Once your hair is wet enough, apply some generous amount of hair shampoo depending on the density of your hair or the amount of products you want to remove from you hair. 
  • Massage your hair gently for about five minutes to allow blood circulation and to make the other products on your hair loose and easy to wash off. 
  • Rinse off your hair under some running Luke warm water. Ensure no shampoo is remaining on your hair. 
  • You can go in with another touch of hair shampoo if your hair is not cleaned well. 
  • After rinsing off the shampoo, apply hair conditioner to make your hair soft and easy to work around when applying hair serum. 
  • Massage your conditioned hair for a few minutes then rinse off with running warm water. 
  • Moisturize your hair before applying hair serum. 
  • Part your hair into smaller sections to make hair serum application easy. 
  • Pour some hair serum on your palm then rub your hands together for a few minutes to melt the serum. 
  • Start applying hair serum from the mid length going towards your hair ends. 
  • Ensure the hair serum does not touch your hair to prevent some skin reaction from the harsh ingredients used in the hair serum. 
  • Massage your hair for a few minutes then run a wide toothed comb through your hair to ensure every part of your hair gets the serum. 
  • You can then go in with comb and style your hair as you please. 
  • Lastly, wash your hands to remove any remnant of hair serum that might have been stuck in your finger tips. 

Depending on what your intentions are for using hair serum, you will notice some changes on your hair outlook after a few months of use. 

Can I use hair serum on a daily basis?

Despite of how beneficial hair serum is, you cannot and should not apply hair serum on your hair daily. 

Some of the ingredients used in hair serum might be too harsh on your hair and your scalp which might end up stripping you hair it’s natural oils. When your hair is stripped off it’s natural oils, you might end up dealing with dry hair and eventually hair breakage. 

To ensure this does not happen, use the hair serum as advised by a hair professional. You should also ensure that you moisturize your hair before applying hair serum.


Hair serums are some of the most amazing hair products you can lay your hand on the  market. Aside from protecting your hair from conditions that might affect your hair in one way or another, they also add some goodness to your hair. 

You can use hair serum if you want to add shine to your hair, define your natural curls, straighten your hair and also make your hair strong. 

For hair serum to work as they promise, you should learn to use the hair serum the right way. If you don’t know how, read my guide above for some tips. You should also subscribe to my this page for more beauty hacks. 


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