How do you cover a pimple with concealer?| Important Tips

Noticing a big pimple when you are about to dress for that special occasion can really mess around with someone’s self-esteem.

Will people notice it? Can I just postpone and deal with this mess first?

How do I deal with this faster? Fortunately, there is a solution to your pimple issue. 

Having skin breakouts is an adult thing.

At least one in two adults have had acne in their life, and you don’t see them stopping their lives to deal with just a small issue. 

If you notice a pimple on your face, you can use the power of concealer to hide the pimple.

Although the concealer does not heal the pimple, you can find an alternative treatment plan from a dermatologist as you continue hiding the pimple with a concealer. 

Since people have been using concealers to hide their skin breakouts, I will discuss with you how to cover pimples, and the mistakes you might be doing when using a concealer to hide skin breakouts.

Stay tuned. 

How do you cover a pimple with concealer?

A concealer is one of the most versatile makeup products, you can use it to contour, as a foundation, as a base for other makeup, and the coolest use to hide some skin imperfections. 

If you notice a pimple on your face, you do not have to wish the earth to stop.

You can hide that pimple easily using concealer. 

Although a concealer can hide the pimple completely, you are likely to make some mistakes that might even worsen your skin breakouts. 

The first mistake is popping a pimple before it is ready to be popped.

Applying concealer on a freshly popped pimple might lead to very serious skin infections.

However, that does not mean you should walk around with damaged skin.

Continue reading this guide to find out how to deal with such issues. 

Is it bad to put concealer on a popped pimple?

If your pimples are not ready to be popped, you should avoid touching them at all costs.

Sometimes we are not in control of what happens to our faces.

For example, a pimple might pop up a day you have an important occasion.

Since you would want to catch all the attention with a scared face, you will need to learn how to apply concealer on the popped pimple. 

When applying concealer on a popped pimple, you will need to make sure it is not oozing blood or pulse.

Dry the area and then continue with your normal concealer routine. 

Mistakes You’re Making When You conceal pimples

Pimples on face
popped pimples on the face

Aside from popping out pimples, some of the other mistakes you are likely to make when trying to hide pimples include;

Not allowing your pimples to heal properly

If you notice that your pimples are becoming bad and oozing pulse, you can give your pimples some time to heal before applying makeup. 

I don’t mean you should go for an important occasion with damaged skin.

If the occasion is not that important, you can just miss out.

However, if you must go on that occasion, you can apply concealer smartly. 

Not using a color corrector

Not using a color corrector will definitely make the pimples more visible.

A color corrector will neutralize the redness of the pimples and therefore enabling the concealer to fulfill the purpose of hiding the pimples. 

The small table below contains the correctors for different skin tones. 

Skin toneColor corrector shade
Fair skinPink and white undertones 
Light brown skinNude, pitch and pink undertones 
Dark skinPitch, orange, and red
Correctors for skin tones

The color corrector should have the same color as your undertones. 

Color correctors
Color correctors

Using the wrong shade of concealer

Using the wrong shade of concealer on your pimples will make your pimples more visible and very ugly.

Ensure you are choosing a concealer depending on your skin tone. 

If you have no idea what concealer you should use, you can read my guide on how to apply concealer.

Alternatively, you can get help from the many concealer shade finders tools online. 

Using the wrong brushes to apply concealer

Using brushes that are not meant for concealer application will not blend the concealer well.

This will make your pimples even more visible. 

Use a fluffy soft brush to apply and blend in the concealer well.

In this case, do not attempt to use your fingers to apply concealer on your face.

Your fingers might be dirty leading to more infections. 

Here is our master article on All About Concealer Brushers to help you with the selection and handling of the concealer brushes.

Using dirty makeup tools

When you have pimples on your face, using dirty tools might make your breakout worsen by getting infections. 

Since you will be applying makeup on counted occasions, at least make an effort of cleaning your makeup tools after every use.

And store them in a clean enclosed space.

Read our separate article on How To Clean Concealer Brush before starting to clean your concealing tools.

Using too much products

If you don’t want your pimples to be more visible, apply just enough concealer on your face.

Applying too much concealer means it will be hard to blend in the concealer which will make your makeup look cakey and the pimples visible. 

Buying low quality cheap concealers

Cheap concealers not only look bad on your skin, but they can also damage your skin big time. 

Ensure you are buying a concealer that has some ingredients that will help heal your pimples while offering full coverage. 

So, how do you cover pimples with concealer?

The guide below will give you the tips you should use to properly hide the pimples.

How do you cover pimples with concealer?

Ready for concealing pimples
Getting ready to conceal the pimples with proper methods

If you want to hide your pimples perfectly, you need to learn how to use concealer to your advantage.

Below are a few steps you should follow when using a concealer to cover your pimples. 

Step 01: Dry out your face

Cleanse your face and then make sure it is dry before starting your makeup routine. You should also use a moisturizer before starting your concealer routine. 

Step 02: Use a makeup base

Depending on what makeup you are using, you need to use a gentle base. In most cases, a primer will work perfectly. Do not use a silicone-based primer in your case. The primer will dry out your skin making your pimples painful. 

A water-based or mineral-based primer is ideal for skin with pimples. 

Step 03: Apply a color corrector

From the table above, you can see the different color correctors you can use depending on your skin tone. If your pimples are reddish, you can use a corrector with a green undertone. 

Do not skip this step if you want the pimples to be concealed. 

Step 04: Dust your face with a setting powder

Dusting your face with a setting powder will lock in the moisture from the moisturizer and the primer and offer a smooth surface for concealer application. 

At this point, most of the smaller pimples are hidden. So, you won’t need to go heavy on concealer application. 

Step 05: Apply your concealer

Ensure the concealer you are using on your face matches your skin undertones. The concealer should also be of high quality and have some healing properties. 

  • Take your clean concealer brush and put some concealer. 
  • Start tapping the brush onto your face and ensure every part of your face has some concealer. 
  • Do not go heavy on the concealer to prevent your makeup from looking cakey. 
  • Blend in your makeup by continue tapping the brush until you are satisfied with the results. Alternatively, you can use a clean damp beauty blender to blend in your concealer. 

Do not use your hands as they might pass germs to your skin which risk causing more skin infections. 


Hormonal pimples can be really frustrating sometimes. But don’t hate yourself because of it! ❤️🥹 #fyp

♬ Unang Sayaw – Nobita
How to cover pimples

Step 06: Apply some finish powder

After you are satisfied with how covered your pimples are, you can use a finishing powder to lock in the makeup.

Ensure you are using a loose finish powder over a compact finish powder. 

Compact finish powder will need to be blended gently to avoid scratching your makeup. 

Leave the powder for few minutes to allow it to bake. After five minutes, use a fluffy soft brush to remove the excess finish powder. 

After a long day of looking flawless, remove your makeup to allow the pimples to heal naturally. 


Skin outbreak is a common thing among adults.

Although you do not have to walk around showing your damaged skin, it is better to avoid makeup until you get a diagnosis from a dermatologist. 

If your dermatologist assures you that your skin breakouts are not that serious and treatable, you can use makeup.

Ensure you are not using cheap makeup products that can damage your skin even more. 

The guide above will give you some tips you can use to properly conceal your pimples using a concealer.

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