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Asian skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation due to genetics.

It is not also uncommon for Asians to develop some acne in their adulthood.

With this reasons, having makeup products that are super pigmented in your makeup collection will make your days a little bit better.

In the makeup world, things have changed drastically for minorities.

There is a time it would take you to break your bank to access a concealer that will suit your skin.

Luckily, the more new concealer brands are being launched, the more inclusive it is to get a concealer that matches your skin tone.

When choosing a concealer as an Asian queen, you will have to know the color of your skin undertones, and the color of your blemishes if you get any before buying a concealer.

In this guide, I will give you a step-by-step process that you should use to land the best concealer there is for different Asian skin. Stay tuned.

How to choose concealer shade for Asian skin?

Due to the gene formation, Asians are prone to getting hyperpigmentation and some acne in their adulthood.

Although this is not the only reason you might get some acne, it is better to be prepared when that comes arrives.

For starters, acne is a very natural thing amongst adults.

So, having some acne should not toil on your self-esteem.

You are beautiful no matter how your skin decides to react.

And with that in mind, you don’t have to be too comfortable with skin having acne.

Some acne might develop into more skin infections that can be painful.

Consult a dermatologist before settling on a treatment plan. While a dermatologist will assure you the acne you are having is normal, you will need some makeup to cover the acne as you give it time to heal.

The first thing you should do is read this guide so that you can tell what type of concealer you should use for your skin.

1. Determine your skin undertones

Determine skin undertones

Although Asian skin tends to have a yellow tone, the undertones appear neutral, golden, or peachy.

If you can’t tell what are your undertones, you can check the veins on your wrist.

The color that appears on the veins tends to be the color of your undertones.

Do not check your undertones against artificial lighting.

Go to a window or outside to check how your skin tone appears.

If you have a neutral beautiful skin tone, you can use a concealer with some beige hue.

This will appear more natural to you.

Also if your skin appears to have some green undertones, you can use a concealer with some orange undertones.

So, when choosing a concealer, ensure it matches your undertones.

You can consult with your beautician on the perfect concealer for your skin.

Alternatively, you can use concealer shade finders tools online to perfectly match your skin tone.

2. Observe how your blemishes appears

When using a concealer to cover skin imperfections, you should ensure the concealer you are choosing is lighter than your undertones.

This enables the concealer to perfectly cover the blemishes to give the most natural look.

Different blemishes appear different depending on the lighting and the region where one is from.

For example, you might find some southern Asians who have a darker skin tone, while others have a fairer skin tone.

Ensure the concealer you are picking perfectly conceals your blemishes depending on your skin tone.

For most Asians, the blemishes tend to be reddish.

You can counter that by using a concealer with some peachy or orange undertones.

3. Use a concealer two shades lighter than your foundation for dark circles

Pick a concealer 2 shades darker than your foundation for contouring
Pick a concealer 2 shades lighter than your foundation for dark circles

Almost everyone has some dark circles under their eyes.

When choosing a concealer to hide the dark circle, ensure you go two shades lighter than your foundation.

Blend in the concealer until you can’t tell the difference between your under eyes and the rest of your face.

4. Pick a concealer 2 shades darker than your foundation for contouring

If you have read my other guide on how to apply concealer, you can see that every part of the face requires a different type of concealer.

When picking a concealer for contouring, ensure it is two shades darker than your foundation.

This makes it easy to highlight the high areas of your face.

The ideal concealer for contouring tends to be a stock concealer.

You should pick a stick concealer with Tarte tan.

Asian skin tends to have a neutral tone.

Tarte tan concealer tends to perfectly highlight the jaw bones, cheekbones, and nose area.

5. Ensure you use a concealer that has SPF if you don’t use SPF

Asians tend to have a fairer skin tone when they use SPF.

If you are a minimalist and don’t like putting too much products on your face, you can go for a concealer that has SPF in it.

Before inclusivity was a thing, it was hard to find a concealer perfect for our skin.

Fortunately, there are more brands owned by Asians and they know what exactly we want from their own experiences.

You therefore cannot miss a high-quality concealer that has SPF in it.

6. For your entire face pick two shades of concealer

Matching with skin tone

To eliminate the chances of a concealer not matching with your skin tone, you can pick a concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation and a shade darker than your foundation.

If you can’t decide which concealer fits your skin, you can mix the two concealers.

Basically, according to Bobbi brown living beauty,  having two shades of concealer will be a game changer for you.

7. Use concealer shade finders tools available all over online

No matter how perfect you think you are in picking concealers that perfectly match your skin, different brands name and number their concealers differently depending on the scale.

So, if decide to change from one brand to another, you should check their scale to know the perfect concealer for your skin tone.

Since most brands produce concealers with over 10 shades, picking the perfect concealer can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, most brands have personal websites. On the website, you will find tools that help approximate the shade of concealer that will perfectly fit you.

  • On the shade finders you will be asked to choose a picture you feel like you relate to.
  • After choosing the first picture, you are then taken to a section of undertone and asked to pick another picture that you relate with.
  • Once you pick the undertone image, you are then recommended a concealer that would perfectly fit your face.

Concealer shade finder tools only give you an approximation.

However, it is mostly closer to what your shade would be.

To be sure of the concealer you are picking, you can take two concealers a shade lighter and the one you have been recommended.

8. Do not go for cheaper concealers

Aside from choosing a concealer in the right shade, picking a quality concealer should be your next goal.

Some brands are known to produce perfect concealers for Asian queens.

This is the type of concealer you should be going for.

Depending on where you are purchasing the concealer, check the credibility of the concealer brand.

This is done by reading all the reviews; both negative and positive reviews.

This will give you a clear view of what you are buying.

Ensure the brand you are going for uses ingredients that are helpful to your skin.


Before brands were big in inclusivity, it was very hard for Asians to find a concealer that perfectly fits their skin.

You could find people using concealers for light skins which ended up looking too unnatural for them.

Luckily, more brands are producing concealers that perfectly fit all skin types and tones.

As Asians, we are prone to getting skin breakouts due to genes.

Adulting also plays a huge role in our skin breakouts.

To counter this natural occurrence, you can purchase a concealer to hide the blemishes.

When trying to hide these blemishes, you need to be precise when picking a concealer.

Choosing a concealer that does not match your skin undertones will make your blemishes appear more visible and unnatural.

The guide above will be of so much help to you when choosing a concealer.

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