How to make Airbrush makeup waterproof? | You should know

One of the main reason why Airbrush makeup was embraced, was from the fact that it stays longer than regular make.

This might be attributed to the fact that Airbrush makeup is waterproof. 

From our knowledge on waterproof makeup, there must be presence of ingredients like silicone.

Take an instance you have bought a foundation and you end up finding it’s not waterproof. 

Will you add silicone, or what will you add to make it waterproof? Keep reading this guide to find out. 

How to make Airbrush makeup waterproof?

Airbrush makeup comes in waterproof

Not all Airbrush makeup comes in waterproof options.

Some products like the mascara, brows, eyeshadows, are mostly the basic types.

Even with the difference, you will still have to find a way to make your makeup last longer. 

Presence of silicone is not the only ingredient that makes your Airbrush makeup foundation waterproof.

How you also plays a huge role in making your makeup waterproof.

Below are some of the tricks you can use to make your makeup stay longer on your face.

  1. Prep your face

Your Airbrush makeup might be waterproof but still not last longer on your face.

If your face is full of dead skin and products build up, fresh makeup products won’t find a place to stick. 

The products might hold on your skin, but your makeup will be creasy and cakey. 

To prevent this, you need to have proper preparations of your skin and application area. 

  • Wet your face with Luke warm water before going in with a mild scrubber. 
  • Give the scrubber a few minutes before you start scrubbing your face. 
  • Scrub for five minutes then go in with a mild cleanser. 
  • After cleansing, you can go in with a toner. A toner will relax your skin the whole day. 
  • Apply a serum mostly with vitamin E and then go in with a color corrector. 
  • After the color corrector is absorbed, go in with a moisturizer. 
  • You can then prime your face and continue with your makeup application. 

Prepping your face will regulate the oil on your skin, remove the buildup of products, and give your skin some space to breath before makeup application. 

  1. Sprinkling a hair spray on the makeup

Since most hair sprays are dermatologists tested, you can add them to your favorite foundation to make it waterproof.

  • Put some small amount of foundation in a mixing bowl. 
  • Spray hair spray all over the Airbrush makeup. 
  • Do not use a lot of hair spray. It might end up thinning your foundation. 
  • Stir the mixture using a tiny brush. 
  • Once you are sure the hair spray is perfectly incorporated, pour it in your Airbrush machine. 
  • Pull the trigger to apply the foundation.

Adding hair spray to your foundation will make it hold to your skin for quite a long time. Hair spray will also make the makeup resistant to water. 

  1. Add a setting spray 

If you are skeptical about using hair spray on your face, you can use a waterproof setting spray instead.

  • Pour the Airbrush foundation you want to use in a mixing bowl. 
  • Spray some setting spray on the foundation in the bowl. 
  • Use a tiny brush to stir the foundation and the setting spray until the spray is well incorporated. 
  • Add the foundation to the Airbrush machine. 
  • Pull the trigger to release the foundation through the nozzle. 
  • Hold the Airbrush machine a few inches away from your face. 
  • Start spraying the foundation in strokes until you achieve the coverage you are looking for. 

Adding a waterproof setting spray will make your makeup last up to 13 hours without needing touchups.

  1. Dust your face using a setting powder

Oily skin will always find a way to humble you.

After taking an hour to apply makeup, your oily skin decides to be ungrateful and breakdown the chemicals in your makeup.

This ends up making your makeup cakey.

If you have been in TikTok, you have seen a challenge where girls are applying a setting powder before their foundation.

What the setting powder does is suck the oil from your skin creating a smooth surface for makeup application. 

 The powder also locks in the oil on your skin preventing it from breaking down your makeup products. 

Once you apply the foundation, you will notice it will stay put for more than 12 hours. 

  1. Add a small amount of silicone-based thinner
Thinning silicone-base

A thinner not only dilute your makeup, you can also use it on your foundation to make it waterproof. 

