Does Luminess Airbrush Makeup Work?

If you ask around for the best airbrush makeup, Luminess will get a couple of top best. An airbrush with a wide range of coverage and easy application is what Luminess offers. So if you have doubts about or have never about Luminess before, this article will help clear some of your doubts. 

Read on to find out why Luminess is one of the best airbrush makeup in the market. 

Does Luminess Airbrush Makeup Work?

Perfectly done makeup is one of the gifts you can receive on your big day. That is what you get when you choose Luminess as your airbrush makeup. We will discuss what makes Luminess airbrush the best in this article. 

Luminess airbrush has transformed the beauty market largely. Few other brands offer products and services closer to Luminess. Luminess products and makeup kits are tested by a certified dermatologist. Other features that make Luminess a better option are discussed below.

Distinctive features

1. Tested by a dermatologists

Before anything in the Luminess airbrush makeup kit is approved for use is tested by a certified dermatologist. 

Luminess BREEZE DUO Airbrush Makeup System

  • 9-Piece
  • Long Lasting
  • Anti-Aging, Brightening

2. Wide range of coverage

Full Coverage makeup look with airbrush makeup

Luminess airbrush offers five ranges of coverage from sheer coverage to full coverage. Some of the other coverage offered by Luminess is;

  • Silk Foundation: This coverage offers medium coverage with a shiny look. Silk foundation suits all skin types.
  • Matte foundation: if have an oil skin matte foundation is your best option. Matte eliminates the shine.
  • Satin foundation: You would want to hydrate your skin when you have applied makeup. This foundation is suitable for dry skin.
  • Ultra: This foundation offers a matte and shiny finish. Your skin will enjoy hydration in the process.
  • Mystic: This foundation offers full coverage with an all-in-all foundation, primer, corrector, and concealer. You will get naturally radiant coverage. 

Choose an airbrush makeup foundation that complements your skin color. You only need about 2-3 drops of foundation to achieve full coverage with Luminess airbrush foundation.

3. Picture perfect look

The Luminess revolving airbrush compressor sprays foundation to your face in mist form. When the foundation dries up all the skin imperfections give you a flawless natural look. 

Luminess incorporates technology in the makeup to provide premium deals. All these properties of Luminess help achieve a flawless natural look. 

Availability and affordability are other things that make Luminess airbrush makeup legendary. There are quite a several Luminess stores all over including in Wart. You also get premium products worth every cent you spend buying Luminess products.

Luminess offer free workshops where professional airbrush makeup artist train clients on how to use airbrush makeup

If you are not achieving what you expected with Luminess airbrush, there is something you are doing wrong. 

Below are some of the tips you should follow when applying airbrush makeup. 

5 Tips of Using Luminess airbrush makeup

Luminess Airbrush Makeup

Applying airbrush makeup is an easy process that you can learn by watching this video by Luminess makeup professional. Some of the tips you will capture include.

Step 1: Prep your face for airbrush makeup

Before applying airbrush makeup make sure you do your usual skincare routine. 

If you apply airbrush makeup without moisturizing your face your makeup will crack.

Step 2: Use a primer and Luminess setting powder

Setting Powder from Luminess

Before airbrushing the foundation on your face, make sure you use the right type of primer. Do not use a water-based primer if you are considering using a silicone-based foundation. 

There was a certain TikTok challenge of using setting powder before applying foundation that went viral. In those videos, you could see a huge difference in the finished look. 

Use a Luminess setting powder to layer the foundation. This technique ensures the makeup lasts longer.

Step 3: Use less Luminess airbrush foundation

Use less foundation for airbrush makeup

Achieving a flawless makeup look does not require a lot of foundation. Luminess foundation offers a full and wide range of foundation coverage. 2 drops of the foundation are enough to transform you from a basic to a baddie. You should have practices about how to use airbrush gun properly.

Apply the airbrush foundation in a circular motion and a distance from your face. This prevents too much product from falling on one spot. 

Step 4: Research about your skin type

Applying the wrong type of foundation to your skin is one of the mistakes people do. If you have dry skin, using a silicone-based foundation will dry your face more. 

You should also set your makeup with setting powder before applying foundation. Setting foundation absorbs some of the oil. It also offers a layer between the foundation and the skin. Setting powder also makes sure your makeup lasts longer.

Step 5: Go to a certified airbrush makeup artist

Your makeup might be flawed because you went to the wrong makeup artist. Before getting Luminess airbrush makeup, as the makeup artist to show you’re their recent work.

You can also book a trial with your MUA before your big day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Luminess good for old skin?

Luminess foundation offers a five range of coverage. You will find a foundation that suits your face. 

The revolver airbrush is easy to use the liquid foundation is sprayed in a misty form from the revolver airbrush nozzle. When the foundation dries, all the creases and wrinkles are covered.

How long does it take for Luminess airbrush makeup to dry?

After airbrush foundation application, wait 4-5 minutes before using a finishing powder or blush. 

Is Luminess airbrush makeup worthy? 

With all the distinctive features Luminess has, you will be receiving one of the premium makeup experiences. 

Is Luminess airbrush makeup good for dry skin?

As long you hydrate your skin before applying makeup, you can apply Luminess airbrush makeup. 

Do not use silicone-based products on dry skin. The alcohol content on silicone products will dry your skin more.


If you have been doubting Luminess airbrush makeup, I hope this article has eliminated some of the doubt. 

Ensure you consult a dermatologist before applying airbrush makeup. 

Luminess airbrush gun has advanced technology. Therefore you can control the amount of product coming from the nozzle. Use 2-3 drops of foundation to avoid your makeup looking cakey.

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