How to do Airbrush makeup?

After learning about Airbrush makeup, there is a probability you will be enticed to buy an Airbrush machine and products. 

While buying the Airbrush machine and products might not be the most complicated part, learning to apply Airbrush makeup will take you some time.

In my guide below, I will go into details onto how you can apply Airbrush makeup. Keep reading this guide and by the end of the guide, you will feel like an Airbrush makeup guru. Don’t go anywhere. 

How do I apply Airbrush makeup?

Depending on which stage you are in Airbrush makeup application, there are some steps that will help you have an easy time applying makeup. 

For starters, you will need to have the best products and an Airbrush machine to be able to do that. So, if you are a beginner and you don’t know where to start on your Airbrush makeup application, my guide on all about Airbrush makeup will be of so much help to you. 

Once you have gone through the guide, you can come back and follow this steps for a perfect Airbrush makeup application routine. 

Step 1: Assemble air Airbrush parts

If you just bought your Airbrush machine, there are chances that the components of the Airbrush are packaged separately. This is the for the purpose of packaging and safety. 

In the Airbrush machine box, you will get a manual that has all the information you can use to assemble the Airbrush part. You can also use this video to see how an Airbrush machine is assembled. 

Step 2: Prep your face

When applying makeup, you should treat your face as a canvas in some ways. If you do art on a dirty canvas, the dirt will interfere with the final look of the art. 

Applying makeup on a face that has not been well prepped will result to your makeup creasing and looking cakey. And, if you love your face enough, you should be pampering it every day even of you are not applying makeup.

If you have your own skin care routine, you follow it when prepping your face. However, if you don’t have a routine you can follow the basic yet important steps provided below to prep your face. 

  • Start with a mild cleanser: The first in ensuring your skin is perfectly pampered is using a mild cleanser. A cleanser will remove all the makeup that might have remained after washing your face the day before. It also helps remove dead skin that might still be on your face while also soothing your skin. 

After using a cleanser on your face, rinse with some warm water to ensure all the cleanser has been removed from your face. 

  • Get in with a toner: After cleansing your face, you will need a product that will sooth your skin. A toner will calm your face from the effect of the cleanser without stripping your skin it’s natural oils. 

A toner will also open up your pores ready to absorb the moisture from a moisturizer. 

  • Apply a serum: After using a cleanser and a toner, you will need to go in with a serum of your choice. There are different types of serums each with unique properties and benefits your skin in different ways. 

Some serums will sooth your skin while also fighting blemishes. Others will lighten your face. Some serum uses pumpkin, vitamin E, and Macadamia oil. So, you can be assured your skin will benefit from the serum. 

  • Eye cream: One part of your face that is always forgotten is your eye area. The skin around your eyes are very sensitive. 

An eye cream will sooth the skin around the eye area. This will prevent premature aging of that skin when you are applying makeup. 

  • Spots treatment: If you have some dark spots on your face either from dried acne or hormonal imbalance, you can use a spot treatment to reduce the spots. 

Since you will not rinse off the treatment, it will continue treating your face even when you have makeup on. 

  • Use a moisturizer: A moisturizer is one skin care product that should be used whether you are using makeup or not. 

Some of Airbrush makeup products contains some alcohol content that suck moisture from your face. 

Applying a moisturizer will provide extra moisture in a way even if the products suck moisture, your skin will be protected. 

Step 3: Prime your face

After prepping your face , you will need to prime your face. A primer will make a coating on your face that will protect your skin against any harsh products. It also creates a smooth surface for your makeup to sit on. 

  • Take a fluffy concealer brush and dab the tips on the primer bottle.
  • Tap the brush on your face until every part of the face gets the primer. 

There are three types of primers; water-based, mineral-based , and silicone-based. The type of primer you use is dependent on which type of makeup products you are using. 

  • If you are using water-based foundation and concealer, you should use a water-based primer. Water-based primer and silicone-based products are not compatible. 
  • You should avoid using silicone-based primer if you have dry skin. Silicone-based primer have some alcohol content that will absorb moisture from your skin. Your skin might end up drying up and cracking. 

You can use a mineral-based primer with either water-based products and silicone-based products. 

Step 4: Apply eye makeup

Airbrush makeup is mostly done when you have an Important event. So, there are chances you will doing a full face makeup. 

