How long do waterproof temporary tattoos last?

Tattoos are great pieces of art! It is indeed an excellent way for body modification. However, many people are skeptical about the longevity and difficulty of removing them. Moreover, any harmful consequence can turn a fun experience into a nightmare!

This reason triggered many people to embrace temporary tattoos. With the advent of modern designing tools, one can’t distinguish a temporary tattoo from a temporary one. Even if they look similar, it generally stays not more than two weeks.

If you are scared to commit to a permanent tattoo, you can always try a temporary one. They are pain-free and let you fulfill the dream of getting inked.

How long do waterproof temporary tattoos last?

The first thing that comes to one’s mind is how long it’s going to last! Look, if you go for a reliable brand, it will hardly last for two-three weeks. And if you get a local one, it takes between three days to two weeks to get vanished!

In the meantime, you need to follow a certain thing to last for a longer time. Having said that, the longevity of a temporary tattoo depends on a few facts:

  • What type of temporary tattoo have you done?
  • Whether you god it from a beachside stall or a reputed tattoo parlor
  • Your lifestyle
  • Area of application

If you water it frequently or rub the area with any substance, they are likely to get removed within a week. When you have spent on a tattoo, I understand you would be determined to keep it for a longer time.

Take a look at the following tips and have show off your tattoo for a longer period.

How to improve the lifetime of waterproof temporary tattoos further?

Look, when talking about a waterproof temporary tattoo, you have two options available. The first is a water-based waterproof tattoo. And the second is a decal of an airbrush tattoo.

And interestingly, I have tried both and flaunted at the summer party last year. Moreover, I was too eager to keep it for a long and tried the following method.

If you want to prolong the tattoos, you have to take a few extra steps before and after application.

For water-based temporary tattoo

Just follow me step-by-step; I am certain you will have more fun like me!

  • The first step is to rinse the area you wish to apply. Use your body wash and rub generously. Try to remove skin exfoliates appropriately.
  • In the next step, dry out the area and shave properly. You need smooth and clear skin for the long life of the tattoo.
  • Then apply the tattoo as per the instruction given. I recommend you choose an area where the skin would not frequently moving or flexing.
  • Avoid applying oil or other supplements in those areas.

For airbrush tattoo

Nowadays, these tattoos are widely used. And I personally prefer it to water-based, especially when it comes to longevity. Anyway, follow the steps one by one.

  • Even though many temporary tattoos are advertised as waterproof, the addition of soap can affect the tattoo. Otherwise, before taking a shower, smear the area with petroleum jelly.
  • After the shower, apply an adequate amount of baby powder or corn starch to dry out the area.
  • I am a very gym-freak person. However, for the sake of my tattoo, I didn’t exercise for two weeks. It says excessive sweat and skin movement cause the tattoo to fade faster, especially if it is rubbing against your workout clothes.

That’s all. Heena-based tattoos are not really waterproof. So, if you have done one, you can simply avoid water! But, the products that are marketed as waterproof are full of chemicals. I can’t compromise with my skin for a temporary tattoo.

Final words

Temporary tattoos are great if you want to tap into the world of tattoos but are not ready to commit fully. Have this fun experience from a brand. And if you can follow the tips, your tattoo is likely to last for more than two weeks. Likewise, you can take other tips from your tattoo artist.

Happy getting inked!


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People also asked

1. How much does it cost to get a temporary tattoo?

The cost of a temporary tattoo ranges between $10 to $50. It depends on the brand you choose.

2. Are temporary tattoos waterproof?

Yes, water-based and airbrush tattoos are waterproof. You can swim and take a bath freely without the fear of getting removed.

3. Are there temporary tattoos that last for months?

Some tattoo artists committed that a temporary tattoo can last up to six months. However, they inject the ink into the top layer of the skin, which can last up to six months.

4. What temporary tattoos last the longest?

Stick tattoos last for one week, while henna tattoos last for several weeks to one month. However, it depends on the area of application and design.

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