How Long Do Temporary Tattoos Last?

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A temporary tattoo can last 3 to 14 days according to the type of tattoo, your daily routine, and your skin type.

Temporary tattoos have different time frames. The least duration could be hours, while others could go for up to a month.

Then there is the new tattoo in town, the Ephemeral tattoo that lasts a whole year.

Therefore, the tattoo that you choose will determine the duration that it lasts.

All in all, temporary tattoos, regardless of the time frame, allow you to experience a nice tattoo feel without committing yourself to one.

Let’s dig into this and much more about how long temporary tattoos last;

Do temporary tattoos go away?

Yes, they do.

The fact that temporary tattoos fade away over a short time is why they are referred to as temporary.

However, they have different time limits, depending on the type of tattoo, the skin they are applied on, and the maintenance measures taken.

The same type of temporary tattoo can go faster in one person compared to another. Therefore, there are different time limits for different people.

How long do temporary tattoos last? 

As a common answer, It may last 1 to 14 days. It totally depends on few factors.

There are different determinants on how long a tattoo should last, as we will see below; 

Position of the Temporary Tattoo on the Skin

Different parts of the body can keep tattoos differently.

More exposed areas such as palms and hands may keep the tattoo for a shorter time, while hidden areas such as the hip, back, and upper thigh could last longer.

This is primarily the case with henna tattoos, which fade over time. This means if the skin is constantly exposed to water, the tattoo fades faster.

Otherwise, the tattoo lasts longer.

Dry Skin Vs. Oily skin

You may either have dry, oily, or normal moisture skin. Your type of skin can determine how long temporary tattoos stay on it.

Oily skin usually gets the tattoo to fade fastest. On the other hand, dry skin keeps the tattoos longest

In this case, most tattoos whose duration is determined by the skin type are the press-on decal. 

If you have oily skin and want your tattoo lasting longer, scrub the area and clean it until dry. Then, apply the press-on decal tattoo on the dry area.

What if you have dry skin and you want the tattoo for just a day?

Then you can apply baby oil to your skin before applying the tattoo. Then, you can put the tattoo on oily skin.

Exposure to Water

Most temporary tattoos claim resistance to water exposure. However, the truth is that tattoos can only resist exposure to water up to a certain degree.

Too much exposure to water will definitely see the henna to weaken and start to fade away.

The most affected type of tattoo is henna art, but a press-on decal is also not safer.

Exposure to Oil

Press-on decal is affected by oily, and oiling the area could actually eradicate it.

However, you can protect the tattoo from quick removal using temporary tattoo gel, securing the tattoo from the oil effect.

Ephemeral Tattoos

Not everyone goes for temporary tattoos because they are afraid of the injection.

If you are in this category and covet a temporary tattoo with no lifetime commitment, ephemeral tattoos are the best.

Ephemeral tattoos are a recent innovation by a company in Brooklyn, the first of its type.

Ephemeral tattoo is injected just as a typical tattoo, but it fades within a year

The tattoo uses chemicals used in cosmetics and foodstuffs to create an ink that fades on the skin even if injected.

The combination is anti-allergic and friendly to the skin.

The founders all come from anti-tattoo families and neighborhoods, and they were looking for something temporal.

Below is a summary table on the duration it takes for different temporary tattoo types to go away;

Temporary TattooTime Limit
Henna tattoo on the PalmTwo to three weeks
Henna tattoo on other parts of the skinThree weeks to one month
Press-on decal on oily skinHours to 3 days
Press-on decal on dry skinThree days to one week
Ephemeral tattooOne year
Hanna Tattoo on A Hand
Hanna Tattoo Design on A Hand

Is There a Temporary Tattoo That Lasts for Months?

Yes, there is. The ephemeral, temporary tattoo lasts approximately 12 months, but it is the only one so far that takes over a month to wear off.

Other tattoos are claiming to stay on the surface of the skin for six months.

The artists claim that they only inject the surface of the skin, which keeps the tattoos temporary.

This claim has been disputed, as once normal tattoo ink is in the skin, there is no telling when it fades off. It could as well take three years to fade away.

Therefore, if you are looking for a proven temporary tattoo that could take months to go away, ephemeral may be the best choice.

Can you get a temporary tattoo that lasts two years?

Not really. Temporary tattoos last a maximum of one month

It is not until recently that we have one that lasts a whole year. So maybe you should consider the ephemeral tattoo, which lasts for a year and have it injected twice on your skin.

It will be a good idea to inject the tattoo on different parts of the skin for the fun of change.

How Long Do Semi-Permanent Tattoos Last?

Therefore, we can consider the ephemeral tattoo semi-permanent, as it impacts twelve months

Therefore, we can consider the ephemeral tattoo semi-permanent, as it impacts twelve months. 

How to make temporary tattoos last longer?

A temporary tattoo should indeed last a short time. However, we cannot deny that there are times when we want them to last longer than their necessary lifespans. 

In this case, let’s look into some DIY tips on how to make the temporary tattoos last longer;

Press-On decal

You press these tattoo sheets on your preferred skin, then remove the sheet to leave the tattoo outlined on the skin. The riskiest element for these tattoos is oil.

Removing the tattoo sheet to leave the outline of the design
Removing the tattoo sheet to leave the outline of the design

Therefore, ensure that you clean your skin of any oily segments before applying the decal sheet. 

Then, keep off oil, especially jelly and cream that could shorten the tattoo’s lifespan. Then, avoid scratching the tattoo or stressing it too much, which would cause it to fade away. 

Finally, always use a temporary tattoo gel after applying the tattoo. It will keep the tattoo in place and less likely to get off before its lifetime.


Henna art brings out the best custom tattoo you would love, given that it is not pre-designed.

Henna could take a maximum of one month on your skin, but this duration could be shorter depending on several factors.

Let’s get around each of these for a whole month of henna tattoo enjoyment;

  • Firstly, get a part of your body that is least exposed to water. For instance, you can get a beautiful henna tattoo on your thigh, chest, hip, or even back, and these areas give the tattoo a long and undisturbed lifespan. They are pretty concealed, hence likely to maintain the tattoo longer.
  • Secondly, avoid areas on your body that are most exposed to water. These areas include your palms, hands, and feet. Applying henna tattoos on these areas exposes the tattoo to water, which causes the henna to fade away.

Lastly, you can use darker shades of ink. However, before fading away completely, they will take a longer time compared to the brighter shades of color.

In a Nutshell;

Temporary tattoos last between a day and a month, depending on the type of tattoo and the conditions for application. 

They come in handy when you want to look hot and attractive in that gorgeous tattoo for an occasion.

They are also remarkable for a change of outlook for every weekend.

If you want your tattoo going a day or two longer, you can always increase this with the few tips given above.

They go a long way in making an extra day thrilling and amazing.

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