How to use hair chalk? Let’s try this!

but are you wondering how to properly apply the hair chalk to your hair?  

So, don’t worry further, we will guide you to the correct way of hair chalk application. No more wasting time let’s start our journey.  

How to use hair chalk?

Hair chalk is a temporary hair-coloring method with ease of application without any professional guide. So, I have mentioned step by step guide on how to correctly apply the hair chalk.  

Select the appropriate hair chalk: It is most important to select the right hair chalk according to the skin tone, hair color, eye color, and also the maintenance of the hair chalk.  

For example, soft skin tones such as red, blue, or pink undertones are most suitable for cooler hair colors like cool brown. On the other hand, warm skin tones look nice with warm hair colors like golden blonde or warm brown.  

Furthermore, if you own light hair it is good to choose several light shades of hair chalk colors or else darker.  

But in contrast, your dark hair needs to bleach or use white chalk before using light hair chalk to stable colors on hair.  

Moreover, your blue eyes can look amazing when using warm hair colors like copper or golden blonde.  

Prepare the hair: You need to thoroughly clean using shampoo and conditioner and dry out the hair before applying the hair chalk. If you own curly hair it is important to straighten it before hair color application for equal color distribution. 

Wear protective clothing: you can wear an old t-shirt or any other cloth to avoid stains from hair chalk application.  

Application of hair chalk: it is better to apply hair chalk section by section of your hair. Get one small section and apply the chalk from root to tip. You can repeat the application several times according to the same procedure. You can mix several colors by applying over one by one.   

Stabilize the colors: Once you are finished with the application it is better to use a flat iron or straightener to set the color in the correct position. Or else hair spray can use to avoid rubbing off color to skin, and clothes.  

Repeat the process as needed: if you are unable to achieve the desired look then you can apply the chalk with repetitive steps.  

Remove the hair chalk: Finally, you can remove the hair chalk using a simple wash with shampoo and conditioner. You need to shampoo your hair more than once to fully remove the color.  

Do you put hair chalk on wet or dry hair? 

Yes, you can apply both wet and dry hair on hair chalk. It is influenced by your requirement and the type of hair chalk you have used.  

Hair chalk application on dry hair  

Hair chalk application on dry hair 


  • The hair chalk colors look eye-catching and embossed on your wet hair than dry hair.  
  • You can easily control the hair chalk on wet hair as well as it is convenient to style your hair with hair chalk.  
  • The dry hair provides a better adhesion surface to hair chalk that can lead to highly intense and long-staying hair colors.  
  • You need to spend less time on drying when you apply hair chalk dry hair and it needs less effort.  
  • Your dry hair is less susceptible to frizzing, therefore hair styling can ease with neatness and polish.  


  • Your dry hair does not bound to hair chalk as wet hair. So, it can cause flake off the hair chalk.  
  • Your dry hair will be damaged when you are rubbing the hair chalk.  

Hair chalk application on wet hair  

Hair chalk application on wet hair


  • Your hair chalk looks smooth and combined on wet hair. Because the water in hair support activates color pigments. Furthermore, wet hair has better adhesion and long staying than dry hair. 
  • You can easily style up with hair chalk in wet hair. Because it is more flexible and easy to control in wet conditions.  
  • If you own curly or thick hair in wet conditions it is easier to apply hair more evenly and faster than in dry conditions.  
  • In wet conditions, your hair behaves more flexibly and is easy to control. Therefore you do not need to pull or tug your hair tidily which can reduce damage and breakages to dry hair. 
  • You can try out multiple hairstyles such as twists, braids, and others with hair chalk when your hair is in wet conditions.  


  • When you apply hair chalk on your wet hair it may create a messy environment in styling because the water in the hair mixes up with chalk and create a paste-like consistency and is stubborn to control.  
  • Your wet hair can lead to stains on your skin, clothes, and every surface than dry hair.  
  • The removal process of hair chalk is also very tough in wet hair. Because water can hardly bind the hair chalk into hair and is difficult to rinse out.  

Can you mix hair chalk with conditioner? 

Yes, of course, you can blend hair chalk with conditioner to enhance the flexibility and moisture of your hair chalk colors. Here I have guided you step by step on how to do that correctly.  

1 Step  

You need to select a white or clear conditioner to mix with hair chalk because it ensures the visibility of your hair color through the hair.  

2 Step 

Next, choose the desired hair chalk colors according to your hairstyle. Don’t worry about colors you can mix several colors as well to create an amazing shade of colors.  

3 Step 

After that, you need a plastic or glass bowl or container to mix them both. But keep in mind to don’t mix the ingredients in a metal bowl that can react with hair chalk and alter your hair chalk.  

4 Step  

Then break hair chalk into tiny pieces and put them into the bowl or container. After that put the required amount of conditioner into the mixing bowl. The amount will depend on intensity and coloring hair volume.  

5 Step 

Now, you can mix all the ingredients thoroughly using a fork or whisk until evenly distribute chalk colors are in the conditioner.  

6 Step 

Then, apply the mixture to your hair, and make sure to apply it first from hair roots to tips. So, a comb or your fingertips are good for evenly distributing the chalk colors. And, keep the mixture on for 10-15 minutes on your hair for better adhesion.  

7 Step 

Finally, wash out the mixture with warm water. Now you can style your hair with any style. 

How long does hair chalk last? 

Hair chalk is a temporary hair coloring method. We can’t exactly mention how many days it will last but generally, it stays until 1-2 washes of the hair.  

The lasting period depends on several factors such as hair chalk quality and how it is applied to hair,  natural hair color, and its texture. 

For example, if you own light-colored hair that may keep hair chalk longer period than dark or coarse hair. 

 Because dark hair is difficult to adhere to the hair shaft then it may highly prone to fade away the hair chalk.  

The most important factor is your hair chalk quality if it is consistent with high-quality ingredients the lasting period will be higher than the cheaper or low-quality hair chalk.  

Furthermore, if you apply hair chalk directly to your hair it will last a long time but the mixing of conditioner, sealant, or fixative can reduce the lasting period.  

How to get hair chalk out of your hair?  

How to get hair chalk out of your hair

We can apply several methods to remove your hair chalk colors. I have mentioned some easy methods you can follow up without any professional assistance.  

  1. Shampooing: You can use a clarifying shampoo to rinse out the hair chalk. Because your shampoo can break down the color pigments into small particles and that will ease the removal of hair colors.  
  1. Baking Soda: You can make a paste using baking soda and water mixing equal or required proportions according to your wish. Next, apply the mixture to the hair and keep it for 10-15 minutes and then wash out thoroughly.  
  1. Vinegar: Here also you need to make a mixture mixing equal parts of water and vinegar. Then apply the paste to the hair and keep it for 10-15 minutes and wash it out with water.  
  1. Lemon juice: You can simply try out this method at home. You need to squeeze the lemon juice onto your hair and keep it for  5-10 minutes and wash it out thoroughly with water.  

Wrapping things out 

Hair chalk hair colors are a great alternative for permanent hair colors to pop up your hair with different looks. This blog post is a cover-up on how to correctly apply the hair chalk, it can be applied on wet or dry hair and it can mix with the conditioner, how long it is last, and how to remove it. So, don’t worry further change your look amazing with hair chalk. 

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