Does ULTA do Airbrush Makeup? | Know the truth

ULTA Beauty has been changing the lives of makeup lovers since way before 2000.

Their goal to provide their customers with the most satisfactory services has made ULTA one of the top cosmetics providers in the USA and globally. 

ULTA has a wide range of makeup products such as brushes, foundations, lashes, and so forth. But does this beauty provider offer an airbrush? 

This article will look into what makes ULTA succeed in the beauty world and what to expect as a customer. 

Does ULTA do Airbrush Makeup?

Poorly done Makeup is a vibe killer, especially during your photo shoot.

You don’t want to look like a clown out of it movie.

ULTA Beauty has some of the unique airbrushes in the market.

This might not help you if you don’t have a makeup artist in mind.

So do ULTA do airbrush makeup? Stick around and find out.

Having ULTA do your Makeup

Now that you know that ULTA has airbrush makeup, there is something else you might not know.

ULTA offers a makeup service. What I mean is that you can book an appointment for an airbrush makeup session with ULTA.

You get assigned an artist who is conversant with an airbrush.

But are they good at airbrush makeup?

ULTA does not only have the best airbrushes for every use, but they offer beauty services like airbrush makeup, lashes extension, and hairdo.

Various ULTA beauty shops with MAC sections provide all the beauty services featuring the best in the industry. 

If you ever find yourself pressed for an airbrush makeup artist, visit one ULTA beauty store and get your glam on.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment through the ULTA app or the website. 

Reasons to get Makeup done by ULTA

ULTA Makeup

Being in the market for years, ULTA has mastered the art of providing premium services to satisfy its loyal customers.

Since ULTA sells airbrushes, they have gone the extra step of applying airbrush makeup at their stores country-wide except for the store at Target.

Below are some of the reasons you should get your Makeup done by ULTA. 

1. Ease of Booking an Appointment

Appointment from ULTA

Struggling to get an operator on call is very annoying, especially for those with a tight schedule. 

  • When you call ULTA, you immediately connect to an available customer service provider.
  • The ULTA website is always working if you find the call line so busy. You will get an automated message thanking you for trusting ULTA. Notifications to customers make them feel valued.
  • Alternatively, the ULTA app is available in the play and app Store. When you book an appointment, you will receive a confirmation from ULTA.

2. Customer Satisfaction

ULTA is determined to provide the best services to its customers. You will have to go through a consultation when you get a slot after the appointment. 

During the consultation, you confirm what you want and all the products you want to be used on your face. You are the one who controls how your airbrush makeup session goes. 

3. Quality services

Since ULTA has collaborated with brands like Mac, you will get the best airbrush makeup artist attending to you. 

Before ULTA employs a makeup artist, they ensure the artist is licensed. The makeup artist also has to get inside training before assigning clients.

4. Affordability

Affordable price of ULTA

If you are running an event on a budget and want to look flawless, there’s no better place to get your Makeup done than ULTA.

Since their main aim is to push sales of their products, ULTA offers all other services at a subsidized price.

You get to look good and save some coins. 

5. Wellness check

Before makeup art and other shop attendant’s start their shift, a wellness check is done to make sure they are fit enough to handle clients. There will be fewer chances of confrontations if MUAs encounter stubborn clients.

6. Rescheduling

Only a few beauty providers allow rescheduling of appointments. However, if you feel you are not up to the session, you can quickly reschedule your appointment.

7. Customer safety

Customer safety of ULTA

During airbrush makeup, the artist and the client are too close. Since the COVID-19 fighting guideline states that people should wear a mask and be fully vaccinated, ULTA ensures that the staff is vaccinated and wears a safety mask full time. 

As a customer, you should also have a facemask and be vaccinated.

8. Training

If you buy airbrush products from ULTA, you will get free training on applying Makeup. 

Now that we have mentioned airbrush products, ULTA is known for its quality brushes.

Below are some of the airbrushes you can buy from ULTA.

ULTA Airbrush

If you are tired of your brushes streaking and the soft bristles, check out ULTA.

Their IT brushes are so soft, high quality, and last long.

IT brushes are unique and use a technology not provided by other brands. 

Airbrush foundation: IT airbrush foundation is fluffy and rounded.

Airbrush powder: ULTA powder brush is dome-shaped and can apply to various products. 

Airbrush Crease: This brush is narrow and tapered to reach the crease of your eye area.

Airbrush concealer: it is a rounded and fluffy brush. 

Airbrush shadow: designed to reach all corners of your eyelids when applying Makeup. 

Under all the above airbrushes, you can find several brushes. For example, under the airbrush foundation, there is IT brush #77 and # 113. You can also find #101 with a set of 5 airbrushes. You can visit the ULTA website and find out what brushes suit your need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I book a makeup trial with ULTA?

Yes, you can book an appointment via their website or the ULTA app.

Do ULTA ship their products to countries outside the USA?

Yes, they do. Check the ULTA website for some of their best deals.

Does ULTA have experienced airbrush makeup artist?

ULTA is a large beauty provider, and they have to hire MUA conversant with airbrush makeup applications.

Can you buy airbrushes from ULTA without having them do Makeup on you?

Yes. You don’t have to visit the ULTA store to buy Makeup. You can buy from their website or the ULTA app.


Finding a store that provides both high-quality products and premium services is rare.

However, ULTA has passed the bar when it comes to airbrush makeup.

If you want flawless Makeup done for you, book an appointment with ULTA.

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