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If there is one of the most versatile hair product there has ever been is hair serum. Despite hair serum having tones of benefits, did you know that there are always a hair serum for different types of hair; silky, dry, straight, long, medium, and curly hair. 

While you might be inclined to choose just any hair serum you find, choosing the wrong hair serum might cause more harm than you might imagine. 

So, to help you make a sound decision, I am going to come in rescue for people with curly hair. I will be there when you are struggling to find out what to look in a hair serum. Let’s get started. 

Do you need hair serum if you have hair serum?

Having curly hair can be so challenging. You might find yourself shopping a lot of products with the hope of getting one which will work for your hair. 

Most gels promises to enhance your curls and keep your hair healthy. Unfortunately, most gels will enhance your curls but you will have to deal with your hair being woody dry. 

Fortunately, there are hair serums that are made specifically for curly hair

This hair serum will hydrate your hair, enhance your curls and create a protective layer on your hair strands making the curls last longer (Natural hair serum for a curl hair). 

So, if you have curly hair, you should ditch all the other products that dry up your hair and go for hair serum.

How to choose hair serum for curly hair?

Choosing a hair serum that will work for your hair can be a little bit challenging for beginners. 

If you read my introduction to hair serum guide, you can see that using a hair serum that is not meant for your hair can cause some very serious negative side effects. You might deal with hair damage and in extreme cases hair loss.

Fortunately, I have created a guide you can use to find the best hair serum for your hair curly hair. 

Consult with a hair professional

Even if you find a hair serum labeled it’s for curly hair, they do not know what state your hair is in. For example, your hair might be curly and dry or curly and oily. 

Another reason you should consult a hair professional is that your hair might be damaged and you might have no idea. Use this guide to check if your hair is damaged.  A hair professional will analyze your hair, check the level of damage and then use the analysis to recommend the best hair serum and other products. 

If your hair is damaged, a professional will notice fast and help you retrieve your hair.

Check the ingredients on the hair serum

After you get a recommendation from a hair professional, check the ingredients on the bottle of the hair serum.

 Some of the ingredients used in hair serum might be harsh on your hair and your scalp. So, if your hair professional advice you not to buy a hair serum with certain ingredients, do buy. You might end up damaging your natural hair. 

You should also check on the ingredients that you might be allergic to. 

Work with your budget

Even though you want your hair to be curly, you cannot go breaking your bank for a hair serum. 

There are many hair serum in the market ranging from affordable to luxurious. You can find a good hair serum that will fit your budget. Just make sure you check the ingredients in the hair serum. Some of the ingredients used in some hair serums might be harsh and end up damaging your hair. 

Check for a brand legitimacy

Choosing the right hair serum after reading my guide wont be hard. But still the brand you are choosing will determine what properties you are going to enjoy from a hair serum. 

If you want to be sure that a hair serum will work for your hair, pick from a renown brand. 

Famous brands have worked so hard to make a reputation that they wouldn’t want to spoil for anything in the world. They therefore use some of the most high quality ingredients to make their products. 

Although this famous hair brands sell the most legit hair serums, you will find more counterfeited versions of the serums. 

Check for the legitimacy of the brand by reading the reviews and seeing what other buyers have to say. Alternatively, you can buy from renown and approved retailers.

Hair serum for curly dry hair

If you have a hair serum that will deal with your dry hair and enhance your natural curls, go for a lightweight hair serum with some hydrating properties. 

The hydrating properties will deal with your dry hair adding moisture to it and the silicone in the hair serum will lock in the moisture in your hair. 

When your hair is hydrated enough, the curls will be enhanced making your hair look perfect. All the flyaways and the spilt ends will be locked in making your hair well kept. 

Even if the hair serum had some hydrating properties, don’t apply hair serum without adding a moisturizer on your hair. Some other ingredients in the hair serum might strip your hair it’s moisture while promising to add moisture. 

Hair serum for oily hair

Your hair might be curly but naturally oil. That does not mean your hair your hair cannot suffer from hair damage.

Since you cannot use oils to enhance your natural curls, you can go for a liquid hair serum with a little bit high silicone content. 

Silicone will keep your hair intact by locking in your hair oils. You should also use a hair moisturizer to ensure your hair strands are well protected from any harsh ingredients that might be used in the hair serum. 

Avoid cream hair serum since they contain some oils which will make your hair even more messy and will not maintain your natural curls.

Homemade hair serum for curly hair

Homemade hair serum for curly hair

If you are an organic products enthusiast and you want to take good care of your hair, you can make a homemade hair serum for your curly hair. 

Homemade hair serums do not have the harsh ingredients that might damage your hair. One more thing is that you can use this hair serums on a daily basis considering they are very light weight. 


  • 2 tablespoons jojoba oil.
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 5 drops of lavender oil
  • 5 drops of peppermint oil
  • 1 tablespoon of virgin oil
  • 2 tablespoons of avocado oil
  • A glass bottle with eyedropper
  • A measuring cup
  • A metal funnel


  • Mix all the ingredients in a measuring bowl. 
  • Stir the ingredients using a stainless steel spoon. 
  • After all the ingredients are properly mixed, use the metal funnel to pour in the ingredients into the glass bottle.
  • Cover the bottle using the eyedropper and store your ready serum in a cool dry place. 

When using the hair serum, warm it inside a bowl of warm water to melt the mixture. 

How to use hair serum for curly hair?

Even after bagging yourself the best hair serum there is in the market, applying the hair serum the wrong way might also cause you to suffer the negative side effects of hair serums

Since I don’t want you to suffer any negative side effects of something you hope to help you look all glammed, I am going to give you a guide you can use to apply a hair serum. 

Step 1: Wash your hair

If you have been using other products to try and maintain your curls, there are chances that the remnant of the products might be in the hair and might be damaging your hair. 

Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and massage your hair gently without putting any pressure on your scalp. 

Since some shampoos might have some harsh ingredients, use a gentle conditioner after washing your hair with a shampoo and then rinse thoroughly using warm water.  

Step 2: Apply a moisturizer

After you are sure all the products are off your hair, you can towel dry your hair and then go in with a gentle moisturizer

If your hair is damaged, you can go in with the other products recommended by a hair professional. 

Step 3: Apply a hair serum

Hair serum application is where the work comes in. 

  • Pour some hair serum on your palm. 
  • Rub your hand together for a few minutes to melt the hair serum. 
  • Apply the hair serum from the hair ends going in to through the middle of your hair. 
  • Part your hair into small sections to ensure all parts of your hair get the product. 
  • Massage the hair until all your hair has some products.
  • Run a wide toothed comb through your hair to ensure your hair is not tangled. 
  • You can then style your hair as you wish. 

When applying the hair serum, ensure it does not touch your scalp. Some of the other ingredients used in a hair serum might be too harsh and can cause skin irritation which might lead to painful rashes and in serious extremes skin cancer. 

After applying the hair serum, you will be sure your curls will be maintained for the longest times and your hair will feel soft, smooth, silky and shiny. 


There are a lot of assumptions that curly hair cannot be in a damaged state. This however is further from the truth. 

Using hair products that have harsh ingredients will not only strip off your hairs natural curls and oils, they will also damage your hair. 

You might be inclined to use hair gels with the hope that they will enhance your curls and lock in your hair moisture. However, most gels dry up your hair with a possibility of damaging your hair. 

To avoid damaging your hair, you can hop in the hair serum wagon and you will thank me later. 

If you don’t know where to start, you can read my guide above. It contains all information you need when choosing a hair serum for curly hair and how to use the serum. You should also subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks. 


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