Hair serum after shower

Hair Serum is such an amazing hair product. If you have been dealing with hair fizz, hair damage, you want to protect your hair against heat damage or anything that might damage your hair, hair serum might be your one ticket to healthy hair. 

While hair serum contains all this benefits, you can experience some negative side effects if you use hair serum the wrong way. 

One of the right way to apply hair serum is on wet hair. But can we apply hair serum after shower.

To find out if it is possible or advisable to apply hair serum after shower, continue reading this guide.

Can I apply hair serum after shower?

Although we said you should apply hair serum when your hair is wet, you cannot just wet your hair and apply a hair serum. There is a lot that take place in preparation for hair serum application. 

First, you will need to ensure your hair is clean so that the hair serum can do it’s job. Since after shower your hair is clean, can you apply hair serum then?

You can apply hair serum after taking a shower depending on your hair wash routine. If you follow the right hair wash procedure, there won’t be no harm using hair serum. However, if you only let water run through your hair, we can’t say it is safe to wash your hair. 

Although you might be tempted to wash your hair everyday and reapply hair serum, it is not advisable at all. 

Hair serum contains silicone which has some drying effects. Washing your day everyday and re applying the hair serum is just wastage of the hair serum. 

Your hair will also dry up due to over application of the silicone on the hair serum. One application or hair serum should last you up to three days or a week without a need to reapply. 

Since you know that hair serum can damage your hair, you will need to learn how to apply hair serum the right way. 

We have also come up with a guide to help you know when to use hair serum. 

When to use hair serum

Applying hair serum on a daily basis will cause some hair damage that might take you too long to recover. 

With the benefits associated with hair serums, when should you use hair serum to consume all the benefits?

After washing your hair

We have not ruled out that you should not use hair serum after showering. How you incorporate your hair wash routine in your shower routine determines if you should use hair serum then or not. 

A complete hair wash should include, use of mild shampoo and a conditioner at a minimum. After washing your hair, you should go in with a moisturizer. Then you can apply a hair serum. 

If you are using hair repair products

Treating hair damage is quite a struggle considering some of the conditions that led to hair damage might still be in action. 

When starting a damaged hair routine, you should incorporate a hair serum routine. 

A hair serum will create a coating on your hair that will ensure the hair repair products are locked in your hair strands to perform their function. 

Hair serums also have some active ingredients that boost the texture of your hair which boosts hair growth. 

When hitting the swimming pool

Among the most common conditions that might damage your hair, is water that is not meant to wash your hair. 

You might feel excited of how your hair appears when you are in the pool. However, hitting the pool constantly with wearing a protective gear might lead to the worst hair frizz and shrinking. 

Sometimes wearing a head gear might not be enough for your hair. You will need to use a hair product that can protect your hair against the effects your hair can experience from water. 

A hair serum has silicone which is waterproof. Once you apply the hair serum, it creates a coating that is waterproof. This means you can enjoy your swim without fearing your hair might be damaged. 

When going for an event

If you are looking for an excuse to use your very expensive hair serum without feeling guilty, using it while attending an event is great excuse. 

An event is full of activities that might make your hair end up looking duller, dusty and even frizz. 

Applying a hair serum in such an instance will protect your hair against any condition that might make your hair loose it’s vibrancy. You will also be a head turner on those events considering how amazing your hair will be looking. 

Protecting your hair against heat damage

If you have to use heat to straighten your hair, you can be smart about it by using hair serum before applying straightening. 

Hair serum contains silicone which forms a coating that will protect your hair against the effects of heat on your hair. 

Silicone is also very heavy. This means that your hair will maintain it’s straightness for a long time that it would have without the use of hair serum. 

Another cool factor about using hair serum before straightening is that hair serum will absorb some heat making your hair appear more shiny, smoother and silkier. 

If you want to define your natural curls

There are a few products on the market that works towards defining natural curls. It is for this reason people always end up using gels and creams that not only look flaky but dry up your hair altogether. 

Fortunately, there are hair serums that are made specifically for people with curly hair. 

Since you will find people with curly yet dry, it oily hairs, manufacturers have taken their time to make hair serums well suited for all those hair types. 

Using hair serums on your curly hair will make you enjoy a healthy, vibrant, soft yet curly hair look. 

When you want to make your hair appear straight

If you are not a big fan of waves on your hair and you still don’t want to use heat or relaxers to straighten your hair, you can apply a hair serum. 

Silicone is heavy. It will add some weight on your hair strands making it appear more straight that it usually is. 

Another ingredient found in a hair serum is hydrolyzed protein which regulated the static charge on your hair that is responsible for frizz, flyaways, and split ends. 

Silicone is also waterproof. This means there is no environmental factor that will interfere with your hair. 

During winter

Most of the hair damages are recorded during the winter. This is because the environmental conditions during winter all contribute to hair frizz shrinking, and even hair loss. 

If you want your hair to remain intact, you should apply hair serum on your hair most of the times on winter than on summer. 

Silicone the main component of hair serum is waterproof meaning humidity in the air won’t interfere with your hair. 

The listed instances are not the only times you should use a hair serum. If you are in any situation where you think you want to look snatched like parties, then you can use hair serum. 

Although you know when to use hair serums, learning to apply hair serum is equally important. If you use a hair serum the wrong way, you might end up damaging your hair. 


There is no rule that says you should not use hair serum after a shower. What I am advising you is to ensure your hair is well prepared for hair serum application. 

If during your shower you only let water run through your hair, you cannot use a hair serum on your hair. 

Hair serum requires your hair and scalp to be free of any other products. You should use a mild shampoo, a conditioner and a moisturizer at a minimum.

 All this routines are enough to remove other hair products stuck on your hair, nourish and soften your hair and moisturize your hair. 

Once you are sure your hair is clean enough, you should then apply a hair serum. 

Hair serum application is not done on a daily basis or anytime you feel like using. You might be damaging your hair without your knowledge. 

If you don’t know when to use a hair serum, read the guide above. You should also subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks. 


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