Since most eye makeup contains distinctive color, you can start with eye makeup before applying the rest of the makeup. 

  • Start by using a concealer two shades lighter than your foundation on your eye lids. You can apply the concealer with an Airbrush or using a tiny concealer brush. 
  • Feed in eyeshadow in the Airbrush machine and spray on your eyelids starting with a light color going deep as you add more layers. 
  • Add brow powder or liquid brow into the Airbrush, cover your eyes when spraying the brow formula.
  • Use an angled concealer brush to clean up the eyebrows. 

Step 5: Apply foundation

When choosing an Airbrush foundation, ensure the foundation matches your undertones. If you are having a hard time selecting the right shade, you can use foundation shade finders online. You should also find a foundation with the right consistency. 

If you have an oily skin, you can dust your face with setting powder before foundation. The setting powder will absorb some moisture from the skin. 

  • Feed in the foundation in the cup of the Airbrush machine. 
  • Pull the trigger for your Airbrush to release products. 
  • Don’t use a lot of pressure when pulling the trigger otherwise your Airbrush will release too much product. 
  • Spray the foundation a few inches away from your face. You should spray the foundation in circles of in strokes. 
  • Don’t use too much foundation or your makeup will look creasy. 
  • If you have skin blemishes, you can add two or three layers on your face. 

Choosing a foundation with the right consistency will reduce the need to use a concealer. However, using a concealer will add to the flawless makeup look promises by Airbrush makeup. 

Step 6: Apply a Concealer

Airbrush concealer application does not differ too much from foundation application. 

However, there is the right way to apply concealer.

First, you need to know that different parts of the face requires different shades of concealer. You can check my previous guide on how to apply concealers as a starter. 

  • Feed in the respective concealer on the Airbrush. 
  • Spray the concealer on the right spaces from a few inches. 
  • You should apply only one layer of the concealer to make your makeup look natural. 
  • If you are using a concealer as a contour, apply a shade darker than your foundation. 

Since most Airbrush makeup is waterproof and dries up faster, you might skip the whole baking makeup process. 

Step 7: Apply a blush and bronzer

You might stop the makeup process after concealer. However, your makeup will look so blunt. And, since we don’t want to look basic, you should use a blush and bronzer to add some color to your face. 

  • Add the blush that will complement your skin tone to the Airbrush gun. 
  • Spray the blush a few inches from your face. 
  • Ensure you are applying the blush in strokes on your cheek bones to prevent the other parts of your face form getting the blush. 
  • The blush will give your face some color. 
  • After blush you can go in with a golden bronzer to illuminate the cheek bones, the eyes corner, and the nose. 

Step 8: Use a setting spray

After completing makeup application, you should lock in your makeup with a setting spray. 

You should use a Waterproof setting spray so that your makeup can last longer. 

Step 9: Clean the Airbrush machine

For the purpose of safety and maintaining the Airbrush machine, you should clean the Airbrush gun. 

Since Airbrush makeup products are usually waterproof, there is a possibility of the products drying and clogging the nozzle. 

  • Put some makeup remover in the cup. 
  • Once the makeup remover is pushed to the mixing chamber, pull the trigger to push out the products off the nozzle. 
  • You should then disassemble the Airbrush gun
  • Start with the needle and remove it carefully to prevent breaking it. 
  • Go ahead and remove the nozzle from the gun, then the hose pipe from the gun and the hose pipe from the compressor. 
  • If you notice any makeup products stuck in the nozzle, you should soak the nozzle in a makeup remover and then dry it using a makeup dryer. 

After cleaning the Airbrush makeup machine, store it in the packaging bag it came with. This also contributes to the maintenance of the Airbrush machine. 


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Of all the makeup application methods available, Airbrush is the most convenient and the safe method of application.

In the past, only makeup gurus and celebrities makeup artist could access the Airbrush machine and products. However, due to the readily available source of manufacturing, more and more brands are manufacturing Airbrush machine and selling the at an affordable price. 

While finding the products and tools is easy, learning to apply Airbrush makeup will take you some time. You will make some mistakes before learning the concept completely. 

If you don’t know where to start on makeup application, you can use my guide above. The guide contains a detailed step-by-step process that will be of help for you as a beginner. 

After reading the guide, you should subscribe to this page for more beauty related information. 


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