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If there is a hair product that is so versatile and has a lot of benefits to your hair a hair serum. A hair serum will protect your hair from environmental conditions that might affect your hair in any way whatsoever and many other benefits. 

Despite of the benefits associated with hair serum, you will have to cautious while using hair serum on your hair. 

If you use the wrong hair serum for your hair and apply the hair serum the wrong way, you might have to deal with some negative side effects. 

What are this side effects associated with hair serum? Keep reading this guide to find out. 

Does hair serum has side effects?

When you go shopping for hair serum, you will get promised shiny, softer, smoother and healthy hair on the bottle. What you don’t get to see is the side effects associated with hair serum. So does hair serum has side effects?

Unfortunately, even if hair serum is has so many benefits, using the wrong hair serum or applying hair serum in the wrong direction, you might end up dealing with some very serious side effects. 

So, if you want to avoid the sides effects of hair serum, you will have to learn how to choose the right hair serum and also learn to apply hair serum properly. 

We will discuss this side effects and also give some tips that might help you escape this detrimental experience. 

What are the side effects of hair serum?

When doing research or buying hair serum, you are only made aware of the benefits you are likely to get from the hair serums. What this brands seem to intentionally forget to tell you, is that there are some negative side effects associated with hair serums. 

We have different types of hair each requiring different care. When buying a hair serum, your hair type should form the basis on your search. Since we always don’t do that, we end up dealing with hair disorders that we could have avoided with the right information. 

Since I don’t want you to get shocked when you notice you have been damaging your hair, I will make you aware of some of the negative side effects associated with hair serums. 

Hair damage

Hair serums are formulated using silicone and other ingredients that contribute to the benefits you experience with hair serums. 

Silicone has some alcohol content which is responsible for drying up your hair when creating the protective coating. For silicone to dry up your hair, it will have to strip off your hair it’s natural oils. 

If you use hair serum for a long time, you might have to deal with hair breakage and damage. 

Hair loss

If you continue using a hair serum that is drying your hair even after noticing your hair is being dried up, you might end up damaging your hair to an extent where your hair might start falling off. 

Skin irritation

As we have said, silicone do dry up your hair. Since it can do that to your hair which has very strong strands, imagine what it would do to your scalp?

Some of hair serums contains some harsh ingredients. When the ingredients come on contact with your scalp, it might cause the scalp to dry up to an extent it starts to crack. 

In some cases, you might have some allergic reaction with your scalp. You might find yourself dealing with skin itching and some irritating rashes. In extreme cases, your scalp infection might develop into skin cancer. 

With the above serious side effects, is hair serum good for hair?

The side effects listed above are avoidable provided you apply hair serum the right way. I will therefore give you 10 tips you should use when applying hair serum on your hair. 

10 tips that will protect you from suffering the negative side effects

If you want to bag all the benefits of hair serum without having to deal with any side effects, you should follow this tips.

Choose the right type of hair serum. Since we all have different types of hair you need to choose a hair serum that is right for your hair type. Since it might be hard to know what your hair wants, you can consult with a hair professional. A hair professional will analyze your hair and give you the recommendations on which hair serum you should use. 

  1. Buy a hair serum from renown brands. It is very common to find fake products on the market due to the ease in manufacturing. To ensure you don’t buy fake products, buy from renown vendors and famous brands. Famous brands would not want to risk the reputation they have taken years building. 
  2. Apply hair serum on wet hair. Since a hair serum already has some drying effects, applying hair serum on dry hair might cause more drying. 
  3. Moisturize your hair with a moisturizer before applying a hair serum. 
  4. Do not use hair serum on your scalp. You scalp is not strong enough to withstand harsh ingredients found in a hair serum. 
  5. Do not use a lot of hair serum. Using too much hair serum might dry up your hair to an extreme and end up damaging your hair. 
  6. Ensure you clean up the application area after finishing up with hair serum application. This will protect you and your family from the side effects a s it is also cute to be hygienic. 
  7. Check how your hair react with hair serum after one day of using hair serum. If you notice your hair becoming more dry, you will need to stop using the hair serum. 
  8. Discard any hair serum that is expired. No matter how expensive your favorite hair is, once it expires it loses its effectiveness. Some bacteria found in an expired hair serum might be harmful to your skin. 
  9. Do not apply hair serum on a daily basis. No matter how amazing hair serum is, your natural hair need to breath. 

The tips above do not give you the right formula you should use when applying hair serum. You should continue reading this guide to learn how you apply hair serum properly. 

How to apply hair serum?

When applying hair serum, remember that hair serum will dry up your hair. The best thing to do is ensure your hair is well hydrated before applying hair serum. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you should apply hair serum to avoid the negative side effects listed above. 

  • Wet your hair with some warm water before applying a hair shampoo. 
  • Apply a generous amount of shampoo on your hair depending on the length and density of your hair.
  • Massage your hair for a few minutes to ensure that all the products on your hair are loose to be washed off. 
  • Once you are sure your hair is clean, you will need to rinse off the shampoo then go in with a conditioner. 
  • A conditioner will hydrate your hair an make it soft which makes it easy to apply hair serum. 
  • Massage your hair for a few minutes to open up the hair cuticles and make your hair soft. 
  • After a few minutes, rinse off the hair conditioner then go in with a moisturizer. 
  • A moisturizer will hydrate your hair further protecting the strands from the harsh ingredients in the hair serum. 
  • Massage your hair for a few minutes then start applying hair serum.
  • Part your hair into smaller sections for easy hair serum application. 
  • Pour some hair serum on your palms, rub your hands together to melt the hair serum and start applying hair serum from mid length to the ends. 
  • Massage your hair lightly then run a wide toothed comb through your hair for detangling. 
  • Style your hair as you please. 

Once you have applied hair serum, you should wash your hands with warm water and soap to get rid of any hair serum that might be trapped under your finger nails. 


Despite of how amazing hair serum is, applying it the wrong way has some consequences. 

Some the most notable consequences is hair damage, hair loss, and skin irritation. While this effects might advance into some extremes, you can avoid them all together. 

The guide above have some tips you should follow when applying hair serum. You should also subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks. 


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