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Yes, hairspray makes temporary tattoos last longer.

It does this by providing a protective layer over the tattoo, which adds to its durability.

So, for example, if the tattoo has a lifespan of five days, you can expect a couple more before it fades away.

Nevertheless, you should ensure that the tattoo is already dry, especially if it is a henna or airbrush tattoo, before applying the hairspray.

Do you want to learn more about hairsprays and temporary tattoos’ durability? Read on!

How Do You Make A Temporary Tattoo Last Longer with Hairspray?

Hairspray has been proven to increase the lifespan of a temporary tattoo, so why doesn’t this work for me?

Hairspray on a temporary tattoo has a process that ensures that it encourages a longer life of a temporary tattoo. 

Better still, there are different procedures for the different types of temporary tattoos.

The good news is that this article covers them all.

Let’s get on to this process;

Step 01: Clean the Skin Before Tattoo Application

The most basic step in increasing the lifespan of a temporary tattoo is to clean the skin before application.

First, shave the area if it has any hair, then exfoliate the skin.

Next, ensure that it is completely dry, and clean it with soapy water to enhance the dryness.

Finally, dry it with a dry towel or piece of cloth.

Step 02: Apply the Tattoo

Apply the temporary tattoo on the dry skin.

If it is an airbrush tattoo, go ahead with the creative design that you have in mind. 

However, remove the external foil and press the tattoo sheet on your skin if you want a press-on tattoo.

Press it on the skin to optimize the color and outlook of the design.

After a few minutes, remove the tattoo sheet, and the design will remain traced elegantly on your skin.

Step 03: Apply Baby Powder

Now, apply baby powder to the fresh tattoo on the skin.

The baby powder facilitates moisture absorption on the tattoo, leaving the tattoo completely dry and more durable.

Step 04: Spray the Tattoo with Hairspray

Finally, you can use hairspray on the tattoo to increase its longevity.

But even at this step, do not apply the hairspray at very close proximity.

This will bring hairspray wetness to the tattoo, working against the goal.

Therefore, you should spray at least 12cm away from the tattoo.

This process gives the tattoo a coating, which protects it against fading for some time.

How Hairspray Makes Temporary Hair Tattoos Last Longer?

You’ve seen those cute glitters on hair that look like hair tattoos? They are really hair tattoos, and hairspray plays a large role in ensuring that they last longer. Let’s skip to the how;

Step 01: Clean and Brush Your Hair

Basically, you should apply the tattoo on clean hair that is free from oils and dust. Then, brush the hair so that it is straight to allow the tattoo to stick better.

Step 02: Use Hairspray

Apply hairspray to the dry hair, which works to ensure that the tattoo sticks better.

Step 03: Apply the Tattoo on Your Hair

Now, apply the tattoo on the hair, and hold it there with your arm. After a few minutes, the design will have copied on your hair. So, remove the sheet slowly from your hair, and the design will remain engraved naturally on the hair.

Step 04: Spray the Hair with Water Spray

Then, apply water spray from a distance to the tattoo on the hair. You can finally allow your hair to dry for a maximum of half an hour.

How to Make a Sharpie Temporary Tattoo Last Longer with Hairspray?

Just as with the airbrush and press-on tattoos, ensuring that the temporary tattoo lasts longer starts with the application process. So, shall we get the show on the road?

Step 01: Draw the Sharpie Tattoo

First, draw the tattoo on your skin with a sharpie, directly and gently, so as not to mess up. Then, try a simple design, especially if you are doing the sharpie on yourself.

Second, allow the tattoo ink to dry so that you don’t mess with the design. It should take you less than a couple of minutes’ patience.

Step 02: Apply Baby Powder

Then, apply baby powder to suck up any remaining moisture on the tattoo. It will dry the tattoo completely, allowing it a longer life.

Step 03: Apply Hairspray

Lastly, you can use hairspray on the tattoo. Again, a distance of at least 12cm is necessary to ensure that the coating does not wet the tattoo.

When you are done, wipe the excess wetness that the spray causes on the surrounding skin.

How to Make a Sharpie Tattoo Last Longer Without Hairspray?

What if you just ran out of hairspray or didn’t use any at all? How do you ensure that the sharpie lasts long?

Essentially, ensure that you draw the sharpie, following the process above from steps one to two.

Then, in step three, replace the hairspray with petroleum jelly.

It coats the sharpie tattoo just as nicely as the hairspray.

And guess what? It will increase the lifespan of the tattoo just as well.

Does Vaseline Help Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?

Yes, it does. Actually, if you don’t have hairspray, you can use vaseline or any petroleum-based jelly to give the temporary tattoo a protective shield. 

Nevertheless, unlike the hairspray, you have to contact the tattoo directly when using vaseline.

Therefore, it would be best to use your fingers to gently apply the spray on the tattoo, concentrating on the ink. 

Once you are through, wipe off the excess vaseline that will obviously spill all around the tattoo.

And, there you have it. Unfortunately, the tattoo will last at least a day longer than it should.

In a Nutshell;

Does hairspray make temporary tattoos last longer?

Yes, it does. Hairspray is vital in ensuring that temporary tattoos last longer.

In addition to moisturizing the tattoo to prevent it from cracking, hairspray adds a protective coating to the tattoo. 

Therefore, water and other elements will not affect the tattoo more quicker.

You can then have your temporary tattoo giving you a full week’s service.

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