How long does hair chalk last?

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Hair chalk will last on few hours up to a few days.

Are you looking to style your hair using temporary hair color? So hair chalk is an ideal option for you without any professional hair coloring.  

However, for everyone who loves hair chalk, interesting to know how long is it stays in your hair. 

So, In this blog post, we hope to explore more details on hair chalk usage and its longevity, and so on. Without wasting time anymore we will start our exploration of hair chalks. 

What is hair chalk? 

Temporary hair coloring is one of the most popular among those who want to pop up their hair in different colors within a shorter time. It is same like temporary hair color wax and hair color spray.

And also it reduces the longer-period promise of permanent hair colorings.  

You can experience several methods of temporary hair coloring methods such as hair chalks, Hair sprays, hair mascara, and semi-stable hair dyes. 

Hair chalk types
Hair chalk types

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Among them, hair chalks used chalk-based color pigments to temporarily color up your dry or wet hair. It is cost-effective, safe, and easily applicable as well as in homes.  

You can choose the required hair color from hair chalks and rub it on the hair shafts. After that, you can easily rinse out it using your regular shampoo.  

How long does hair chalk last on hair?  

hair coloring with hair color chalk

Hair color chalk will last on few hours up to a few days

The common type of chalk will last on few hours up to a few days. The lasting period will depend on several aspects such as hair chalk quality, hair color, and also the way you apply it.  

The high-quality color pigments contain hair chalks having higher shelf life than low-quality hair chalks.  

Furthermore, if you apply the hair chalk on your wet hair that may cause a reduction in the longevity of hair color.  

And also hot styling tools or else hot styling hair products can cause for fade away the hair chalk in your hair. 

As mentioned earlier hair chalk can easily wash out using shampoo. The hair chalk does not immerse into the hair shaft and it is deposited on the top of the hair strands.  

Because of that hair chalk will be rinsed off in your first wash or else after a few washes of your hair. 

Hair Chalk products Lasting Period 
L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup 1-2 days 
Maydear Temporary Hair Chalk 1-3 days 
Splat Hair Chalk 1-2 days 
Amscan Hair Chalk 1-2 days ‘time 
Hair Flairs Pro Hair Chalk 1-2 days 
Unicorn Snot Hair Chalk 1-2 days 
Brite Liquid Hair Chalk 1-2 days 

How to make hair chalk long last on hair? 

How to make hair chalk long last on hair

You want to stay hair chalk for long period on your hair. So, let’s try out these easy steps for increasing the longevity of hair chalk colors. 

  1. Apply into clean and dry hair: You need to keep in mind your hair is free from dust, oils, and other hair products when before applying the hair chalk. Because this is more important for better adhesion of hair chalk for your hair.  
  1. Apply the hair chalk to your wet hair: It is useful for hair chalk colors to strongly attach to your hair strand effectively and for a longer period.  
  1. Application of heat hair styling tools: You can try out heat hair styling tools such as a curling iron or else flat iron for setting hair colors after applying the hair chalks. Because it helps seal the hair chalk colors into your hair properly and increases the lasting period.  
  1. Prevent washing your hair: If possible you can reduce the washing times of your hair to increase the lasting period of hair chalks. If you can it is better to use gentle shampoo and conditioner and prevent scrubbing your colored hair forcefully.  
  1. Apply hair spray: You can use a light haze of hair spray into your hair after applying the hair chalk color areas. This is also useful for sealing the color into your hair and lasts a longer period.  

Does long-lasting hair chalk damage your hair? 

Hair color chalk for temporary hair coloring

No, long-lasting hair chalks do not damage your natural hair.

Because hair chalk is a temporary hair coloring method, non-toxic, and does not long last in your hair.  

Furthermore, it is the deposit on the top of the hair and does not immerse into the hair shaft. Because of that, it does not damage severely to your hair. 

However, some kinds of hair chalk products stay a long time in your hair or else some kinds of ingredients consistent with the hair chalk can break or dry your natural hair

For example, synthetic coloring agents in hair chalks can be harsh when you use an extreme amount. Synthetic dyes can strip your hair’s natural oils as well as prone to breakages.  

Moreover, talc used in hair chalk can absorb moisture and oil in your hair and prone to dryness and breakages.  

And also alcohol and fragrances used in hair chalk products can cause drying and irritation of the hair and scalp and prone to brittle and breakages.  

You need to keep it in mind to use this chalk product according to the manufactures instructions and recommendations to prevent potential damage to your hair.  

The deep conditioning treatment is more useful after removing the hair chalk coloring. Because it can regain moisture and avoid dryness.   


Hair chalk coloring is one of the most easiest and inexpensive ways of coloring your hair at home. So, in this article, we have shared lots of information on what is hair chalk, how long it’s lasting in your hair, tips for long-lasting hair chalk colors and it can damage your hair so on. Are you still not trying out the hair chalk now it is time for you.   

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