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Hair serum is a go to hair product for anyone who wants to shine and flaunt their natural hair.

When wearing hair serum you won’t have to worry about frizz, heat damage, using chemicals to straighten your hair and any other issues we as natural hair team go through. 

For the hair serum to work for your hair, you will have to be extra careful when choosing a hair serum.

There are different types of hair serum.

What hair serum you choose is determined by what you want to achieve and your hair type.

Choosing the wrong hair serum will dawn on your hair crazy.

So, to avoid this from happening, I have created a guide to help you bag the best hair serum for your hair type.

Keep reading to find out what to look in a hair serum. 

Why you need the right hair serum for your hair type?

Although hair products promise to offer our hair the best protection there is, they do not come with approved research on which product to use for our different hair types. 

If you read my introduction to the hair serum guide, you might have realized that I talked about how using the wrong hair serum might lead to the worse side effects.

Some of the negative side effects you might suffer if you choose the wrong hair serum include;

Extreme hair dryness

Dry hair problem
Dry hair problem

As we all know, our hairs have a different outlook and feel.

You will find people who have naturally silky hair, oily hair, dry hair, and curly hair. 

These different types of hair will definitely not need the same product for different purposes. 

For example, if you want to revive your dry hair, you cannot go using a hair serum that someone who wants to ease oil in their hair uses.

So, check the ingredients first before purchasing a hair serum. 

Hair serum main ingredient is silicone.

Silicone has some alcohol content that dries up your hair when creating a protective layer. 

If you choose a hair serum with some drying effects, your hair might dry up to an extreme. 

Inflammation and irritating rashes

Another thing that should drive you to choose the right hair serum for your hair is the chance of getting allergies from the ingredients used in the hair serum. 

Aside from silicone, hair serum contains a tone of other ingredients.

You might find that you are allergic to some ingredients in a hair serum without your knowledge. 

So, before buying a hair serum, consult will a hair professional to know which ingredients you are allergic to. 

When applying hair serum, avoid touching the scalp with the product.

The harsh ingredients might lead to irritating rashes. 

Hair loss

Hair loss problem
Hair loss problem

Using a hair serum that is not meant for your hair will result in your hair reacting differently from how you expected it.

If you apply a hair serum and notice that it dries up your hair more than your hair actually is, you will need to stop using the product. 

Some of the harsh ingredients found in the hair serum might also end up damaging your hair and messing with your edges.

In extreme cases, you might end up dealing with hair loss. 

Since I don’t want that happening to you, you should continue reading this guide for tips to use when choosing a hair serum. 

 Choosing the right hair serum should not be a struggle at all.

This guide will help you take the right steps into landing the best hair serum there is in the market. 

Tips when choosing the right hair serum

Before choosing a hair serum, you need to do turns of research before settling into a hair serum.

Here are some tips that you can use to land the best hair serum;

Consult with a hair professional

Picking the wrong hair serum can be so much harmful than you think.

Even if you read a number of articles trying to choose the right hair serum, it will not bare real fruits.

All you will find are some product recommendations without putting into consideration on what your hair needs. 

Luckily, a hair professional will analyze the state you hair is in and use the analysis to advice you accordingly on which type of hair serum you need. 

Choose a hair serum from a renown brand

As the cost of production and means of production become easily accessible by almost everyone, you are likely to get more low quality hair serums that promise to achieve thing that they cannot.

And this might lead you to suffer some of the negative side effects mentioned above. 

After getting a recommendation from a hair professional, you should go for hair serums from renown brands.

These brands might be a little bit expensive. However, they use high-quality ingredients to avoid any chances of spoiling the reputation they have worked so hard to attain. 

To confirm the legitimacy of the hair serum you want to buy, check the product reviews from other buyers. 

Check the expiry date of the product

Find the expire date
Find the expiry date

One mistake we make is thinking even if a product is expired but expensive, it will still work for you.

This however is not the truth. 

Once the hair serum expires, the chemicals starts to react with each other which leads to creation of other chemicals that might be harmful to your hair and your health.

Ensure the hair serum you are going for is not 6 months older in the shelve.

And always check the expiry date on the hair serum bottle. 

You wouldn’t want to start dealing with skin cancer from a mistake you could have easily avoided. 

Know that you know how to go through the process of buying hair serum, and how do you choose a hair serum based on your hair type. 

Hair serum for dry hair

Having to deal with dry hair and an oily scalp can be the most confusing situation for most of us.

You cannot apply oil to your hair because when it melts, the oil on your skin will be exaggerated and you might find yourself having to use a cloth to wipe oil dripping from your face. 

Luckily, you can escape these issues by finding a hair serum designed for your hair type. 

If you have dry hair and you want to enjoy a day looking all snatched and not dealing with excess oil from products, go for a cream hair serum rather than an oily hair serum. 

You might be tempted to go for an oily hair serum with the hope that your hair will become oily and match your skin. 

However, cream hair serum will provide your hair with the much-needed moisture while keeping in mind your oily scalp situation. 

Ensure you apply the cream hair serum the right way to avoid suffering from the negative side effects of hair serums. 

Hair serum for oily hair

If you don’t have a dry hair, then probably you have an oily hair.

Oily hair might seem all fun, until you have to deal with your hair coming together to form lamps which mostly lead to the worst tangle. 

While there are a few products that promise to save us who have oily hair, hair serum is one step to our salvation. 

If you have oily hair, you need to go in with a thin liquid hair serum that has a high amount of silicone. 

Silicone has some drying effects that can suck some oil from your hair making it look kept all day.

Another thing a liquid hair serum will do is create a protective coating to your hair which adds a little weight.

This ensures that each hair strand will remain independent and no clamps and tangling will happen. 

Hair serum for curly hair

Curly Hair

Another set of people who always have a problem maintaining their natural hair, is those who have a curly hair. 

There are high chances you have multiple hair gels on your drawers each promising to achieve something they cannot.

Some will make your hair curly, but you will have to deal with them drying your hair. 

So, if you want a hair serum that will keep your hair hydrated, soft and also enhance your natural curls, pick a cream hair serum that has some hydrating products. 

The hydrating products will make your hair stay curly and moisturized all day long.

While the silicone, hydrolyzed protein, and other products will make your hair maintain its natural curls. 

Hair serum for silky hair

People with naturally silky hair is another bunch that is always forgotten when it comes to hair products.

It easy to assume that silky hair cannot suffer from hair damaging.

Besides, your hair is beautiful, why do you need any product. 

Unfortunately, this is not the truth. Silky hair needs products that will help keep the hair hydrated, enhance the silkiness, when protecting it from frizz and tangle. 

If you have this type of hair, you should buy a cream hair serum with some hydrating properties. 

Once you apply hair serum on your hair serum, the silicone will make your hair straight and tangle free.

This will eliminate the need to use heat to straighten your hair. 

Hydrolyzed protein will also take care of freeze and flyways, making your hair look more smooth, soft, well kept and shinier. 

Oily hair serums should be avoided for any hair type unless you are using homemade hair serum. 


If you want to enjoy a naturally beautiful, soft, silky, and healthy hair, a hair serum should not miss on your hair products drawer. 

A hair serum is capable of achieving a lot more than any other hair products can achieve. 

On the other hand, you are likely to experience the worst side effects from hair serum than any other products. 

To achieve a balance between the good and the worst of hair serums, you need to choose the right hair serum.

The choice you make will be determined by what you want the hair serum to achieve and your hair type. 

If you don’t know where to start, you can make a huge step when you read my guide above.

It contains all the tips you should follow when buying a hair serum. 

Once you find this guide helpful, subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks. 

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