How long does Mofajang hair wax last?

If you are terribly bored with your current hair, styling it differently may not do the trick.

After all, most styles are either not easy to maintain or just small variations of each other.

So, you might want to try hair color wax.

Not only does it change the color of your hair, but also gives it additional texture.

However, applying hair wax takes time and patience.

You might wonder if it is really worth the effort.

Also, some hair products do not last long while others do not serve value for your money.

Thus, you should know all about hair wax before deciding to use it.

How Long Does Mofajang Hair Wax Last?

With a normal-sized package, you should be able to use the hair wax anywhere between 20 to 30 times.

The actual number would vary depending on the length and texture of your hair.

Also, you would be able to go a maximum of 4 days with each application.

However, you would have to retouch it a bit for this to happen.

Reasons To Use Hair Wax

If you are on the fence about using hair wax, you can consider the following reasons to use it:

Would Work On Your Hair

If you ask your stylist about using hair wax, they would confidently tell you that it would work.

Further, they would not even have to look at your hair before they make this comment.

This is because hair wax works on all kinds of hair textures.

It does not matter if you have silky straight hair or bouncy curls.

Moreover, hair wax even works in favor of frizzy curls by making them longer.

Also, if you are wondering whether the wax would work on dark or light-colored hair better, you should stop.

It works well on both. Thus, hair wax is very versatile and would leave you pleased.

You Can Experiment

Have you heard your friends mention over and over again that they are going to color their hair?

Yet, somehow, they always seem to postpone the process.

The most common reason people do not color their hair even if they want to is that they are afraid they may not like the result.

However, if you apply hair color wax, you do not have to worry about this.

You should always do your research and think before you color your hair.

This is so that you do not end up disappointed.

Yet, you do not have to think too much about hair wax because it is temporary.

Even if you do not like how your hair looks, you can always wash it out after a few days.

Also, you can apply new color in about 4 days.

This gives you enough room to try different colors and bring out your wild side.

It Does Not Damage Your Hair As Much

You have heard it time and again. And, it is true – dying your hair damages it.

It is because permanent hair dyes contain a chemical called ammonia.

This is not good for your hair. It can cause breakage and even discoloration.

Further, permanent hair dye causes oxidation.

Thus, you cannot use heat styling or treatment on your hair too soon after dying it.

It is because heat causes even more oxidation which results in damage.

On the other hand, hair wax usually contains natural ingredients.

It only coats your hair and does not penetrate it.

Thus, they do not cause too much damage to your hair.

That said, it is still processing your hair.

Thus, you should be wary of using it all the time.

Instead, limit it to a few times a month or save it for special occasions!


If you want to color your hair but are afraid of what it will do to your hair, you should not worry anymore.

Hair wax contains many good ingredients to enhance the texture of your hair.

In addition to changing your look, it can also improve the volume of your hair. 

Also, its consistency works well in your hair.

So, it would give you a natural finish instead of one that looks all done up and stiff.

Does Mofajang Hair Wax Wash Out?

Yes, it does. The Mofajang hair wax is quite thick.

Therefore, it does not cause streaking.

You would not have to worry about it transferring to your skin or clothing after you have applied it to your hair.

However, you would also find that it comes off easily.

You can use water to take it off your hands or hair.

But, you should use shampoo and your usual hair cleaning methods to ensure that it washes out properly from your scalp.

If your hair is too dry, you must consider moisturizing it.


Mofajang hair wax can change the way your hair looks without causing the damage a permanent hair dye will.

If you do not like how it looks, you can always wash it out easily.

However, you should be careful about applying it if your hair is already weak or damaged.

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