  • Pour about five drops of your favorite Airbrush foundation in a mixing bowl. 
  • Add ¼ tablespoon of silicone-based thinner. 
  • Use a tiny brush to stir the mixture till it is well mixed. 
  • Pour the freshly made Airbrush foundation in an Airbrush machine. 
  • Pull the trigger to apply the foundation. 
  • Apply the foundation in strokes and a few inches away from your face. 

Once you are done you can enjoy your makeup for over 10 hours without fear of rain of sweat. 

  1. Applying a sealant before applying your makeup

Sometimes what you do before applying makeup is the most important part of ensuring your makeup stays longer on your face. 

A sealant will give your makeup a smooth and clean surface. 

  • Pour about five drops of the sealant in a mixing bowl. 
  • After prepping your face, you can the go ahead and apply the sealant.
  • Tap the tip of a fluffy brush in the bowl containing the sealant and scoop some. 
  • Apply on your face like you would a primer. 
  • Apply your Airbrush foundation and other products. 

The sealant will hold your makeup products for long making you enjoy a day slaying with flawless makeup. 

Due to how firm the sealant is, you should soak your brush and the mixing bowl in oil. 

You should also use oil-based cleansers to remove the makeup at the end of the day. Water and soap won’t do it. 

  1. Prime and use a concealer on your eye area 

Since it is very hard to find waterproof eye makeup, you can still make your regular eye makeup last longer. 

  • Use a mineral-based primer on your clean eye area. 
  • Go in with a cream or liquid concealer that is two shades lighter than your foundation. 
  • Blend in the concealer and then start applying your eyeshadows.

Cream concealer will hold the pigments from the foundation and other eye makeup for long. 

You should also apply a primer on your face before applying makeup. 

  1. Use a moisturizing eye gel

Instead of using your usual eye lotion to set your eye area for makeup application, you can go in with a moisturizing gel lotion. 

Unlike creamy lotions, this gel is easily absorbed by the skin leaving a moist area.

When you apply the rest of the eye makeup, the gel will hold the products without staining your makeup. 

The gel is lightweight meaning you won’t feel any weight around your eyes.

You can find moisturizing gels formulated using antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients. 

Such gels will prevent premature aging of the sensitive eye skin. 

  1. Apply a tint

If you want your regular makeup to last longer, you always apply a blush.

A blush gives an illusion that your skin is shiny even after hours if wearing it. 

This might be beneficial in normal weather, but if its during cold and rainy season, you can go for a tint instead. 

A tint stains your face for as long as you will be wearing makeup.

Once you have applied the tint, all the makeup below the tinted are locked. 

You can still use the blush on top of your tint to increase illumination. 

  1. Use a lash primer

You might find the rest of Airbrush makeup in a waterproof option.

Finding a waterproof mascara on the other hand is quite difficult.

Since tears and other factors might Interfere with your lashes and mascara, you should make an effort of priming your lash area. 

  • Take a tiny brush, scoop some primer, and swipe over your lash area. 
  • Once the primer is absorbed or well blended, go ahead and apply mascara and your lashes. 

Instead of the usual five hours it takes for your fake lashes to come off, it will take you at least 10 hours of intact lashes and mascara.

  1. Use a waterproof setting spray
Use a waterproof setting spray

Instead of adding the setting spray in the foundation, you can decide to apply your Airbrush makeup as usual.

Then apply the waterproof setting spray on your face. 

The waterproof setting spray will lock in the makeup.

You won’t have to worry about rain, sweat, or humidity. 

To prevent the setting spray from damaging your makeup, spray a few inches away from your face and in circular motion. 


If by any chance you happen to buy Airbrush makeup that is not waterproof, you can easily transform the makeup to last longer. 

The guide above contains all the information for making your Airbrush makeup waterproof and also how to apply the makeup. 

After reading the guide, you can then subscribe to this page for more beauty related content. 

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