Does temporary hair spray color wash out of clothes?

Are you looking to use temporary hair spray colour but worried about the staining in your clothes?  

I’m also using temporary hair colour and experience some stains also in my clothes. So, I have tried some tricks to get rid of them.  

So, in this blog post, I think to share these tips with you. No more wasting time let’s start.

Does temporary hair color spray stain clothes?  

Does temporary hair color spray stain clothes

Yes, of course, this temporary hair spray color can stain your clothes and sometimes it is difficult to remove those stains.  

Because your clothes come into direct contact with the hair spray and are stained very easily. By the way, you can use precautions to avoid those stains in your fabrics. 

This hair spray colour contains several kinds of dyes and pigments that can transfer into your clothing.  

These dyes and pigments can bind to the fibers in garments and if you are unable to remove those immediately, they can hardly adhere to the clothes.  

For example, cotton, linen, wool and silk like more absorbent and porous fabrics are highly prone to these stains. Because of the higher absorbance of the pigments and dyes from hair color sprays.  

Does temporary hair color spray wash out of clothes? 

The removability of the temporary hair color spray relies on clothing material, the type of hair color spray, the color of your clothing and how fast you wash out the stain.  

If you take the right action at the right time, it is possible to wash out stains in your clothes. But we can’t be 100 % sure of the complete removal of the hair color spray stains in your clothes.  

1. Clothing Material  

Some kinds of fabrics are more absorbent and porous therefore this clothing is more prone to temporary hair colour spray  stains.  

Such as cotton and linen-like materials highly penetrate the color and pigments of their fibers. And they are more prone to stains therefore stain removal process is difficult in these clothing materials.  

But in contrast, nylon and polyester like synthetic clothing materials  are less susceptible and highly resistant to stains in clothes. You  can easily clean the stain on this kind of clothing.  

Furthermore, the weave and texture of the clothing materials also affect the stain-cleaning process.  

Such smooth and delicate materials like silk, cashmere, satin and chiffon are highly absorbent hair spray colors and frequently cause stains. 

2. Color of the garment  

You should know light-coloured apparel are more prone to stains than dark colour clothes.  

For example, white colour clothes mostly highlight the stains more than black coloured clothes.  

Because those darker colours hide the stains more easily.  

You can use gentle stain removal methods for light-coloured clothes such as gentle rubbing, rinsing with cold water and gentle detergent.  

The most important thing is you need to consider the color of the fabric before stain removal to ensure the completely remove of stains. 

3. Type of temporary hair color spray  

Type of temporary hair color spray

Some kinds of hair spray colors are more persistent and complex to remove than other hair sprays.  

Because some hair color spray contains oils, waxes, or highly bonded pigments and dyes. 

 Furthermore green, blue or red like bright and highly- pigmented colors are more complex to remove from clothes.  

4. Length of exposure  

As you know from your experience if hair color spray last longer time in your clothes it may be hard to remove.  

For example, if by mistake spray hair spray in your fabric and you need to quickly rinse it out with cold water.  

Otherwise, after one day or two days, you are unable to rinse out the stains because they are hardly bound to your clothes.  

Therefore, you must immediately wash out the clothes for easy removal.  

5. Treatment method  

You should need to choose the proper treatment method to remove the stains otherwise wrong treatment worsens the stains. 

For example, if you use hot water to remove hair spray stains that will hardly bind stains into fabric.  

And it may be more complex to rinse off. Furthermore, bleach or any other harsh chemical apply to your dark-coloured fabrics that cause fade or damage. 

Because of that choose treatment according to the fabric nature and severity of the stain.  

The most important thing is the prevention of stains occurrence in your clothes. 

How to remove temporary hair spray from clothes?   

How to remove temporary hair spray from clothes

I hope to give you a brief overview which kind of the methods I have tried myself to remove the hair spray stains on my clothes.   

1. Cold water soak  

First of all, you need to blot the stain using a clean and dry piece of cloth or paper towel to get rid of extra hair spray.  

Next, steep the cloth in a cold water bath for a minimum of 30 minutes.  

Some stains may be difficult to rinse at that time you can add laundry detergent or stain remover to the cold water.  

After soaking, softly scrub the garment together to support and slacken the stain. The further stain will appear you can repeat the process or try another method.  

2. Vinegar  

First, remove excess hair spray in your cloth to blot the stain. After that mix the same portions of vinegar and water into the bowl. 

Next, soak the clothes into that mixture and keep them for a minimum of 30 minutes. Next, you should gently rub the garment to rinse off the stain.  

3. Baking Soda paste 

First, remove excess hair color spray spread in your garment to reduce further stains.  

Next, make a paste by mixing equal portions of baking soda and water.  

Then smear the paste into the stains in your garment and let it keep for a minimum of 30 minutes.  

Now you should softly scrub the stained area using a brush or any aid and wash it out with cold water.  

4. Rubbing Alcohol  

First, blot the stain with the cloth to get rid of extra hair spray in your garments.  

Then apply a suitable amount of rubbing alcohol into the blemished area and let it keep for a couple of minutes.   

After that gently rub the area with a brush or any aid and wash it out with cold water.  

5. Laundry pre-treatment  

First of all, blot the stain with the cloth to get rid of extra hair color spray.  

Now you should apply laundry pre-treatment product to the blemish area and adhere to the instructions given by the company.  

After that, keep it for up to 30 minutes for better removal of the stain. 

Finally, wash out your fabric using cold water and laundry detergent which is suitable for your clothing material. 

Tips to prevent staining temporary hair color spray on clothes

Tips to prevent staining temporary hair color spray on clothes

You can follow up on the tips mentioned to avoid hair color staining in your clothes. 

  1. You can wear protective clothing such as an old T-shirt or any other suitable garment over your clothes when you apply the hair color spray.  
  1. Otherwise, you can cover up your clothes using a towel or apron when spraying hair color to prevent over-spraying. 
  1. You should carefully apply the hair spray to your hair by holding the spray away a few inches from your head.  
  1. You should keep it in mind to prevent touching your hair while spraying to protect your clothes from stains. Moreover, you can keep a couple of minutes to dry the hair color to prevent stains.  
  1. Otherwise, you can use a hairspray sealant above the hair color to avoid the transfer of the hair color onto your garments.   


Temporary hair colour sprayers are a trending way to change your hairstyle with the latest fashions.

You can gather more knowledge through this blog post on what factors affect hair color stains, how they can remove and how to prevent hair color stains in your fabrics. 

But don’t forget to follow up on preventive actions to avoid stains in your garments.

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